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  1. DoorMouse

    Sound hole edge finish

    Straight on the wood after varnishing. I like to brush it in the f-hole edges and pegbox while applying the ink for craquelure. That way the only part of the instrument that doesn't get covered is the neck.
  2. DoorMouse

    Sound hole edge finish

    I've been using Walnut ink as well. You can dilute it to your desired shade.
  3. DoorMouse

    Wings with 2 cuts- Zygmuntowicz

    Ha, my first reaction was "oh look, a broken wing" and then "oh, there's another one.. and another!" It is interesting how it looks normal till you get up close. I like how it adds a geometric sharpness to the overall look. I imagine it pairs well with crisp edgework.
  4. DoorMouse

    Wings with 2 cuts- Zygmuntowicz

    I just noticed that on several Samuel Zygmuntowicz violins he divides the normally straight end of the ff-hole wings into two separate cuts. Does this come from a specific tradition or is it more a personal touch to set his instruments apart? I haven't seen it before.
  5. DoorMouse

    The Trans Atlantic Sesions...

    I enjoyed the Irish on an English concertina at 1:41:15 Thanks for sharing.
  6. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Thanks Nick, the varnish on this one was actually a real struggle. I think what happened is that I burned off the mastic while heating it up and this caused it to be extra tacky and pilly. Honestly, it was such a mess that if I had been trying for a straight varnish I would have had to strip it and start over. Here's a side by side with the instrument I was working from. The corners definitely got elongated in the translation. The thing that strikes me the most about Bergonzi outlines is that the figure of 8 shape gets interrupted in the upper corners. The upper bout feels wide and helmet-like which makes the waist feel more narrow.
  7. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Thanks Jim! I'm looking forward to it.
  8. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Here is the Bergonzi model in it's finished shape. Violin #9 for me. The sound turned out pretty close to how it was sounding in the white. I found that process of adjustments to be extremely helpful. I ended up going with a boxwood tailpiece. The one I made was too heavy and was having a dampening effect. I've been experimenting with afterlength a bit and I'm finding that different lengths necessitate repositioning the soundpost for even tone across the strings. As always, if you see any glaring issues or areas of improvement please let me know. Thanks
  9. DoorMouse

    Interesting rib-garland video

    I'm curious about the space left between the rib joint at the endpin. It looks like that space was filled with an ebony piece on the cello. Does anyone know what the purpose of this was? I have a violin with an ebony diamond shape in that area. I always assumed it was purely decorative.
  10. DoorMouse

    Decent Boxwood Fittings at a Reasonable Price?

    Just recently I went to International Violin to check out the Teller boxwood pegs which I am told are made from european boxwood and have a relatively low price point. They were all out of complete sets so it's possible that the pegs I saw were the dregs of the barrel but I was surprised by the wild variety of shape and finish. They have more of a handmade look if that's what you're after.
  11. DoorMouse

    The Bress Bench

    Lovely varnish color! It looks like you hit on just the right depth to bring out the chatoyance. I'd love to come by and see it in person sometime.
  12. DoorMouse

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    This scroll is masterful. Beautiful work!
  13. DoorMouse

    OMO, the Violin Making podcast

    Thanks Christopher! This will be perfect for when I'm driving a truck around for work... subscribed.
  14. DoorMouse

    Tailpiece Grain Direction?

    The spline cutter makes sense. After an hour or so of mucking around with a saw I ended up using a Dremmel purfling router and eyeing the depth by hand. It's not pretty but acceptable for my purposes. Back when I was building architectural models we had a tiny table saw with adjustable blade height and fence that you could cut precise slots with. Something like this..
  15. DoorMouse

    Tailpiece Grain Direction?

    I just came across this older post by Eric regarding string spacing and techniques for a viola tailpiece.