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  1. Perry Sultana...

    Beauty work!
  2. Hello! I have a questions. How is catch the tailgut in this type of tailpiece? What is this small rectangle on bottom? Thanks!
  3. Photos from Ole Bull exhibit in Bergen several years ago

    Thank You!
  4. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Thank You so much! I am looking forward to next steps.
  5. Conor Russell's bench

    Only 2 layers of varnish on this poplar cello and so glossy? Can I ask You to describe varnishing process? (And typically question of course : what the ground is? ) Thank You! It really beauty!
  6. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

  7. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Excuse me my ignorance of English - but what is "LOB"?
  8. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Thanks! Yes is a very big gap - I must stopped work on this beauty instrument, becouse we have so much works on repairs in our workshop... but now I would prefer this viola (scroll is precarved, ribs ready, back almost ready ).
  9. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    the big progress
  10. Peg compound

    Great compound is from Hammerl - pink peg soap.
  11. My First Bridge!

    Nice! I remember my begginings when bridge-cutting time was also in hours - now it is around 30 minutes (the most important for me is very sharp blade of knife).
  12. Húslařúj ponk

    Thank you, gentlemans! Christian Bayon: on this "3/4 Guarneri" I used your grounding system - how it look in your eyes?