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  1. If the next one will be for king I use real diamonds indeed
  2. Glass copies of diamonds by Swarowski . Glued with PVAC.
  3. Yes, very nice Guarnerius - especially varnish on spruce. How plays?
  4. Copy of Nicolo Amati 1656 violin for french king Louis XIV.
  5. Not painted but carved (it was some days of very patient work... ).
  6. I do not know... It was buyed around 30 years ago...
  7. My teacher had old plans from some museums. And some details are from photos from José Vásquez.
  8. Traditional chinese black ink (liquid) with small flat brush (I am using syntetic brush size 4 for akvarel) on first layer of varnish.
  9. Can I ask, what you are using for sealing wood? Are you give the sealer before or after Plaster of Paris? Thank you!
  10. I think soo, that Stradivari's shape looks more beautiful - I want build it also once...
  11. Hello! What your pochette? I remember that you ask me for mould some time before. Are you made it yet? Send some photo, please
  12. PG 2019 (Stradivari 1721 "Kruse" violin) - ground and sound... Etuda 40.m4a
  13. No, I am not see yourself - maybe I was inside of cathedral in this moment
  14. When exactly you made this Cremona photo - if it was beetwen 7:30 - 10:00, I was on this square also.
  15. I have the same experience. This amber-colophony is only "pre-made" - but it is not bad material. If you first heat amber-colophony to liquid form and then add hot linseed oil, it will without problems with this jelly.
  16. Cassavetti 1727 https://www.loc.gov/item/ihas.200154830/
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