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  1. True, but at least it allowed me to eat a good amount of popcorn.
  2. I don't know of any distributors in Australia. I use the Old Wood varnish system, and buy it directly from them in Spain or from other sellers of Old Wood products overseas.
  3. I was thinking about printing on plain paper, and gluing it on the the back of the sandpaper, but it just seems like so much extra work. Also, should I ask which grit of sandpaper is best, or will that just start an argument? What would Stradivari do?
  4. Now you've done it. It's like the sign that says "Do not press this button". I'm finding it hard to stop myself.... I have the urge... I need to know... what's the worst that could happen? Would it really happen? Just one time, surely it would be ok?
  5. Has anyone tried the new Old Wood alcohol colours? I use the Old Wood oil varnish system, and really like it. I haven't tried the alcohol colours for retouching yet. They probably wouldn't have the particulate problem, but if anyone has tried them, I'd like to know.
  6. Yes it helps a lot, thank you. It takes just over a year to get my money back for the violins and cellos that I rent to beginner students, as I set them up with good strings and supply a Kun shoulder rest. They are good instruments for beginners and teachers really like them. I'd like to keep renting these cheaper instruments because they are fine for beginners, the teachers like them, and the rental costs for them are very affordable compared to the competition. They are not good enough for better players so I want to add a higher level of instrument, which will need a higher rent
  7. How long does it take for the shop to get their money back renting out instruments in this price range? I understand that they'd be buying in at wholesale price, but still it must take a while to get their money back? I'm still trying to get this balance right between capital outlay and money returned for my own rentals, while keeping rental costs affordable.
  8. Hey, I won't have anything bad said about Walter Mayson! His book has provided me with hours of entertainment, in the past. Way back when I was an apprentice, my teacher and I often had a great laugh at lunch times when we'd take turns reading passages from his book. I'm opening a stringed instrument shop this month, and would deeply love to have a Mayson violin on display, since I feel we go way back. I'll add "walter mayson" to my eBay search word list, because that's such a great place to find violins of his calibre. Despite his authoritative book, he still had his secrets:
  9. If it always felt that way, then maybe it's the bow? If it used to play fine, then developed the feeling described, then I'd be thinking hair quality or rosin or camber. You know it has good hair, and the rosin seems to work on the other bow. I don't know what other variables there could be. Does the camber on the bow seem fine?
  10. When I use Engelmann spruce, my tops are a bit lighter, in the low 60 grams without bar, even though mine are usually a bit thicker than what you've told me yours is. Maybe the spruce I was using is less dense. I think stiffness is more important than weight. I like my tops to closely match the back. I don't think you should go thinner than what you've got now. With Engelmann, I like to glue a thin spruce veneer where the sound post goes to protect the belly from soundpost damage. I use a higher density spruce, but it probably doesn't matter much since the glue makes the area stiffer or
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