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  1. Cooking that varnish!

    I would like to hear others thoughts on cooking down resin to achieve the darkest varnish possible. I feel like the best approach is low and slow, the best varnishes I have cooked, have all been cooked well over the 100hr mark, the ones cooked for less than that where either too light in colour, or contained too much carbon due to cooking at too high of a temperature. I am talking specifically about colophony varnish -Type of oil? -Lid on lid off? -Temp? -How much loss? -Anything else added other than colophony? -How long? Thanks I look forward to peoples responses.
  2. Favorite small viola model?

    I made a 15 and 1/4 Jacob Stainer Viola, Based on the 1650 tenor. This one.... Its a little power house, I agree with Don, I think the arching on Da salo's is too stiff for small violas, I think the having the arching on the scoopy side helps with flexibility.
  3. Something different (for old tool fans)

    It may come to you as no surprises That there was an old lutemaker who possessed no vices. When things went wonky He reached for his donkey As it was one of his favourite devices.
  4. Something different (for old tool fans)

    Fantastic! I have seen this before, but totally forgot about it! Thanks for posting!
  5. IMHO, I agree with Violadamore, This for me is for sure the same maker, you can really tell when you look at the wear of the edges.
  6. My first real label. Is it missing something?

    was about to say the same thing!
  7. Newark has an evening class, I think it's only one or two days a week. You could easily stay the night there once a week, plenty of the full time students could put you up! Go for it!
  8. Davids work is so crisp! I like the way that I can spot out one of his instruments a mile off, Lovely tool marks on the chamfer of the scroll
  9. Corner bouts for Guarneri 'Kreisler'

    @Davide Sora Thank you for those pictures, He did a nice job!
  10. What Kind of Back Wood?

    No this is the natural colour of Black walnut
  11. What Kind of Back Wood?

    It could be American Black walnut. Here is a pic of a violin back made out of Black walnut, This piece was not particularly flamed, but if it was, you could imagine it would have similar properties to your fiddle back. I also did WBW for purfling.
  12. Top Plate Off...Almost

    it was to my understanding that alcohol somehow altered the hide glue in some way making it much more brittle... It certainly works, and it definitely doesn't turn it to jelly, i agree with you David
  13. Corner bouts for Guarneri 'Kreisler'

    It is to my understanding that Guarneri used corner blocks that where square to the tangent of the corner. does that make sense? they look fine to me, you could make them bigger, but you would only cut them down to smaller than this anyway, so why bother.