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  1. Edward Byler


    375 m5 without bassbar at 57 gram ? That’s great Evan ! What thickness ? What was the density ?
  2. Edward Byler

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Beautiful stuff Christian ! On the Amati did you follow his arching design with the pinched top and deep scoop and if so what does it sound like ? I’ve wanted for a long time to try attempt one
  3. Edward Byler

    Thomas Coleman's bench

    Beautiful stuff Thomas ! You’re giving me the itch to build one
  4. Edward Byler

    Boxy, honky nasal sound.

    I’d agree with Don. I’ve been chasing perfect projection measurements the last few instruments and have corrected things I wish I hadn’t only to have to redo it again. From dry Idaho summers and shipping to damp climes makes it rough to predict .
  5. Edward Byler

    Power Sharpeners

    Im following this with interest too because I want to upgrade . There is also a diamond sharpening setup that “never” wears out and doesn’t require water . I don’t know where I saw it
  6. Edward Byler

    Question for makers. How many instruments have you made?

    There was a thread a year or more ago about how many instruments it was thought to take to make them at a professional level but I couldn’t find it . I know that quantity doesn’t prove anything but does anyone else remember or are able to find the thread ? It’s seems someone thought it took at least 30
  7. Edward Byler

    Madder Alum Rosinate

    It looks dark pink as powder and turns purplish when mixed in a bit of turpentine
  8. Edward Byler

    Edward Byler's Bench

    Thanks Thomas , Yes I hope we can meet at other violin making events . I really enjoy looking at your photos !
  9. Edward Byler

    Edward Byler's Bench

    I should have taken all the photos Natural sunlight
  10. Edward Byler

    Edward Byler's Bench

    My VSA violin
  11. Edward Byler

    Michael Köberling`s bench

    I’m wondering how the weighted scores work ? There are 100 possible points but each judge gives a score of 1-10 and the weighted score is much higher than its total .I used to know how it worked ....
  12. Edward Byler

    NYC Contemporary Violin and Bow Makers - Reed Yeboah Violins

    I was thinking too it is possibly Sainton
  13. Edward Byler

    NYC Contemporary Violin and Bow Makers - Reed Yeboah Violins

    Thank you BassClef ! I will spend a lot of time yet looking at these very well done photos! I was intrigued with this one
  14. Edward Byler

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    Beautiful stuff Christian ! In the past you’ve said you used Kremer’s cinquasia rotgold and alizarin for your red . They now don’t sell the same cinquasia rotgold but I’m wondering if you’ve tried the new stuff? Also would you be willing to share the link to those two that you like? Thank you for sharing your story ! Edward
  15. Edward Byler

    24mm fingerboard projection. Highly arched!

    I also try very hard for 27mm every time . Not 26.5mm , not 27.5mm. It’s one of the more difficult things to have come out right after glue is set and after UV tanning is done .