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  1. Hi Jacob, thanks for that. Do you think they'd be any financial sense in having them sensitively restored/ would such a thing be possible or would it simply be better to donate them to a local music service and be done with it?
  2. Hi again, Firstly thanks for all the replies, unfortunately as a new member I'm limited to making one post a day (which is admittedly fairly frustrating) so I'll try and answer any questions raised thus far and hope that helps. BassClef: My godfather was a violist in a rather famous gypsy group in Hungary in his youth (they even performed for a Pope in the 60's). After that he became an instrument dealer and restorer in and around Budapest (though I wasn't old enough to really know him at this stage). Unfortunately he was heavily affected by the (premature) death of his wife and pretty much stopped working afterwards. About five years ago he gave me a very fine (unlabelled but with a Hill certificate) Francois Piqué that he said would suit my playing but I'd only ever seen his 'collection' a couple of times. There are nine violins, five violas and three 'cellos as well as quite a few assorted bows, there may well be more, most of these were kept in a pair of wardrobes stored in an unbelievably cluttered flat (filled with a lifetimes worth of furniture, books, photographs etc). I'll post some more pictures of the other instruments below. jacobsaunders: Thanks for your comments. Out of interest I was wondering what led you to make that appraisal? He sold quite a few violins in his lifetime but intentionally held on to these ones although I realise it is quite possible that he thought they were something other than what they actually are. Would any tell-tale signs help with verification (corner blocks, rib corner joints etc)? I was going to post some pictures of the other violins below and wondered if you would be willing to take a glance at them also? vathek: Only a few of the instruments have labels, the first violin in the album below has one reading Petrus Guarnerius Cremonensis fecit Mantua Sanctae Teresiae 1703, despite the label appearing rather old I can't see it being genuine. The final instrument in the album below is labelled Samuel Nemessányi fecit ad fornam, Joseph Guarneri pestini anno, 1873. deans: The two originally posted are powerful and responsive across the whole register. Perhaps they are lacking in the kind of clarity although they have hardly been played for decades. Some of the others play quite beautifully. Thanks again for all of your help. Below is link to the rest of the instruments. I'm returning this weekend so I may try and get some better photographs. http://imgur.com/a/NpJS9#0c
  3. Dear All, Recently my godfather passed away and left a fairly considerable number of assorted stringed instruments and bows to me in his will. Despite being a professional violinist I am woefully ignorant when it comes to identifying instruments and wondered whether anyone on here could help? These two violins seem to be the most recent in the collection and despite not having been played for about fifteen years are still incredibly responsive. Apologies for the quality of the photos, the lighting in the house is incredibly poor. Thanks in advance. http://imgur.com/a/jJwyj#0
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