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  1. Húslař

    Pochette violin

    I think soo, that Stradivari's shape looks more beautiful - I want build it also once...
  2. Húslař

    Pochette violin

    Hello! What your pochette? I remember that you ask me for mould some time before. Are you made it yet? Send some photo, please
  3. PG 2019 (Stradivari 1721 "Kruse" violin) - ground and sound... Etuda 40.m4a
  4. No, I am not see yourself - maybe I was inside of cathedral in this moment
  5. When exactly you made this Cremona photo - if it was beetwen 7:30 - 10:00, I was on this square also.
  6. I have the same experience. This amber-colophony is only "pre-made" - but it is not bad material. If you first heat amber-colophony to liquid form and then add hot linseed oil, it will without problems with this jelly.
  7. Cassavetti 1727 https://www.loc.gov/item/ihas.200154830/
  8. Violas from A.Stradivari´s workshop are really beauty! Thanks for photos - have you more photos of Tenor Medici? (I am interested in varnish of this viola on last days - most important Strad in this case)
  9. How your "juice" smell? And how then smell violins (especially inside).
  10. It is really beauty colour! I am also using long cooking colophony varnish but with no such much colour - how long you cook it? (I cook 7 days, cca 200°C) And which colophony? And nice ground indeed - what you use? ................. (Tak to je nádherná barva! Jak dlouho to kalafunu vaříte? Já to dělám také, ale výsledkem je jen světle jantarový odstín - vařím asi sedm dní v kuse při asi 200°C. Jakou kalafunu k tomu používáte?)
  11. Nice Work! (Zdravím ze Zlína. Moc pěkná práce! To je olejový lak?)
  12. +AHoJ! Yes. They are made from proper Buxus - I was on visit in their manufacture and ask also for this, because boxwood fitting is very nice for me. In most cases they send 5 pegs (you pay only 4 indeed), but it is very high quality ever - clear German work I can recommend
  13. Very nice video. But my question: What can be the secret compounds from time 6:50?