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  1. DoorMouse

    WANTED: Biddulph Guarneri Books

    Amati books has it listed for $875
  2. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Thanks guys!, I've been going back and forth and depending on the lighting it can look anywhere from a dark cherry red to a brownish orange both of which seem exaggerated compared to Cremonese varnish. Next time I'll be going for a more understated look. Either way, I'm excited to get this one strung up and I'll hopefully have some sound clips to post soon.
  3. DoorMouse

    Working with pigments

    I've used both of those shades of madder from Kremer. They look great but definitely do require quite a bit of mulling to achieve transparency. The espresso machine madder I've been using dissolves in oil with very little effort and costs next to nothing to make. You might consider the diy approach.
  4. DoorMouse

    red flames

  5. DoorMouse

    Trigger finger

    I've been struggling with trigger finger in my thumb as well. I got a Cortisone injection at one point and it completely went away for 6 months or so. Now it's back full force. I've been considering the surgery as well but I don't like being under the knife so I may just continue with steroid injections every so often. Best of luck and let us know how the recovery goes.
  6. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Ok, I’m finally done with the varnish on this one. Time for setup!
  7. DoorMouse

    Ever see an X-ray of a case by Stradivari?

    It reminds me a bit of the iron maiden..
  8. Lovely photos. Scrolls always look so pure and geometric before fluting. Are the violas your own design or are they modeled after specific instruments or makers?
  9. DoorMouse

    Baroque neck set in a Modern World

    While on the topic, what are some good references for learning how to set up a baroque violin for the uninitiated?
  10. DoorMouse

    Baroque neck set in a Modern World

    Oh interesting, I was assuming that Strad's necks with three nails were standard. According to Roger Hargrave there are del Gesu necks that have five nail holes. That certainly seems excessive but I hear he was a bit eccentric
  11. DoorMouse

    Baroque neck set in a Modern World

    I was wondering that as well. Multiple nails would have been used originally. Is one screw sufficient?
  12. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    This is how the del Gesu Vieuxtemps copy is coming along. As you can see I’ve been fairly liberal with the madder on this one. I’m finding that iphone photos tend to exaggerate the red hues in varnish but these are more or less in the ballpark. This is post craquelure, dings and first dirt patina layer. I may just wear the edges some and polish it up a bunch to keep the antiquing to a minimum.
  13. DoorMouse

    Curious1's bench

    That looks great! How do you go about making the varnish edges more subtle?
  14. DoorMouse

    J.DiLisio's Bench

    Here are some photos documenting a large batch of madder pigment extraction using Neil Ertz’s espresso method. It seems to have been a success and was much easier than I would have imagined. As you can imagine, the instrument I’m currently in the process of varnishing is turning out very red.
  15. DoorMouse

    Strad Poster

    These were uploaded by Frank Nichols a while back. They may fill some gaps for you. Messiah_Scroll_and_Neck_Template.pdf