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  1. And after some time buiding a second one Stradivaris viola d´amore model :-) Original was build after 1716 (drawings of moulds are dated so).
  2. Thank You! "5 strings" are renaissance fidels after Hans Memling paint
  3. Hello, I am looking for this poster (can be also in .pdf - high resolution)...
  4. Thank you! I am looking for photos of original - especially details. Can I ask for better photos of this Strad poster here? (In the best way I would to buy it, if someone have for sell )
  5. Hello! I am watching photos of this beauty viola - have you someone something? Thank you! https://www.roger-hargrave.de/PDF/Artikel/Strad/Artikel_1998_12_Guadagnini_1785_PDF.pdf
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