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  1. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    Does this mean that the thinning out of wood with funghi ( causes lower density with same stiffness and hence a brighter sound?
  2. Options for creating a darker sounding violin

    Could I ask the same favour to get the article?
  3. French violin mislabeled

    To get some craquel they would have used 25-30% shellac. On this fiddle it probably is a mix of craquel and sweat.
  4. French violin mislabeled

    This is a spirit varnish, but not just shellac. They used a mix of tree rosins (gum elemi, gum mastic, hum benzoin, venetian turp, ...) mixed with 20-25% of shellac shellac that gives a nice craquel. Most of the 20th centure French makers used spirit varnishes, and the same for many of the Italians (Oddone, Fagnola). If you really want to know, used some alcohol to test, carefully though. An oil varnish will actually polymerise and turn very hard, spirit varnishes can stay very soft.
  5. French violin mislabeled

    Nice wood, front and back, I personally really like French workmanship, red varnish with a yellow ground. For me this would be an excellent trade instrument if it sounds. Leon Bernardel are usually somewhat more expensive than JTL often for no good reason. A proper Bernardel is of course preferable, and in a different price range, but many don't like the style and sound of those (Gand & Bernardel) instruments either. Colorful spirit varnishes are now not so much in fashion.
  6. Cello ID

    Thanks, I think you are really close. The scroll until 9, almost without chamfer, round button, even the f holes are not far away.
  7. Cello ID

    It can't be French. But thanks anyway.
  8. Cello ID

    Can you help me to identify what this cello is. Scratched in purfling, blocked and lined. Rather nice scroll, too nice for a cheap German. It might be English. The f-holes and varnish might go with Forster school, certainly not the scroll. Lockey Hill scratched in purfling but is scrolls are quite different.
  9. One more violin ID... whew.

    $2200 sounds OK after it had been set up with a new bridge and strings. This is an attractive instrument.
  10. Not quite right

    Even better, a cello like thing.
  11. Cello ID

    I agree
  12. Cello ID

    I think it is an honest mistale, just in case someone googles the dealer. They are not dishonest. I agree that Bubenreuth is more likely than Chinese. The difference is mainly in the finish as a modern Bubenreuth kit may also be imported from China in the white.
  13. Cello ID

    The dealer thinks it is an English instrument, it is being sold on comission. A friend who has it on approval showed this to me and asked for some advice. It is well-built and sounds good, but the price is too high. It seems that in the violin trade almost anything goes these days.
  14. Cello ID

    It is just that price of an equivalent of $9000 is almost fraud fir this. At least in my opinion.
  15. Cello ID

    There is a cello on sale by a Alan Charles (1994), made in England. I can't find any maker with this name and I am increasingly convinced it is Chinese, probably imported in the white, varnished with shellac varnish, somewhere in Europe. The label bright white paper with some logo, Alan Charles written by pencil. What are your thoughts?