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  1. That book looks great. I believe that Warren Shingleton is making a baryton. He does exceptional work. Thanks for the line on that book, I'll keep an eye out. I was recently surprised to find a french language viola da gamba building book available for Kindle! I bought it even though I don't speak any french, a wee bit of spanish and italian, but no french. I just appreciated the idea of supporting the author and I may be able to glean a tidbit of info. Building a gamba is high on my list.
  2. Not very likely that you'd find a cast iron Delta scroll saw in Europe.
  3. Ach! I would love to. I doubt it would ever get passed the "dreaming" stage
  4. Thanks Shelbow! I love early music and it's instruments and think your bows are too cool!
  5. Awesome find! Is your turntable up and running?
  6. Baroque guitar bridge. I debated just drilling string holes in it as opposed to cutting the triangular string channels but then I read about a speculation that the triangles contributed to the tone of the baroque guitar. This makes sense seeing that the bridge on a guitar acts as a kind of brace. The triangles would definitely allow more movement of the top. As everywhere on this Stradivari inspired guitar it is built very lightly.
  7. As others have mentioned, I would stay away from any pre-made store bought template that is currently available. I would take Duane88's advice. If you can find a poster, you can reverse engineer a mold outline from it. I tape a poster or something similar to a big window and tape a piece of paper over that. I trace the outline and then draw a line inside of the plate outline at a prescribed distance (overhang plus rib thickness). I glue this to a piece of thin sheet metal (aluminum) and cut out on my bandsaw and finally file to the line. I usually just do one side and I usually use the b
  8. Sad news. My condolences to his family.
  9. Love seeing your baroque fiddles! Do you get nails from Lee Valley? What is that odd thing in the last photo? Is it what they used to make those ancient CD things?
  10. Thanks JIm. It's not for anyone in particular. A friend of mine piqued my interest in making one awhile back. It was finally time to give it a try. Should be a fun challenge! As you know, it not only has to look nice but has to play and sound nice too, but they are built so LIGHT! Fingers crossed. Thank you for the kind words Urban.
  11. Here's a few photos of a work in progress. A baroque guitar after Stradivari. With any luck, it'll make noise someday.
  12. I do hollow grind my chisels. I use a Baldor slow speed grinder (1800rpm) with 6" Norton 3x wheels. I prefer this to a Tormek. I just feel it's a little more versatile as far as tool shaping goes. Agreed.