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  1. I am a hobbiest/ multiple instrument builder. I hope to complete my first from scratch fiddle after working through a kit a few years ago and improving my finishing techniques with my last few Ukes. I will be working through the Strobel books but my question is about an old violin. I acquired a few parts and throw-aways from a luthier friend to review and possibly work on refurbishing. My question is one of the instruments I should be able to refurbish when I gain more skill. It needs edge/purfling repair from a probable drop and has a few cracks that I have repaired/cleated. The label says "M Lubowski 1911 San Francisco - redone from a Old French Violin". The top weight with intrinsic bass bar weighs only 69 grams. The gradations seem to be appropriate for a well-made violin. Is this secondary to further desiccation of the wood? This seems too light as a goal for a new build? Thank you for your consideration, Knuckled Under Austin, Texas
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