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  1. Make sure you get one with a flat plate. Some are convex to fit glassware.
  2. I'd like to know more. Do you use the teardrop or wedge shapes? How do they handle thick varnish?
  3. Shapes of the Baroque is freely available in PDF online. It has lots of measurements of original necks and such.
  4. This should be the scrolling prologue text to Maestronet the Film.
  5. In the US the term can also mean a delicious danish.
  6. Thanks, it’s fun working at a larger scale for a change. I’m already looking forward to the next viola. This is the back after polishing.
  7. Lovely work, thanks for sharing.
  8. How do you get so much contrast? Are the flames burned in at all?
  9. Finally nearing completion on the viola..
  10. His signature is pretty wild if you haven't seen it before.. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vSM6MhnUkjQ/TdUnNAAAIVI/AAAAAAAAAIE/PYoxts0vx94/s1600/IMG_6157.jpg
  11. Lovely work on the da Spalla! I downloaded Badiarov's da spalla recordings of the Bach Cello suites a few years back and it's stayed in the rotation just for the beautiful sound of the instrument. He's not so bad at playing it either Where did you find plans and measurements for this instrument?
  12. I've had success using a fairly simple method documented in the thread below with both madder and cochineal. Note that it's recommended to use less Alum and Potassium Carbonate than I have listed in the recipe. https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/345912-making-lake-pigments/
  13. Thanks! I adjusted this photo to more accurately reflect the color.
  14. Perfect diagram for the string knot! Thanks so much.

    Gamut is about the only brand I don't have, so I was unaware of this. It's really helpful.


    All the best from Down Under!



    1. J.DiLisio


      Sure, I've personally found that Toro brand strings hold up better to my playing with less fraying but Gamut makes quality stuff. That's where I source tailgut and tailgut string and they have an excellent tutorial on that as well. 

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