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  1. I didn’t seal. The maple was fine, the spruce was little patchy, but really not bad at all. Next time I may use casean to seal the spruce prior to application. On my test pieces the ‘juice’ reacts with the casean and gives a slightly greenish yellow tint.
  2. Smells fine, you can’t smell anything after UV, maybe just a little o-zone smell, like dry earth when it rains
  3. Application of poop juice! EE33B5A7-542D-4878-AB35-F49B42775E0D.MOV
  5. Probably won’t use them, sounds like more risk than it’s worth
  6. Has anyone used mercury vapour bulbs for tanning? I remember reading a post by someone that they used them with the outer glass removed and had really great results. I just bought a big pack of six at a thrift shop and want to experiment
  7. So true! I’ll check out the template in weisshaar.
  8. Michael Doran recently made a post about his neck profile templates. It reminded me that I didn’t have any and that I want some! I have always carved necks by feel and eye, but lately I am feeling like I would like a little more precision. Does anyone one have any advice on designing the shape? Or maybe have a good template they would be willing to scan?
  9. This is great! Could you elaborate on your process?