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  1. Opinions on new f-hole template

    Please take this with a grain of salt. In my opinion the upper half and lower half are too incongruous. Top half Guarneri/ bottom half Strad. The upper eye looks too small in relation to the wing, well...not the wing but to everything around the eye. I've drawn many f holes and have never used one of my own on an instrument so that should tell you something about my opinion. One of my favorite non traditional f holes are the ones done by Lee Dale Nigh , I think thats his name. Kudos for trying it!
  2. Perry Sultana...

    I'm surprised no neck, in relation to staining and finishing
  3. Caption this...

    haha! That would be SO awesome! Straight faced!
  4. Why purfling has a different contour

    I see what you did there :-)
  5. Why purfling has a different contour

    It's wear.
  6. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Ah, 'twas me. I stand corrected, there is indeed nothing derogatory or negative in Mr. Saunders posts. I hope that Maestronet and Mr. Saunders accept my apology.
  7. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

  8. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    It's a joke. Apparently I33tplaya respects your knowledge and skills enough to joke that you were invited to fill the teachers spot at the school.
  9. How to make decent edges

    it depends on the density of your wood but the thickness at the deepest part of the channel should not go below 3.1mm or so. I had only recommended the bullnose because I thought your edge was already too thin. Since it's marginal I would take Jezzupe's advice and really look at Davides video. He has translations in the comments section. very very worth your time.
  10. How to make decent edges

    Like James says above. If your edge is 4.1 and not 3.6 you probably have just enough wood to make a traditional looking edge. A bullnose is not a design you can buy in a shop but it is what you would maybe have to do if your edge was already too thin.
  11. How to make decent edges

    If your edge thickness is 3.6mm I think your only option is to round the edge both topside and bottom side to make what is called a "bull nose"
  12. Looking for spatula

    Sometimes you can get one that are sold for icing cakes and such. I've seen them at craft store baking decoration sections. Also look up Buffalo Dental spatulas.

    I use clear plastic sheet .015 thick, which is around .4mm. I get it from a local hobby/craft store. It's hard to give an exact temperature, too hot and you can delaminate the purfling, too cold and you can snap the purfling. Some woods bend easier than others. Maybe someone else will chime in with better advice about the temp.
  14. Cello corner template

    Awesome detective work Kevin!
  15. Perry Sultana...

    I believe that he is speaking french.