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  1. Hello,  I am a cellist in Australia trying to find the cello of my dreams (no easy task in this part of the world!).    Can anyone help me out with information about this maker?   I have just come across a cello dated from 1981 by this maker.  It is very hard to get information about the overseas makers here in Australia, and what they should be worth…...

  2. There are a limited number of photos accessible via, under "fine cellos" heading.  I noticed just now that the cello is apparently labelled "No 13", though I am not sure what that means?  Thanks everyone for your replies!  I am currently in the US for a work trip so I might try giving HJ Nebel a call too. 

  3. Thankyou for your replies.   One of the issues I have is that because the Australian market is so limited, the price gets hiked up significantly!  I would love to know an approximate range just so I can sleep at night about the amount of money I am about to spend…..!  Anyone…..?