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  1. I know not everyone would agree on this either but I think the weight of the finished plate to be as important as the mode pitches
  2. I wasnt aware of that . The Alard is beautiful and I'd love to build one but I was already concerned about tone and hearing that makes me question if I should . Reading the thread about copies sounding like originals I was thinking that for an Amati I am not expecting it to project as well as my del Gesu's. Have any of you heard an Amati you were imprrssed with ?
  3. Thanks for that Urban Luthier I think I'll go with that and Jim that would be great for comparing. I do have the Stradivari Varnish book which has great photographs with no measurements but with the Ashmolean measurements I would have what I need .
  4. The Amati "Alard" Strad poster is out of print . Does anyone have one they would sell ? PM me or otherwise if so. Thanks! Edd
  5. Hi Jim ! Could you explain not wanting to use turpentine? Thanks !
  6. This is one of mine . The other is shown on my bench thread .
  7. Also Ray Light got a certificate of merit for tone in violin . His violins always score great for tone!
  8. Yes I knew right away after looking at Jamie's violin that his would receive something for workmanship at least
  9. One of the tone judges playing my #26. Evan Smith got something for viola . Jim Bress had a nice viola there . There was a beautiful Amati model violin by a maker from Mexico that got first place workmanship in violin .