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  1. Klotz violin or viola

    Last edition is more than ten years old. I read somewhere that Koestler, Guillaume, Grünke and I think Eckstein are working on a new version.
  2. Gabriel David Buchstetter

    I agree that the attribution to Buchstetter is not convincing, at least not compared to all the other Buchstetter violins. One would need more examples of that early Buchstetter model. The label also was not Buchstetter. How Schröder got the idea of Buchstetter I do not know. What speaks against an early Buchstetter is that it is very refined work. Rainer Leonhardt described the inside as typical for Klotz school: "Ja es handelt sich um eine sehr frühe Buchstetter. Die Klotz Form deutet auch auf Innenform hin habe aber keine Bilder von innen, der Gegenschwung ist auch bei dieser Geige vorhanden." One of these instruments that will probably never be identified with any degree of certainty.
  3. Gabriel David Buchstetter

    It made it around the world with this attribution and is now on sale as Buchstetter in Japan: When I communicated with Rainer Leonhardt he took the view that it is a very early Buchstetter, and I assume that this was Schröder's opinion, too. I would certainly take their view seriously.
  4. Gabriel David Buchstetter

    I have a copy of the Certificate with picture of the instrument but not sure I can post this here as it was not on Leonhardt's web page. The reason I didn't buy it was simply that I was also not convinced.
  5. Gabriel David Buchstetter

    Leonhardt in Mittenwald had a violin described as Buchstetter for sale 2-3 years ago which I played and considered to buy for a while. It was on their web page for a long time despite a relatively low asking price. It had a beautiful and powerful tone and I often regret not having bought this instrument. I kept pictures from their web page which I attach below. Regarding authenticity it had a Schröder certificate, and a wrong label (Florinus Guidantus). I believed Schröder's certificate, but the other pictures of Buchstetter violins that I have never show a plain back.
  6. Paul Kessler, Markneukirchen

    For $270 you can't do much wrong if it sounds OK. The priceis just do low. Just don't expect too muchin authenticity.
  7. Thoughts on Unlabeled Violin

    Who said it was 6,5k? I agree this is too much for an instrument from nowhere.
  8. Thoughts on Unlabeled Violin

    First, I like it, it looks really nice, I like the edgework, the way the purfling is done. Most super-wide-grained violins I have seen had a very soft sound. I think this violin is brand new, made by a maker who copied something very specific. The pegs fit exactly, there are no 'real' marks or scratches. It may have a neck graft, hard to see, but I know makers who would do this on a new instrument. Can I ask where you picked it up? They may have an idea where it is from.
  9. Turner violin Mittenwald imported

    ... and there is lots of it in England (I live in a house surrounded by huge hollies and thought about using some of the wood). Unfortunately there is not much money in pegs.
  10. Turner violin Mittenwald imported

    These type of pegs I see on a lot of old English violins. Sometimes have have mother of pearl inlays. I don't know what kind of wood they are made from.
  11. Violin ID: John Young or not?

    If you want to email pictures Best wishes Ulrich
  12. Violin ID: John Young or not?

    This weekend I saw an interesting violin and wonder whether you think it is genuine. It is stamped 'Young Aberdeen', and could very well be from this maker. It has a very low neck angle which probably needs to be changed but is otherwise in good condition and has a nice tone. Auction values don't seem to be very high, but there are not many examples. Has anyone seen his work before?
  13. Red Pigments

    I would like to know what Gand Bernarde used, and what Fagnola used, I like these extreme red colours.
  14. Any theories on what caused this damage?

    I have a nice violin where I guess it was a music stand ...
  15. Atypical construction violin

    I think they were called Weidler violins. Later Arthur Bay made such instruments in his workshop near Konstanz.