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  1. Here in Idaho I put a pan of water with a rag as a wick mostly hanging out of the water that can evaporate. On a violin I have open seams sometimes that I leave till I’m ready to varnish . Sometimes 6 weeks . If you glue it now the shrinkage that is happening could cause a crack not on a seam .
  2. These bulbs work really good
  3. Thanks Jim ! I that was new information for me .I like hooky corners like some of the del Gesus I look off of and I was worried It was maybe going to interfere with bowing. I also like an open C-bout so this one measured over 15mm
  4. So Jim,is the 14mm measured from the upper notch of the f-hole ?
  5. I would say at least 10 of my violins left my shop with jujube pegs . I did pick and choose to select the best out of sets but I find them to be hard and oily and with a pretty nutty reddish hue without any nitric acid .
  6. A friend gave me a scan of this poster . Thank you for those who offered assistance!! Maestronet at its best! Edd Byler
  7. I decided resurrect an old thread to see if someone has this strad poster for sale somewhere ? Thanks !! Edd Byler
  8. Very interesting Davide ! My wife and I have wonderful memories visiting your violin shop and actually getting to see one of your violins all ready to be shipped out ! Hopefully we will do that again someday
  9. If you use straight varnish as ground you should fill end grains with turpentine until it won’t hold more. I also use chalk on the end grain of the spruce edges. It takes lots of practice to not have the end grains look burned . All this varnish for ground should be in the wood-not on . That’s of course Just my opinion
  10. I’ve been told by the shops that sell violin family instruments that 90 percent of buyers prefer antiqued . I don’t know if that’s accurate but it’s what they think that matters . I think antiquing can show off the wood better than straight varnished . Also having some wear already from new doesn’t hurt as bad when the inevitable ding happens .
  11. My latest del Gesu . It’s been played by a great player who is impressed by its tone and power . I have sound clips that I’ll try to post .
  12. I was thinking I'd forgot how to use my big low anlge Veritas jack plane until I held a straight edge to the bottom and found it was quite badly not flat anymore. After having a flat bottom again (that's another story) all the above problems went away and joining is now fun again . Check that plane !