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  1. DoorMouse

    Urban Luthier's Bench

    I find the proportions of the strad violas very pleasing despite the general opinion among violists that their tone is relatively inferior or more violin-like. Are you planning on doing the cello style stepped head?
  2. DoorMouse

    Do you build Bergonzi?

    I believe that fact has already been stated. To clarify, what I'm seeking is a confirmation that that number is correct, in which case the images of the form have been stretched and will need correction before use.
  3. DoorMouse

    Do you build Bergonzi?

    Does anyone have the actual length of the MS1060 Bergonzi form? The measurements in the Reuning book don't seem to correlate with the images. The scale next to the image isn't helpful at all and yields a much smaller form (340mm length). The system of expanding a 67% reduced image by 150% yields a longer form by 2.4mm It's possible that the image has been stretched in the printing process or that there was a mistake in measuring. Given measurements.. Upper bout- 157.2 Lower bout- 196.8 Length- 342.6 (corner of upper block opening to corner of lower block opening) 150% x image size Upper bout- 157.5 Lower bout- 196.5 Length- 345 The instruments made on this form are around 352 in length. If you subtract 1mm for ribs and 3mm overhang that leaves 344. Any insights?
  4. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Some in-progress photos of the Gasparo da Salo ‘Ole Bull’ inspired instrument I’m working on. It’s built on a del Gesu form with extended top block. The head is based on the del Gesu ‘Kochanski’ . The plates turned out a bit heavy due to the extra length but the thicknesses seem right. This is a bit of an experiment for me. The ff’s were a blast to carve! It’s so much easier when you have more clearance.
  5. DoorMouse

    Peter KG's Bench

    Very nice color! Can’t wait to see it on a fiddle.
  6. DoorMouse

    Perfection Pegs

    I installed a set of these on the violin I use for Appalachian fiddle music because of the need to change tunings quickly between songs. They work perfectly fine for that purpose but I don't see them as having much benefit on a classical instrument.
  7. DoorMouse

    Cremona must-see, must-do, must-visit?

    I would recommend the opera if anything is playing during your visit. The Othello production I saw there was amazing. Also, it you're on a budget, the hostel is nicer than most hotels in the US at least.
  8. DoorMouse

    vintage HILL'S chinrests

    Those are really interesting designs. I’d be interested to find out if they were more experimental one-off’s or produced on a larger scale. The Hill chin rest I have is more standard..
  9. DoorMouse

    WANTED: Biddulph Guarneri Books

    I bought a book through them recently. It took a bit for them to respond and track down a copy but they came through.
  10. DoorMouse

    Il Cannone Bridge

    I was wondering if anyone has any insight as to the provenance of the bridge that accompanies Il Cannone. To my eye the style looks somewhere between baroque and modern. I'm drawn to the simplicity of the design sans heart and I was considering making one for fun to see how it sounds. Also if anyone has dimensions, that would be helpful. It appears to taper at the top more like a modern bridge but it's hard to tell from photographs.
  11. DoorMouse

    V-Drum Sander anyone?

    This is really solid advice, thanks Manfio. Clamping the wood is always an issue for me. Maybe figuring out a proper jig for quartered wood would be a more worthwhile pursuit. I hadn't realized that abrasive particles in the wood were an issue with tool edges. I also wonder if you would get as many loose particles with the v-drum sander since, as catnip has explained, there is no heat from friction. The abrasives alone are coming in contact with the wood. I've read that the sandpaper can last years on these machines without wearing out. The companies claim that 90% of the dust just falls into the box so I imagine you would get most of it with a vacuum attachment.
  12. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Woops, that was a mistake. Thanks for catching that, Jackson. I used the method and measurements as David Beard lays out on his website, dividing the long arches into 9. That deserves an edit..
  13. DoorMouse

    V-Drum Sander anyone?

    Thanks for your replies. For anyone else who might be interested, I received a private message from someone who uses a homemade v-drum sander frequently for violin making, confirming my suspicions that this may indeed be a useful tool to have in the shop.
  14. DoorMouse

    V-Drum Sander anyone?

    I'm curious to hear if anyone uses or has had any experiences with a V-Drum Sander. The two companies that manufacture them are Flatmaster and Sand Flee and there are diy options as well. What sets these apart from either a drum sander or planer is that they are able to flatten a piece of wood so that it is true to the table. My experience with planers is that they will smooth a piece of wood but retain a bow or twist. It seems like the V-Drum would be good for flattening plates, jointing with a fence, rib thicknessing, fingerboard flattening, garland.. but mainly preparing plates. Anyways, I was just considering one and wanted to check in to see what people think. Here's a video demonstration..
  15. DoorMouse

    WANTED: Biddulph Guarneri Books

    Amati books has it listed for $875