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  1. Looks great Thomas ! Wondered if you'd mind showing where you sent it to be engraved? And did you just send them a hand made paper label that they copied it from ? Thanks !
  2. Michael H asked about shellac as a filler . That's what I use because I overpolish with shellac anyway but I've found it also requires several days of small applications and leveling before it quits shrinking . What do the rest of you think about shellac long term ?
  3. This is the Amati I just finished as well. I used my usual del Gesu arching and am very happy with how it sounds
  4. My latest . seems to be very responsive and plays great
  5. Unfortunately no tone samples . I wasn't able to go in person this year to the competition but sent 2 violins .
  6. The 130 body stop dimension I would consider the more important one . Being 3 mm north of the scallop of the pegbox isn't awful if it's not to scooped under there. I seldom on my del Gesu models have 330 for a total string length and often have it more 326. Others may have a different take on it
  7. Congratulations to you Don !! It is a great accomplishment to have one of your violins played by her !
  8. Thanks Thomas ! I don't think I will be able to make it to Tucson this year . We'll see. I'm in Zurich right now hopefully going to visit Cremona next week . I've been traveling a lot this year and have a new granddaughter due to be born over VMAAI this year . On the Amati it was a lot of fun as I've been doing almost exclusively del Gesu models and have another mostly done in the white as well . Christian Pederson kindly sent me an Amati Strad poster which I used for making my mold as well as looking off photos of the Alard. The arching from the poster was not much different than my del Gesu models and Im optimistic it could sound good.
  9. I know not everyone would agree on this either but I think the weight of the finished plate to be as important as the mode pitches