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  1. DoorMouse

    How to create a growly violin

    Could someone please post a link to a recording of a violin they consider 'growly'? I'm having trouble imagining what that sounds like.
  2. DoorMouse

    Guy Harrison's bench

    Beautiful work!
  3. DoorMouse

    Drawing an Outline

    A bit off topic but I'm getting ready to cut some similar looking ovular holes and I'm wondering how best to approach that. Maybe start with a circle and work at it with a small sandpapered dowel? It's a pretty tight radius to work with a knife.
  4. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Here we are after antiquing and a final thin coat of polished varnish (I’m contemplating whether this is necessary.) I started getting the hang of softening the color coat with alcohol and removing areas with my fingernail. I didn’t go too overboard but I may try to get more of an aged pattern on the back of the next one.
  5. DoorMouse

    Plane for plate joining

    These infill planes are gorgeous! How do they compare to the Stanley type? I imagine they've got a bit more weight to work with.
  6. DoorMouse

    Plane for plate joining

    I started with a Stanley#5 and found that to be a little small. It made a world of difference moving up to the #7 size.
  7. DoorMouse

    Unusual Neck Graft

    Maybe some sort of Japanese joinery inspired instrument repair?
  8. DoorMouse

    Catnip's (John K) Bench

    I'm also interested in how this will sound. Will you be trying to match the spruce to the color of the mahogany with a stain or colored varnish or leave the contrast as is?
  9. It's interesting that the ff's on Causse's instrument look more typical of Gasparo's fellow Brescian maker, Zanetto, than his own typical style. It's possible that Mr. Coquet's viola is based on a Zanetto. Here's a comparison of ff's..
  10. It looks to be in the style of Gasparo da Salo.
  11. That back looks really nice.
  12. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Thanks Fox! Here are some daylight photos that show more of the madder red. I’ve stopped worrying about taping off the fingerboard during the varnishing process. I’ve found that it cleans up easily with alcohol and allows for a less fussy application.
  13. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    I managed to get enough pigment in one layer of varnish for the maple. The spruce required an extra coat. This is the thinnest I’ve been able to get my varnish application so far. A bit more antiquing and then a thin un-pigmented coat for polishing and then we’ll be ready for setup!
  14. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    The Bergonzi scroll is turning out a little more Strad looking than expected. I think I made the second turn a bit wide. I’ll leave it for now and move on.