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  1. Thomas Coleman

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    I have not. Thanks for the heads-up Joe. I'll add it to my reading list.
  2. Thomas Coleman

    UV Cabinet

    I mention this only in the spirit of safety, but DO NOT use UVC bulbs for tanning. UVC is used for germicidal purposes. Edit: I see now that I misunderstood! Please, use the UVC for tanning your instrument! :-)
  3. Thomas Coleman

    UV Cabinet

    This is the data for the bulbs I use.
  4. Thomas Coleman

    UV Cabinet

    They still look much different than a regular florescent. I guess the difference between them and the purple blacklight is the lack of a coating on the inside.
  5. Thomas Coleman

    UV Cabinet

    I don't know about reef tank bulbs. Maybe some people use them for that. They are blacklights but not your traditional hippy flourescent poster blacklights. They will easily dry any oil varnish that I've used. I never have tried to apply more than one coat in a 24 hour period but I know that with some varnish that i've used it can be done
  6. Thomas Coleman

    UV Cabinet

    I use 8 18w 24" Philips Master Actinic bulbs. I get them from lightbulbs dot com. part number PL286716 Ive also bought PH286708 from topbulb dot com I got the lead on these from the Oldwood 1700 website. They work very well for curing varnish, only so so for UV tanning.
  7. Thomas Coleman

    Violin crushed during military move

    Sorry, I can't speak to the fiddle, but I feel your pain! Navy movers crushed part of the top of an Octave Mandolin I made. argh!!
  8. Thomas Coleman

    Acid free paper for labels

    The color by itself is nice but I often stain with tea.
  9. Thomas Coleman

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    I agree, we are fourtunate. If you're (the masses) still searching around for Strads "secret" varnish, I wish you all the luck. I truly do.
  10. Thomas Coleman

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    I do believe @joerobson used to own Tried and True. Maybe he'll chime in.
  11. Thomas Coleman

    30 coats of varnish?!?

    Right, but I meant specifically at the process the photo in the article was taken at.
  12. Thomas Coleman

    30 coats of varnish?!?

    I read it. Just as a point of reference, the second photo is captioned "Lucas at work with a reed". ? . I can't imagine anyone using any type of "reed" (equisetum?) in the photo. That alone leads me to question other technical bits.
  13. Thomas Coleman

    30 coats of varnish?!?

    I didn't read the article but perhaps he's using spirit varnish? Usually less color in spirit and it tends to be put on in thinner layers because it's so hard to get a consistent color without streaks/blotching. Many coats are needed to build the color up. Just a guess.
  14. Thomas Coleman

    Korolia bridges?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Korolia bridges and what did they think of them?
  15. Thomas Coleman

    The Bridge!

    Looks nice!