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  1. Agreed - that's the reason for the use of paraffine wax.
  2. Hi, Martin! I was working on a complex project: the first goal was to survive my daughter's marriage, and the second goal was to become a full professor. The first goal has been achieved, at least for now (since I'm still alive), and to the other, I have much more to ride. Hope that you are alive and kicking
  3. Natural beeswax sometimes can be slightly acidic, due to sugars degradation, which is not the case with artificial (paraffine) wax (never gummy if one uses it very sparingly - first onto the rag, then onto the - previously cleaned - screw).
  4. I would give a chance to Zippo petrol or mineral oil (liquid paraffin) too. EDIT (I forgot the classics): This is what I usually do (Thanks, J. Saunders): keeping in mind this:
  5. If this text is the one, please, send me the pdf to franc.andrejas@gmail.com, if it is not, please, send me the pdf Cheers, Franc
  6. Please, could you post a link to the mentioned video?
  7. I'd say that Mr. Dobriansky has nothing with this violin, because the label says: "Tone and timbre perfected according to the procedure discovered by L. Dobriansky" etc. But, after reading this article (posts)...
  8. I'd say that Mr. Dobriansky has nothing with this violin, because the label says: "Tone and timbre perfected according to the procedure discovered by L. Dobriansky" etc.
  9. I have three different endoscopes, but the key for the good pictures in the good lightening (appropriate lightening, more precisely).
  10. How I see things, you should first consider purchasing another violin, as a backup.This other violin can serve also as a workhorse for outdoor gigs, experiments with pickups can be performed on it, and, most importantly, it can serve as an instrument that can be played while the main instrument is being repaired. What is important for this other instrument is to be built as a tank and have a good setup. IV from Maryland has a New Year action and for $290 you can buy a complete outfit. I have nothing to do with IV, but I have all the praise for their customer care and Ken's knowledge and communications skills. Secondly, the first opinion from the local violin shop sounds soundly grounded and reasonable. Replace fingerboard and bridge and get a usable violin. As usual, these are my two small coins and nothing more.
  11. Here, one can find (and buy, if one likes it, for 300€ - think that the price is negotiable) the nice 3/4: OLX. As I said before, think that our friend Rue has the very similar one. And, I do not think that these violins are worthless nor unplayable. But, it is just my humble opinion.
  12. Hello, Blank face, I'm glad to have an opportunity to exchange a few words with you again. And yes, I was speeding - the lettering on the Czechoslovakian labels I was writing about is different, typically like this one (picture was taken from the interesting blog of Jedidjah de Vries): If I remember well, Rue has (or had) one of these violins. I cannot be absolutely sure, but in the 60s/70s every musical shop in former Yugoslavia has had a few outfits (brand new) with the violins labeled as the one from the picture and - besides a small number of violins from Mengeš, like the one we have a pleasant conversation about - these violins were the only violins that one could purchase regularly back then. Musical schools have had a lot of them in their fleets too. Regarding the case, I agree that it is not a sure proof for anything, but the cases in mentioned outfits were of the same type, besides the different lock and the interior - cases I am familiar with have been covered with the colorful wallpaper.
  13. I corrected the post you cited - sorry, I made a mistake. Regardless on that, I'd say that the period 1960-1965 would be pretty close.
  14. I do not think that I can put your violins in the narrow time frame because there is a zillion violins like yours, made between end of sixties fifties and beginning of nineties, but - according to what I know about the cases (I am almost sure that you have the original case from the original outfit), the case from the middle of sixties have not been equipped with the key.
  15. Hi, BC! I am pretty familiar with the "Made in Czechoslovakia" violins, and I would dare to say that mood2000 was right here and that you did not understand what Mr. Saunders said. Cheers, Franc
  16. Wrong: "Antonio Stradivarius Violin" means nothing, Anyone can give any name to his violin. Violin made BY Antonio Stradivarius is completely different case (the word "by" is the magic word in this world)
  17. I fully understand everything you described. Been there, done that. But, there is a lot of things YOU should fully understand prior to judge any eBay transaction. In example: (1) "professional pegs" means that these are pegs that (a) have been made by professional (almost all pegs go to that category) or (b) could be used by any professional (all pegs go to that category); (2) good set up; how could you prove that some set up is not good, and what the "good" exactly means and where it is described?; (3) quality strings and parts: no one stated the quality level - everything go to that category. I am an engineer and that kind of communication is the kind of communication I usually use - word for word, without any under- or overtones, without reading between the rows. If your friend really want to have nice Italian violin, there is a lot of reputable shops where he can find what he want. eBay is the playground for the others. FWIW
  18. Show us the bows, man! And the case, too. Maybe you are neglecting the important things.
  19. With all due respect to your father, you obviously have no idea about the rules which apply in the eBay world. And again: do you claim that "it has been reworked by a professional" is the synonym of "it has been reworked in according to (fill in by yourself) standard"
  20. I am not talking about the law(s), I am talking about the eBay, on the basis on my few hundreds of transactions and a few dozens of cases resolved for my benefit. eBay is the strange place. Besides, if you claim that "it has been reworked by a professional" is the synonym of "it has been reworked in according to (fill in by yourself) standard" , you are very wrong, even in law.
  21. franciscus

    Violin ID

    My late professor had the very similar violin, talking about two details: the bee stings and the pigment in the pegbox. His violin has been made somewhere in Czechoslovakia's area, in the middle of 1800's
  22. According to the eBay rules, "if somebody writes it has been reworked by a professional", that means that it has been reworked by a professional - nothing more, nothing less. The quality of mentioned reworking is not important at all. If the eBay treated the sellers and the buyers equally, any such a complaint would be rejected. But, the eBay prefers the buyers and any buyer can write negative feedback, even if he has no any valid reason for that. I never sold anything through the eBay and such a politics suits me, but I have to say that it is not fair.
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