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  1. violin photos

    I opted to post in this thread rather than start a new one. I would like to make a light tent big enough to photograph violins and violas. Any recommendations on size? I plan to use PVC tubing as a frame to facilitate storage of the unit when not in use. In Darnton's photography article he mentions keeping the backdrop 16" behind the instrument. What about sides and front? Here is a photo of my general idea, and mine will probably be a variation on the theme. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Cracks in Bending Ribs

    What is the thickness of the rib Michael?
  3. The Manual of Violin Making by Brian Derber

    I'm not sure if it's Mr. Lee's method but it it what I was taught as CSVM. If I had to venture a guess I would say that it is a Mittenwald method.
  4. Excellent Stradivari pictures

    Fantastic! Thanks Carl!
  5. Saving the mold

    Did you glue both sets of linings on? Usually people only glue one set of linings if they are not using a collapsible form. I have heard of people gluing both sets on a non collapsible and then just flexing the rib garland around to remove the form. In the case of the one set of linings/non collapsible form scenario, the back is already glued on.
  6. Beady eyes... extreme version of fisheye

    Have you used the "various things" in the past? No chance of any silicon or teflon contamination? I'm sorry I can't be of help but I'll watch the post and good luck Don!
  7. Favorite small viola model?

    Make sure and read the last article that Dwight posted. That gives some very usefull info about bending tops.
  8. Favorite small viola model?

    I don't think you should change your plans. Make the Amati Bros. and then make a smaller model after. There is no better way to decide for yourself what role size plays in achieving a good viola tone.
  9. Violin geometry references

    David, Do you believe that geometry was involved in the designing of classic Italian instruments?
  10. Favorite small viola model?

    This is also what Helen Michetschlager was talking about in her article. Moving the bridge more towards the geometric center of the viola. Interesting ideas.
  11. Something different (for old tool fans)

    Awesome!! Thanks for posting it!
  12. Favorite small viola model?

    FWIW, I think Helen Michetschlager advocates a shorter (in general) string length in order to facilitate the left hand. I'll leave it up to you to decide who holds more clout.
  13. Favorite small viola model?

    I don't know if it was cut down either. Roger Hargrave doesn't mention it in his poster article.
  14. Favorite small viola model?

    The 1785 Guadagnini is really cool. I am currently varnishing one now. I'm not sure the poster is still available but you might be able to find one somewhere.
  15. Perry Sultana...

    Looking forward to it!