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  1. Dear Uncle Duke. With great respect for your profession I can understand that math is not  easy for you as for many violin makers to understand. I my selves are not great in math..

    I have a background as structural engineer constructing houses harbor guay and a lot more. I became interested in violin making and as the engineer I'm I like to know how the instrument works must  be made for an optimal function at least the basic of it. I studied a lot of papers band also visit the violin making school in Cremona. No one could give a proper anser on my question. Neither this forum does. What I decide was make a study and do it at the level the early violin makers could understand. No math other than geometry, constructing. What I found you are able to read on www.zuger.se Further more there are two other papers shown on this media. I just show what I found and got the function confirmed by a master dissertation, The deflection of the instrument by the load from the strings. Did I ever made an instrument? Yes I did and do.  

  2. Uncle Duke You wrote "Do you consider yourself more of an artist or more of a carpenter/craftsman?". It seem to me obvious that you did not read any of my papers on the internet. What is your profession?
  3. Uncle Juke wrote "do you believe mathematics was used in the development of the violin?" No, I do not think mathematic as it come to calculating, algebra. But well mathematic based on geometry. That kind of mathematic at the time of Amati was science. Many structure are based on geometry and I believe I have found a very simple 2D to 3D solution with no calculation necessary, just constructing. I also belive the person how once made this geometric construction new what he was doing and what he could expect producing.
  4. "the "function" is to sound and perform" Yes that's right but the question I like you to give an explanation on is HOW does it function? Not a lot of other talk please. No the violin is not a scientific instrument but the telescope has a function that is well described in order to do what we like it to do. So the function of the violin is based on the structural shape producing the sound we like it to make. That is what I like to read your opinion on. If you cannot just say I don't know. I accept that. You are not alone that's for sure.
  5. No Martin its not understanding my way. Its about understanding the function. I'm open for any discussion and you may start letting us know what you "believe" is the function. Hope you will do this.
  6. After all No one of you seem to understand that the function of the violin consist of two DYNAMIC conditions acting simultaneously. One is the vibration of the bridge providing the frequency the other is the dynamic behavior of the violin body that produce buckling on the belly and bending on the back. The stress condition that arise on the buckling belly bouts consist of a big number of very smal beams the vinter grown wood. The beams are forced to bend (buckle) and they are all different. The quality is that such one beam ort a couple of beams hold the same stiffness condition needed produci
  7. Reading all the text I do not any about how the sound is produced. Yes the string produce frequency and overtones but where on the structure is the sound produced. This comes from a vibrating structure on the both bout shapes of the belly. If the shape of the arching hold a specific condition with a specific graduation of thickness in relation to the wood quality we may accept that these conditions will produce a vibration that transform the input on the bridge feet. Why is the shape of arching and the dynamic behavior of the bout shapes not discussed?
  8. Marty, what you did is close to scientific. You tried and got result but unfortunately you stopped. I also started but never stopped. I'm still searching and ask myself many questions. One of them was as written above "why arching shape". What secret is technical hidden in the complex arching shape. Complex as it is I have found a very simple solution with quite a number of quality hidden in the shape. What those quality mean to function is still part of my research. Unfortunately no one of you seem to be interested. I don't claim anything but let you all know what I found out. Nothing more no
  9. Sospiri, You are talking about the EAR of the player. But what scientific opinion can he give so YOU can learn something making a scientific better instrument. Ears as you know function different from man to men and the judgment is thus not scientific repeatable.
  10. What answer actually has been scientific about Stradivaris violins and investigations?
  11. Dear Martin, You could earlier see a photo of a viola in the chamber for holograph investigation. All the violas have exact equal arching shape. They are thickness graduated different holding equal mode 2 and 5. due to wood quality. I do equal with my violin plates. I do so because I like to learn how a violin structure can function and be made. That's what my research is about. Just for your information. I'm an amateur maker.
  12. Since it has been vet important or some people following the thread if I ever made some instrument. Her just a picture on what is on the table. violas under construction.docx
  13. Peter. To me confusing mean "lacking logical order or sense" So it must be not logical for them how read my site and what I have tried to explained. That's what I feel since no questions ever became asked or any one say this is not correct.
  14. Just read and consider 264160969_HiPeter.docx
  15. Peter. I certainly have tried to get some answer from you all telling me what's wrong in what i show. Unfortunately there comes nothing. You yourself expressing above it takes five minutes .Its a model in one of a million. The figure represent special structural conditions. I asked you please show me something else but you don't. I for that reason I ask myself how is polite? Me showing what you ask for and you coming whit THAT answer?
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