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  1. Thanks for getting in touch Matthew! I, and im sure others would love to see those samples
  2. I do remember @Matthew Noykos Recommended the orasol dyes. Could you shine some light on your experience with them?
  3. Great, thanks Paul.
  4. Yes Windsor and Newton... such a shame! Does anyone have experience with pigments from this company? Or even the orasol dyes? Thanks
  5. recommendations for yellow pigments for retouching... I have just used up the last of my trusty Indian yellow.
  6. I also find that on really figured maple if your push your gouge downwards hard with a lot of force it prevents tearout. You are still taking very small shavings, but you are pushing the flat of the bevel hard against the Chanel. In the attached picture (google images) I have tried to illustrate where you are pushing. Definitely down and not forwards!!!
  7. Hi Worley, where can I get hold of the chalk you speak of? Also bumping this thread. It’s a good one!
  8. Or the laser pointer ones... but I’m not entirely sure how accurate they are
  9. I dont really understand the heating method? Could you elaborate?
  10. The post mentions that the ring barking is done 1 year prior to felling the tree. I am one for these old magical folklores!