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  1. Thanks Mr Swan No repairs. Original Brifge in perfect condition Ecxelent wood and fin oil varnish I think that inspired int model "Messie" Stradivari. (The violin was never played) Its owner are asking me about £6k. It is reasonable?
  2. Hello everyone. I'm about to buy a violin Maucotel et deschamps, I would like you to give me an idea of ​​the range of value of these violins. (In dollars) I can not post pictures because I have not even me. I can tell you this certificate, has oil varnish, and is the volin N 4 M and Deschamps. Also sounds great.
  3. August Meinel worked on, Liestal after 1900, but before in Markneukirchen, maybe this violin may be the initial period Markneukirchen? must be of an author with a label much like Eugen Meinel, with the same typeface.
  4. I do not think a fake Nurnberger simply not use the bow or maybe it was little used, even the head matches the arches of Karl Albert N. You should tell a violinist who evaluates their performance, that will help you to decide if it is an bow of quality or not. Evaluate the balance of the bow from the point of balance. If the bow is balanced the balance point should be at approximately the end of the first lower third of the stick, that is, where would begin the second third. All bow well built is balanced. I have seen almost no Chinese bow well balanced.
  5. second bow is Ironwood or Pernambuco?, I can't see clear.
  6. both are german, the second is more interestant so is transitional. The first have a german frog with parisian eye.
  7. Mittenwald, possibly Klotz family.
  8. I think it is original, I have an original Pfretzschner, I know what I'm talking about, because, although the coat of arms is out of the usual place, also is there, the false Pfretzschner are generally not stamped on the frog, only in the stick. So there is no other head typical of this bowmaker , he used various models, the model also Tourte.
  9. I'm pretty sure that the violin is a August Meinel (not a Eugen Meinel nor Oskar Meinel). Talk to the previous owner, who did not remember the author's name, but when I showed him a label of Eugen Meinel (when I was showing him a series of labels to refresh his memory), told me that the label had the violin was the same but without the decorative line, he seemed very familiar with the name, August Meinel. I also said that the year was 1875 violin. This year coincides with the period of construction of August Meinel, beginning in 1868. I remind people that it had on my family, it was a pr
  10. Clearly, a Chinese violin may sound good, but this is not a Chinese violin, so as I said before. The intention of this topic isn't to talk about Chinese violins. Also I understand that the forum is open participation, and I respect that, but I want you to know that talking of Chinese violins, when this is not it, really bothers and disturbs the main thematic.
  11. Hello bcncello I´m from Argentina, my family (Italian and Catalan) acquired this violin in the country in the hands of an Austrian family. I already was a violinist, when he bought his violin, a few months ago, at the hands of a distant member of my family. I took him to the best luthier in Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil, and none could tell me that the author had made violin.
  12. You are totally right Jeffrey, but when I say, violins serial, I mean instruments "Musima" and other instruments that not even placed label, the tipycal workshop instrument. I have to say that a member of the family who had for some time, said I had a label with a German name, italic letters, and year around 18 ... The man was an amateur, and he play the violin very little young, so he does not remember the author of the violin.