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  1. Based on the instruments they have on the Cozio archive this viola seems to have more in common with Zanetto's body of work than Da Salo. The scrolls of both makers have a similar shape but the ff's are really completely different. Da Salo's tend to be longer and more elegant, similar to Maggini. Of course it's possible that these makers from the same town were experimenting with similar ff shapes. Any thoughts? Da Salo, Zanetto, Da Salo
  2. This is a great reference. I love seeing the roughly shaped bows in different stages. Beautiful work.
  3. The bull nose plane looks like the perfect tool for the job. Hey Jackson, do you have a link for the wood and leather clamps? I'm curious to see how nice those are.
  4. Thanks for sharing. Here's the measurement table from the original article if anyone else is interested.
  5. The scaffolding makes it seem monumental. Once you have the next iteration worked out would you be interested in sharing the file or possibly printing the scroll for others? I would love to have something like this for reference.
  6. Thanks Nik! Unfortunately, I don't see Musicologica Austriaca available through my library or the interlibrary loan service. Out of curiosity, where are you located? How do you like the Tartini bow you made? I'd love to see a photo if you have one.
  7. Ah, thanks. Yes that's relatively inexpensive.
  8. Thanks, I had not heard of this. It seems to be a rare and expensive book.
  9. Those are just what I was looking for, thanks! I was fortunate enough to visit the instrument museum in Paris in February just before the pandemic hit. It’s really an all around great collection. Django’s guitar alone is worth the trip. I hadn’t thought to look on their website.
  10. I'm in the process of making a Baroque bow based on the Tartini long bow which has a head shape more common with earlier short bows. I have the profile of the bow mapped out pretty well based on images and measurements found online. What I'm missing is either a top-down or bottom-up view of this style head. Does anyone have a good reference image that might clear things up? Figure 3 below is the head style in question.
  11. Ooh, that's a fun slice of history.. so not really mythical as much as exaggerated.
  12. Speaking of animals, what would you call that mythical looking beast on the label?
  13. Davide, hands down, has the most beautiful antique bench set up. Also, Zepplin over Lizzy any day.
  14. It looks very tasteful. Nice work!