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  1. Very interesting Davide ! My wife and I have wonderful memories visiting your violin shop and actually getting to see one of your violins all ready to be shipped out ! Hopefully we will do that again someday
  2. If you use straight varnish as ground you should fill end grains with turpentine until it won’t hold more. I also use chalk on the end grain of the spruce edges. It takes lots of practice to not have the end grains look burned . All this varnish for ground should be in the wood-not on . That’s of course Just my opinion
  3. I’ve been told by the shops that sell violin family instruments that 90 percent of buyers prefer antiqued . I don’t know if that’s accurate but it’s what they think that matters . I think antiquing can show off the wood better than straight varnished . Also having some wear already from new doesn’t hurt as bad when the inevitable ding happens .
  4. My latest del Gesu . It’s been played by a great player who is impressed by its tone and power . I have sound clips that I’ll try to post .
  5. I was thinking I'd forgot how to use my big low anlge Veritas jack plane until I held a straight edge to the bottom and found it was quite badly not flat anymore. After having a flat bottom again (that's another story) all the above problems went away and joining is now fun again . Check that plane !
  6. Wishing you a speedy recovery Jim !
  7. I absolutely love the Alard Amati and tried to capture the Alard in the outline and corners but it is full size . I followed a grand pattern Amati as far as width and length . I then used del Gesu type arching in the hopes it would have more projection than an Amati.
  8. my last Amati model violin with the ground
  9. Yes the earthquake really got some attention here too ! I was running a noisy router and didn't feel it unfortunately . I actually don't put any pop in my varnish but soak the end grain of the maple on the scroll and heel and the edges and end arching of the top very well with turpentine before rubbing in the varnish . It takes some trial and error to not to burn it with over penitration . I like what it does to the flames though .
  10. Another in progress were those last few photos .
  11. I just basically rub in my regular oil varnish but after it's pretty tanned