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  1. I didn’t seal. The maple was fine, the spruce was little patchy, but really not bad at all. Next time I may use casean to seal the spruce prior to application. On my test pieces the ‘juice’ reacts with the casean and gives a slightly greenish yellow tint.
  2. Smells fine, you can’t smell anything after UV, maybe just a little o-zone smell, like dry earth when it rains
  3. Application of poop juice! EE33B5A7-542D-4878-AB35-F49B42775E0D.MOV
  5. Probably won’t use them, sounds like more risk than it’s worth
  6. Has anyone used mercury vapour bulbs for tanning? I remember reading a post by someone that they used them with the outer glass removed and had really great results. I just bought a big pack of six at a thrift shop and want to experiment
  7. So true! I’ll check out the template in weisshaar.
  8. Michael Doran recently made a post about his neck profile templates. It reminded me that I didn’t have any and that I want some! I have always carved necks by feel and eye, but lately I am feeling like I would like a little more precision. Does anyone one have any advice on designing the shape? Or maybe have a good template they would be willing to scan?
  9. This is great! Could you elaborate on your process?
  10. To be honest I have no idea what angle mine is, I just assumed it was 45, but now you have me thinking i should check! It will give future restorers something to talk about!
  11. For the chamfer I use a triangular file, it’s easy to maintain a constant 45 angle this way, because you just keep one surface of the file on the same plane as the eye.
  12. Trimming down the chamfer so it’s even. And working on the undercut. For this I use a 8mm chisel with a thumbnail shaped edge, so I can trim down and the corners don’t dig in
  13. Hi! Id like the soundpost kit in pic 7 and the forged herdim soundpost setter i sent a text too. Thanks, finn
  14. Yeah I’ll try and get some today
  15. been working on the scroll this week. my process is to put most my focus in the front and back view as i carve. making sure it look proportionally right from the the front and back, and paying little attention to the side profile, just roughing it down close to the line and creating a basic undercut. the eye cuts are finalized at this point. then i add the chamfer to the rough turns of the scroll, focusing only on the inside line of the chafer and not the thickness as it follows the turns. the chamfer ends up varying in thickness and is trimmed down evenly making sure that the front and back of the turns 'pass through' the scroll. (or not depending on what im trying for) then fluting, and pegbox. feel this is a good way to get something that flows together a one object. my main focus in violin making is to try to make something that has nice flow and harmony, and works as a single sculpted object rather than many processes joined and glued together. its also pretty fast as im not reworking things over and over again, and can be pretty rough in the begining as all those parts will be cut away in the final trimming with the guide of the chamfer Not sure if this makes sense! but thats how i do it How do you?
  16. How do you apply? Do you need to pre sign up?
  17. I have no experience with joes system, but I have always stripped instruments with acetone, in my experience the ground layer ends up better after rubbing everything off and leaving only what has been absorbed by the wood. My ground is definitely a separate thing to the varnish I apply on top of it, I have use nitromorse (heavy duty Nasty paint stripper) and stripped my instruments, and again I feel the ground was actually better than the first time round! Stripping the the first few instruments is all part of the learning process and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so as long as you figure out what works for you. Why???? Ask @Jose Catoira he’s the self professed stripping king!
  18. The strads stain looks like it has burned the flames a little
  19. Very nice Matthew! What is it? Also, I didn’t know solacure sold those shorter tubes... where they custom order?