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  1. Goodmorning everyone, I am pleased to inform you that this year, in July, will be held the prestigious “ROSSO DI SERA 2015 - INTERNATIONAL MUSIC CAMPUS" organized by Associazione musicale SetteNoteInsieme e la Compagnia Teatro Giovani under the patronage of the Town of Torrita di Siena . We can make use of large presences such Catemario Edward and Michael Lewin. Concerts will be organized during the campus and the students will be chosen to perform For more information please call + 39.393.9988654 or send an email to ufficiostampa@quattroquarti.org SetteNoteInsieme
  2. Hello!! Happy Christmas and happy new year!! For a nice day and good feelings here the video by Edoardo Catemario named "Fronna" Video: Bye bye and happiness for you all! QuattroQuarti
  3. Hi everybody!! I would like to share with you this book: Fundamentals of Interpretation By Edoardo Catemario I think it's a great new entry in my personal list of the "books of my music library". It's a little manual that contains all those information that every expert musician knows. It's written by Edoardo Catemario who said: "It took me over 15 years to make it as concise as possible and is now only 36 pages. Everything you need in order to understand the very basic knowledges of interpretation is here". The book is in pdf format and is free to download: http://www.catemario.
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