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  1. Húslař

    "handle bar" type scroll on Bergonzi violins

    Leduc and Cannone scroll - it looks like a weight loss advertising.
  2. Húslař

    Húslařúj ponk

    The Ripper day...
  3. Húslař

    A.D.'s new bench

    Very nice colour! How you did it? Some dyes or chemical tanning?
  4. Húslař

    Kohi's bench

    Velice pěkná práce! Pošlete i další fotografie toho, na čem právě pracujete. Very nice work! Show us more photos of Your works.
  5. Húslař

    Perry Sultana...

    Beautiful!!! Please send more photos of details.
  6. Húslař

    Christian Bayon´s bench

    It´s great!
  7. Húslař

    Perry Sultana...

    Beauty colour!
  8. Húslař

    Don Noon's bench

  9. Húslař

    JM Jones' bench

    Looks nice! Which manuscript it is?
  10. Húslař

    Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Yes pegs are very close together, but tuning is without problems (I made special tuner from ebony - which is fit on peghead). Pegs I bought from some Spain online shop (I do not know where exactly yet...).
  11. Húslař

    What strings?

    Yes, my dear Dr. Watson - Pirastro Chromcor, as I write yet.
  12. Húslař

    Húslařúj ponk

    Thank you much! I used Plaster of Paris here.
  13. Húslař

    Perry Sultana...

    How clean work is it!!
  14. Húslař

    What strings?

    Pirastro Chromcor
  15. Húslař

    Happy Easter

    Good Easter!!!