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  1. Their staff is always helpful and friendly and they don't mind me digging through the stacks to find that back with just the right flaming No complaints here.
  2. After some searching I think the bow may be a Weidlich.
  3. I came across this violin today and I was wondering what the experts have to share about it. It has a Nicolas Lupot label so I’m guessing it’s at least French made? The violin doesn’t seem to resemble any of the Lupot’s on Tarisio. There’s also a bow with a stamp though I can’t make out the name. The setup could use some work but I had a blast playing it in the antique store. Nice focused sound. The price they were asking seemed unreasonably high. How much would you expect to pay for it?
  4. I’ve been taking my time playing this one in and scraping away at the outside till it sounds right. As an experiment, I stained the inside and sealed it with casein before closing the box. I’m not sure this is having any positive effects on the sound but it looks nice. This is after the stain and before any UV treatment.
  5. Wow! that piece of mahogany really transformed in the varnishing process.
  6. I like the curved shape of the wings. It adds a touch of elegance. It reminds me of Sam Zygmuntowicz's angular wing shapes on his personal model.
  7. Out of curiosity, did they ever make these with dirty pictures? I imagine they would have been a hit with 19th century sailors.
  8. I finally got around to setting the neck on this one. I found it helpful to keep in mind the concept that it’s a very slight dovetail joint. Paying attention to the angles of the opening seemed to help tighten things up a bit. I’m pretty happy with how the crown heel turned out.
  9. 1740's photos from Bruce Carlson
  10. Would this adjustment involve carving away at the kidney and heart on one side more than the other?
  11. With this array of instruments I feel like I get a sense of the tonal shifts between periods. The Golden period instruments are generally more focused and projecting while the late period instruments sound more full bodied to my ears.
  12. I noticed that the center seam on the back has a noticeable curve to it. Any thoughts as to how or why this was done? The figure looks like opio maple.
  13. At the risk of sounding redundant..
  14. I was working on pre-wearing the corners/edgework today and adding an ebony crown to the heel. The scroll is also getting some reworking to try and capture more of the slender/plain character.
  15. I agree, black will look good and put more focus on your lovely collection. I turned a few rolling pins out of walnut not too long ago and yes, they make great weaponry..
  16. Thanks for the advice Nick. I'm looking forward to attempting the next graft. It would be nice if there was a clear manual on the subject. Is there?
  17. I've had this issue and was convinced it was the string that was doing the whistling when my bad technique was the culprit all along! In my experience the non-whistling brands of E-strings are pretty dull sounding and had a negative effect on the overall tone of the instrument.
  18. I recommend contacting Bruce Carlson regarding his excellent photo set of 1735 Chardon. It's the best preserved example of DG's work and should give you a good sense of what the edgework and corners looked like pre-wear.
  19. These data were posted in another thread.. Maker - year belly back Nicolo Amati d sharp F Nicolo Amati F G sharp Carlo Bergonzi E D sharp Gasparo Da Salo F F sharp Strad 1701 E E + Strad 1708 F E+ Strad 1709 F sharp + G Strad 1712 G + G Strad 1726 E F + Strad 1720 F + F + From Anders Buen. As you can see quite a few of these plates fall outside of the 340-360hz range although that may be the mean. That suggests to me that the modes are more of a byproduct of graduating the plates to an acceptable range and stiffness. I can't imagine that Stradivari, being so precise about every detail, would be so careless in tuning to his plates to a specific frequency if that were his aim.