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  1. Yup, I noticed that and I've neatened it up. Thanks for pointing it out though Unfortunately, the eye split today, and nearly came off! I've glued it back together, and I'll see whether it worked or not tomorrow. Should I leave the scroll and start again or see whether or not the glue worked?
  2. The nut's located further from the chin than the step there, that's just excess wood I left for the step down. It's nearly parallel with the chin in reality. Thanks for the nice comments, it's nit finished but it's getting there and I'm learning a lot!
  3. Roger, I really like this bass. I'm a double bassist myself I appreciate a good bass, and this one is beautiful! You clearly did your research!
  4. Clever, it's covered by the neck yes? I love your use of locating pins manfio. The pins visible on the backs of your violins just add a bit of a 'hand-made' feel that separates your violins from others, which is something I very much admire.
  5. The last turn of the scroll is too short, so I might start another scroll from a different neck blank I was given. Thanks mike, the whole head is a bit squashed because it was already cut to a template and the pin pricks marked on. The new block is a nicer shape, though I do like the character of the old one
  6. Hi everyone, I debated whether or not to post here, being completely new to violin making, but I figured some of you might be interested (and I could sure use the help!!!). If the mods disagree with my being here, I'm completely fine with deleting this thread. I'm Joe, aged 16, and I love violins! I was given pretty much all the tools I needed (those of you on Violins.ca/forums will recognise me. I'm not affiliated, just shedding light on my background) and I've started building a violin using un-finished/started parts from a deceased maker and one of my friends (who's a professional violin maker). I'm not building a kit, I wouldn't feel right using pre-made parts, but I can't afford all the wood so I'm using what I can get. The top and back were cut out before I was given them (but untouched by a gouge) and the neck was cut out along it's outline (both of which I've done before anyway) and the sides of the pegbox had been cut out (but not the neck or scroll). Anyway, here's what I've been doing today. It's far from finished, but I can make it look nice from what I've done so far. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks, Joe PS All your work has been very inspiring to me, I'd like to thank especially Melvin Goldsmith and CTviolin for their contributions to the site.
  7. Anyone got this yet? I'm trying to build up a basic lutherie library on a budget and this looks like it's got some useful images in it.