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  1. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Thank You! I think so that this short neck do it very comfortable for musician. Sympathetic strings will attach by six brass pins in the end block.
  2. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Flames of hell . Looks nice.
  3. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Thanks! Yes, it is my own varnish (I am making more types of varnishes and varnishing process but this one is starting to become my favorite ). Have a nice day!
  4. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    There is an inscription, name of maker and year of build. I give it to all of my instruments.
  5. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Thanks! Luther was misunderstood by king but they used him as a pretext. So, question is: For what I am a pretext?
  6. Perry Sultana...

    Such exact work!!! I really like Your photos very much!
  7. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Thank You! Original is without this type of "violin edges" - but I used it because it is better reason for future repairing of plates (I think). And yes, this shape of head looks beauty (double-pegbox is interesting invention). Gypsum: I do not know if I correctly understand - first I unreacted the plaster of Paris which form it to mineral gypsum (looks like chalk) and with water-mash of this gypsum I penetrate the entire surface. In varnish is only colour of resin (result is nice golden-amber colour). Thank You for question - glad to answer another
  8. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    I thanks You!
  9. Michael Köberling`s bench

    Just beauty... Show us more?
  10. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    Thank You, Dwight!
  11. Stradivaris viola d ́amore

    "resonance strings tunnel" feeling pores with gypsum: grounding: chinese black ink of pegbox edges on varnish ground (after 12hour in UV chamber): second coat (not much quality photos on wrong light):
  12. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    Can You also ask for book to me? Please...
  13. Soft cover Biddulph Guarneri book?

    Unfortunately it is only not working old website... (And I need this book! )
  14. Perry Sultana...

  15. Perry Sultana...

    So clean and exact work