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  1. The top could use some cleaning for sure but that's a pretty nice looking fiddle. Enjoy it!
  2. Today I managed to cobble together a clip-in baroque bow out of some walnut scraps. As you can imagine, walnut is much too light an flexible for bow wood but It’s still pretty fun to play with. If anyone has a lead on where to find snakewood blanks, let me know.
  3. How long does this take to combine cold? What ratios would you recommend exactly?
  4. The guitar looks great Ken. Your binding and purfling turned out much cleaner than mine. What's the scale length/how many frets will the neck have?
  5. Looks great! Looking forward to seeing the completed quartet.
  6. In your experience does the 'incorporation' time affect the drying time of the varnish?
  7. I've been paying more attention to the thickness of the scooped area and that not only brings the weight down but also gives a better transition on the underside. My plates also wind up heavier than what's typical. No idea how you get to a 60g plate.
  8. I’m trying out the diy purfling route this time round. The blacks and whites are both maple and I’m ebonizing with the steel wool/vinegar method.
  9. Have you seen evidence of this from certain makers? It must be a light scoring or else it would show on the seam, right?
  10. Have you determined the cause of your center seam separation? It looks like you did a fine job of fixing it and once the tailpiece is on it won't show at all. I've had a couple of seams separate while hollowing out plates due to weak or badly prepared glue. It hasn't happened since I switched to Bjorn glue.
  11. The real question is where can I get a Bb for my six string? Does anyone have an audio sample of the low F? I’m having trouble imagining it.
  12. Peanuts aren't necessarily a bad thing though. It just depends on the model. Brescian instruments and late DGesu's look pretty peanutty..
  13. I used to have an old oscilloscope hooked up to my stereo just to watch the channels dance. Other than that it didn't see much use outside of the modular synthesizer building I was doing at the time. beep boop