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  1. Functionality over style! I like that. It's a moderately expensive workshop bow so I'm moving away from putting it to the lathe. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! The thought of changing my grip did come to mind but it just does not seem right to modify the grip to accomodate an unsuitable bow. I feel that changing the bow hold should be done only in the interest of better technique and sound. I certainly do not mind experimenting with different grips for the right reasons. That's the other solution I have come across. The longer I think about it, the less I am inclined towards surgery. I am in complete agreement. Not for all the Strads in the world would I be persuaded to endure playing in pain. Thanks for helping me clarify my options.
  3. Hi, I was shopping for a bow and have shortlisted two within my budget. Both are intermediate workshop bows; one French and the other Swiss. I prefer the French bow more for its playability but have encountered a snag. The problem lies in the way the frog on the French bow is crafted. My bow grip resembles the following with my thumb half on the frog and half on the wood of the gap between the leather and frog: Looking at the circled part of the frog in the direction of the arrow: The front profile the same part of the Swiss frog (Fig 1) compared to that of the French frog (Fig 2): The French frog tapers to a point roughly represented by the red dot which really digs into my thumb and causes much pain after anything beyond half an hour of playing. I have no issue with the broader profile of the Swiss. My luthier suggests two options: 1. Sand down the pointy part. 2. Replace the frog with a more comfortable model. For obvious reasons, I am unwilling to go with Option 1. and also somewhat hesitant with Option 2. Assuming that for my budget there are no other more suitable bows available (I'm neither in the U.S. nor Europe), how would the learned members on this forum counsel? Should I just forgo the French bow? All advice greatly appreciated. P.S. I found a link to a page describing a very similar problem to mine, except in their case, it's a matter of a sharp edge rather than a point. Both make for uncomfortable thumb contact and thus I believe any solution should be universal to both. The link is: http://www.stringemporium.com/rubber-tube-bass-bow.htm
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