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  1. Good guess, but from Tschu Ho Lee via Fred Thompson. Although I know from discussions with Will that he does not find any discernible difference between the two high point positions. He uses the center of the bar.
  2. halfway between the stop and the geometric center of the bar. I was taught this and it makes sense to me to have the stiffest part of the bar just ahead of the bridge.
  3. Yeah, me too! haha. Hopefully I can get a decent recording of a baroque piece posted. We'll see.
  4. Thanks Don, I was wondering about that. Here is a Youtube link
  5. Thank you! here is a small clip of my friend Patrick Ahlberg playing it. In retrospect I wish I had filmed a little longer but....oh well. I'm very pleased with how it sounds and several good players have said nice things about it. EDIT! SCROLL LOWER. Jeffrey please delete this vid? IMG_6302.MOV
  6. Is that the idea where there are just bassbar "feet" glued to the top? Interesting.
  7. Use it! So so many guitars made with sitka bracing. Granted, you're not making a guitar but...
  8. To my eye, it looks too disproportionate. I would consider making the c bout wider and the lower bout narrower. My 2 pennys. edit. also maybe widen the upper bout a wee bit.
  9. yes! There is a lot to be said about the Delta/Rockwell design and like you say it is tried and true (porter cable 690 router comes to mind). Whitney Osterud has done some beautiful restorations of these Rockwell 14" saws! His are definitely a labor of love though. But if you could find a decent shape one on craigslist or some such that you could maybe tune-up ( new ballsy motor, paint, lube etc etc) that would server your needs very well IMO. You would be obligated to add the extension for re-sawing. Almost all aftermarket bandsaw accessories were originally designed for this saw. Great idea. The downside to this idea is that old crotchety woodworkers tend to hang on to them.
  10. NOoo!!! It's not a dovetail!! hahahah......JK! It's TOTALLY a dovetail!
  11. I'm not trying to antagonize you, but you don't get perfect joints using your sandpaper method. I don't even think it's "good enough".
  12. Yes, as Wood Butcher says, you should redo it.