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  1. Here we go, good idea... https://www.facebook.com/renato.ventre.9/media_set?set=a.10153528999110118.1073741826.722720117&type=1
  2. Great, im new so it wont be easy to post the photos soon. Thank you very much
  3. Sapolino82

    Violin ID

    Theres a label inside which says... G&A Klemm, prop William Schuster (big letters) Eukirchen (Saxonia). Fund em 1795 (small letters below G&A......) How do I attach some pictures in the topic? Thanks
  4. Sapolino82

    Violin ID

    Hello dear, I'm writing to you regarding a G&A Klemm, William Schuster 1795. I bought it a long time ago from a German friend in Germany in 80s but I'm not using it anymore. I have decided to sell it but I have no idea how much it costs. Could you give me an idea for how much should I sell? I'm from Brazil, São Paulo! Thank you very much, Ren
  5. Hi everyone, in 70s decade my grandfather has given his old german violin to my father. Im looking forward to sell it but I have no idea the price of it. Inside is written G&A Klemm, William Schuster, 1795, Eukirchen, Saxonia. Do you guys have any idea how much it costs? Thanky you very much, Ren
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