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  1. Is that plastic for the turns of the scroll?
  2. Love it! I’m still working on what you told me! Plenty of sample pieces, still don’t really feel like I have the hang of it
  3. I was more thinking along the lines of people posting pictures of their own grounds but I'm happy to share what this is. This is: -UV -nitrite applied along with white vinegar - glue size to the top - whiskey, egg white cambium and saffron tincture 70hr cook lean colophony varnish. About 55%resin to 45% oil. Burnished with glass power until it’s all sealed. This photo was taken the last time I stripped this instrument this ground was applied about 3 years ago, I’m pleased with the lightfastness of the yellow.
  4. You put a new bar? Or you adjust the old one?
  5. I’ll go first, two different light sources, bench lamp and standard UV shop lighting
  6. ladies and gentlemen! Show pictures of your most current ground! Go!
  7. Enamel will not melt, I have an enamelled old tumble dryer drum that we have used for a fire pit for the last year or so that we have had countless fires in and the enamel still hasn’t melted. The fire looks cool through the holes. I use pyrex.
  8. centre of the bar? or at the bridge? what do you do? and what is your reason for doing it that way? cheers
  9. I just made some of these, they are really great! So light and fast to use, thanks for sharing