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  1. IMHO, if the fiddle was in such a great condition, they would be sending out condition reports to anyone showing interest, but then, I could be wrong as usual.
  2. Dear all, a good friend of mine has over the years built up a collection of violins which he now wants to dispose of. His most precious violin is one he bought as a Bisiach albeit without a certificate. Below are some pictures, Your thoughts please on the authenticity of it. Thank you,
  3. A teacher friend of mine recommends then to his students. I've played one and it was really worth what the student paid for. That one was the cannon copy.
  4. Thank you for the info, but I'm looking to buy from Europe to save on tax and also this one has expensive shipping.
  5. Hello all, any help here will be greatly appreciated. I need to buy a double violin case that can go on a plane's overhead compartment, so It has to conform to the European size regulations for overhead luggage. I know there are some cases that come with an extra detachable bow tube which would suit me. My requirements are that it has to be really protective of the two expensive violins I'll be carrying inside and I want to eliminate any possibility of damage. It also has to be able to maintain humidity for the duration of a 3-4 hour flight. Any suggestions please?
  6. Thank you all for your answers. Martin, I'm not in the market to buy a violin, but having seen and played a Paul Knorr, I was so impressed, I wanted to learn a bit more about the individual German makers, so I stumbled upon the name of Otto Mockel as one of the best German makers. (apologies for the umlaut, I don't know how to put one on).
  7. Thank you, I've read that one.
  8. Hello, I've tried internet to find info. on Otto Mockel violin maker, but there is very little. Could anyone post some bio info on him please. Between a Paul Knorr and a Mockel which is a better buy. Both in similar condition. Thank you.
  9. Do violins need UV light protection if they are mostly played indoors? I also think weather protection is also not needed for the reason above.
  10. They are all inside, the correct for the year label, the signature with the no.57 enclosed by it, the serial number in pencil and the Vuillaume stamp. Thank you for your elaborate answer in both threads. It seems that since it is so readily identifiable, to the point of one expert recognizing it from a distance of 3 meters away before holding it in his hands, a second certificate would be superfluous.
  11. These are the only two pics I could upload, I wish I could show the scroll, which is the best feature of the violin.
  12. Since it already has one, if the prospective buyer wants a better cert, I'm contemplating getting a letter of appraisal from a reputable dealer and if the prospect wants a new cert, they could get it themselves.
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