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  1. I'm back! I'm wondering if anyone could give a bio or other interesting information about Gustav Prager and his bows? Thanks everyone ahead of time!
  2. Ok, I posted on the fingerboard until I realized this is the place it should be I am wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this maker? I managed to come across a violin made by him with the following inscription (partial): "di Sromenti Armonici Strada S.M. la Nuova..." and "Napoli 1826". I'm wondering what potential value this fiddle may have AND any biographical information on the maker. Thanks ahead of time for any info.
  3. Does anyone out there happen to know anything about this Italian (Naples) string instrument maker? From the searches on the Web, all I could find were auction items (but nothing on his biography). Thanks ahead of time.
  4. If I understand your question correctly, here's my info. I probably have the cheapest chinrest around, but it works for me. I happened to encounter it when I was looking for a violin. They are these little plastic things that are usually found on the factory-made violins. Most shops take them off because the majority of people HATE them due to the high angle. They usually have a box of them somewhere in the corner. I don't know what they are called but if you go into a violin shop and ask for the little plastic chinrests (that come on the factory-made violins) they may know what you are talking about. It's worth a try. Good luck.
  5. Isabella: Are you looking for something in particular?
  6. Mine came as a $20/month rental at the place I first took lessons. Little did I know it was one of these $150 Chinese "Fisher Price" violins that had BAAAAAAAAAAAD sound. I'm on my 3rd violin now...ironically a Chinese made one!
  7. Here are the shops/consultants I went to look for a violin: Davis, Phillip L. (Luthier) 67 Wolverleigh Blvd. Toronto, ON M4J 1R6 Phone: 416-466-9619 Hours: by appt. only George Heinl & Co. Limited 201 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 1Y7 Phone: 416-363-0093 Fax: 416-363-0053 Hours: 10-6 Mon to Sat (to 8 on Thur) Web site: www.maestronet.com/heinl/Overview.html McClellan Placements By Stephen McClellan, Appraiser 80A Courcelette Rd. Toronto, ON M1N 2T2 Phone: 416-723-8092 Hours: by appt. only Email: skmcclellan@yahoo.com Web site: http://finestrings.com/index.html Open Strings By José Molina 1 Bushmills Cres Guelph, ON N1K 1T5 Phone: 519-763-5493 Hours: by appt. only Remenyi House of Music 210 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M5S 1T8 Phone: 416-961-3111 Fax: 416-961-3949 Hours: 10-6 Mon to Sat (to 8 on Thur) Web site: www.remenyi.com/strings/index.html Riedstra's Violin Shop Inc Henry Riedstra-Violin Dealer, Appraiser, Maker and Restorer Email: riedstra@orc.ca Web site: www.orc.ca/~reidstra 2 sites: 239 Victoria St. N Kitchener, ON N2H 3C5 Phone: 519-743-3838 Fax: 519-743-4676 Hours: 10-6 Mon to Sat Filip Tomov-senior maker and restorer 38 Neal Ave. Stratford, ON N5A 6W8 Phone: 519-273-4082 Fax: 519-273-1062 Hours: by appt. only (Mon to Sat) Xiadong Guan-senior maker and restorer Shar Music Company 26 Cumberland Street Toronto, ON M4W 1J5 Phone: 1-888-353-7427 (toll-free within Canada) 416-960-8494 from all other locations Fax: 416-960-1478 Hours: 10-6 Mon to Sat (to 8 on Thur) Email: shar@globalserve.net Web site: www.sharmusic.com/toronto/torontoshar.html The Sound Post 93 Grenville Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1B4 Phone: 1-800-363-1512, 416-971-6990 Fax: 416-597-9923 Hours: 10-6 Mon to Sat (to 8 on Thur) Email: info@thesoundpost.com Web site: www.thesoundpost.com I recently just discovered this also: Toronto School for Strings 85 Collier Street Toronto, Ontario M4W 1M1 Phone: (416) 968-0303 eMail: jm.fisher@utoronto.ca web site: http://www.excel-ability.com/mt/TSS/ Hope this helps!
  8. Well I think you all get the idea...Bowfire is great.
  9. I saw them live and they were terrific. A group of 11 violinists/fiddlers of various disciplines: Stéphane Allard, Stephanie Cadman, Shane Cook, Peter De Sotto, George Gao, Moshe Hammer, Daniel Lapp, Ray Legere, John Pilatzke, Lenny Solomon and Lara St. John. The other musicians include Bill Bridges (guitar), Mark Kelso (drums and percussion), George Koller (bass), Bernie Senensky (piano) and Wendy Solomon (cello). Here is a web site to get more info: http://www.bowfire.com/ensemble.html If you have a chance to see them live-do! Talk to you all later.
  10. Recently I managed to have my heart broken. Without telling a sad story (that warrants violins playing in the background), I noticed after picking up my violin to practice, I've been playing superbly. What are the reasons?
  11. Does anyone have the sheet music to "Ashoken Farewell"? Thanks ahead of time.
  12. A random mix from my 5 CD player: Diana Krall: All For You John McDermott: A Day to Myself The Ennis Sisters: Ennis Sisters 3 Natalie MacMaster: In My Hands Leahy: Leahy
  13. ...jumping ahead two days since my previous post... I SURVIVED MY FIRST RECITAL!!! I have to admit I was calm, collective and cool until just before I had to play. THEN I started to shake uncontrollably. My knees even started...I thought they would fall out from under me. I thought "someone let me off this ride". However, I'm proud to say I made it through my 2 pieces in one piece and no tomatoes were launched. It's been a couple hours since I played and I'm still shaking! Who needs coffee...just get up in front of people and you get the same affect.
  14. YES! THAT'S ME TOO! Except my first recital is in 2 days...me (a 29 year old) with several of my instructor's "bambinos". I really like this comment by FiddleFaddle: "your performances will lag behind your dreams for a long time". We also seem to be our own worst critic when it comes to performing or playing in general...at least as adults. The funny thing is when I'm sitting in the audience listening to someone like yourself (and me) I have EXTREME admiration because I KNOW what it's like. But get me in the reversed role and I feel as if I drank a super-big-gulp and 10 cups of espresso, my bladder shrank and the temperature in the room went down about 100 degrees (oh and I'm also thinking "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"). What have I done to prepare myself for this "torturous" event? I have tried to play in front of my friends for the time being. It has helped, but I still have the "nervous vibrato" mentioned before. Otherwise, I pick myself up, dust myself of and start all over again! Good luck and keep up the good work.
  15. Me too! Started when I was 28 and will be 30 this year (or as I like to tell people, 29). ANYWAY, as an adult the number one obstacle I have to overcome is TENSION. But then again, maybe that's me. Good luck and do have fun.
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