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  1. How wonderful to see such an honor go to someone you know! It's a very interesting piece, too. Creative and certainly innovative and explorative.
  2. I've seen a few of her YouTube videos, found it interesting but not astounding. My biggest question after watching each video concerns just how much actual playing is done during the gyrations and contortions. It is a neat visual, but I find it hard to imagine the bow staying on the string during some of her moves. In light of choreography which seems hard to believe, I think I find the sound more interesting than the video -- though mainly because I feel a bit like I'm watching a lip-sync performance or a dance performed to a prerecorded playback. She is fun to watch and does incorporate some pleasant surprises in her music.
  3. Still haven't found the photos of my friend's instrument. Or is that my former friend's instrument? I'm still frustrated with his decision. Thanks, bcncello. I didn't get past thumbnails on the first post, but the photos of the "Pique school" instrument seem quite similar to the violin in question. It really was lovely, and the resonance from handling and tapping on it seemed promising -- it hadn't been set up for years. It just felt good in my hands.
  4. I'm trying to find the photo files, since the link no longer works. So far no luck, though. I'll always believe that is was authentic; it was a thing of beauty.
  5. Hi, folks. First time back in several years. Been very busy in other areas. I saw my friend a couple months ago and asked what had become of the violin, since he had decided to just hold off for a while. Turns out he sold it to a "guy he knows" who offered him $1250 for it. I had explained to him when we were looking before that it could be very valuable, but he was happy with his $1250. I should have made him an offer back when. Se la vie!
  6. Shar sells it for about $28. She makes a lot of sense.
  7. Crystal, I just got home from visiting our brand new, just opened today, Walmart Super Store, where I saw a folding, black bar stool, 30 inches high. I made a mental note of it, but did not check the price. I've seen similar stools at Target and K-mart stores before, though this one looked a bit sturdier. It was all black, perfect for a gig. That place is huge. I've got to go to bed so I can make it through tomorrow. It wore me out!
  8. I was just joking. I doubt they would let a shoulder rest through the door.
  9. How could you leave home with no rosin in your pocket? I suppose you had no shoulder rest with you either?
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, Nigel Kennedy doesn't use a shoulder rest, but he has a world class, Guiness Book of Records kind of violin hickey. And wasn't it he who even had to have surgery performed on his hickey because it got so bad? Or maybe that was some kind of urban legend.
  11. racerex, I won the CodaBow Classic that was given away here a few months ago. I was thrilled to win it (thrilled to win anything) but a little skeptical. I have several good bows, several that I keep with certain fiddles because they are great fits, and a gold mounted bow by a master maker which I use with my principal instrument. I didn't expect to be terribly impressed. Now, after having these months to consider and experience the CodaBow Classic, even to go back and forth between it and my best bow, I find myself picking up the CodaBow almost every time I go to play. It handles beautifully. I get incredible control, on or off the string. It has a clarity that I've found in no other bow -- I always thought I had found a bow with a very clean sound, When I put the CodaBow to the string, I can detect virtually no noise at all. I recently had laryngitis, so I could neither sing nor talk at my church services (that's what I do) so I got subs and decided to bring my violin and CodaBow and play with our instrumental group -- unamplified. Over all the amplified instruments, voices and the congregation of about a hundred people that morning, even folks in the back of the church (roller rink) heard my fiddle -- I really thought I would be inconspicuously playing for my own enjoyment. Don't know if that is a credit to the fiddle or the bow, but an observation. I do feel like I carry and project better with this bow. I've no experience with the Arcus, but this month’s edition of Strings Magazine has detailed evaluations of about a dozen composites.
  12. Zino, its your list, but you did start off with these guys, and the title is Younger Generation not Youngest Generation.
  13. So he didn't really lose his temper with a student, teacher to student, but with a parent who interrupted his time with another student.
  14. My first instrument was the cedar chest. We couldn't afford a piano, but I was fascinated with the idea of playing one, so I made do. At the mighty cedar chest, I could play anything! Then we got an old piano for $25, and I got to take lessons from a lady in our neighborhood whom I later learned played on about a third grade level. But she taught me enough to be able to teach myself. My first stringed instrument was a loaner viola while taking a string methods class in my masters degree program. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a Skylark violin outfit from the Sears catalog for $69. It kept the flame alive, but nearly was the death of me before I got to play another "real" violin and realized how the Skylark was holding me back!
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