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  1. Yeah, the Dictum set is made by Henry Taylor. I have a set and I'm not crazy about them.
  2. Veritas # 5. I have used it many times to edge joint wood.
  3. Taylor USA has very nice fb's but they are $285. 5 years air dried.
  4. That's the Denis method, correct? Looking good!
  5. Congratulations Dwight!
  6. I know this has been discussed here before (It must have), but a search engine didn't help me find it. So.... I am aware of things like Equilibrium Moisture Content (ECM) and the difference between dry wood and seasoned wood. I am aware that wood should be stored in the environment that it will be worked in for a certain time period (until it reaches ECM) before use. But what about longer term storage? I am in the middle of relocating my workspace. My new bench room has nice ambience and plenty of room to work but very little room for long term storage. My idea is to store the majority of my tonewood in an unheated/uncooled garage until a month or two before I use it and then bring it up to the climate controlled benchroom to acclimate and come to ECM. I live in northern Illinois where it can get very cold/dry in the winter and very warm/humid in the summer. Do any of you do something similar? Am I over thinking this? Bad idea? Good idea? Thanks for your input, I appreciate your time.
  7. Soundpost first. Mark out the bridge position with china marker or some such.
  8. Hallelujah! Can I get an "Amen"? I'd be inclined to go the casein added to hide glue route.
  9. So, you're saying the correct word for what most people refer to as "appui" is actually "Überstand"? No, I get it now, you're just saying that "overstand" is an inaccurate translation of the german word.
  10. This is not something I do. Which gluing surface are you referring to? Perhaps you're sighting down the neck to see where the nut is in relation to the rib/spruce plate joint? For projection? Not trying to be obtuse, just trying to help.
  11. Try to contact Krasimir Bakardjiev at I am not affiliated with him in anyway but have bought more than 20 Bulgarian fingerplanes from him. Some for gifts and others for career long backups (I keep toothed blades in one set and like them for that but more importantly they are there in case one gets vacuum'd up or lost otherwise) They are nice planes for the price.
  12. Just to be clear in my head, you're measuring then neck length?
  13. Same. Exactly the same. Too bad because I would love to give them some business. It's not even that their shipping is "expensive" it's ludicrous. I wanted to order 1 or 2 purling dremel bits from them. Shipping was like 64 euros. What Jackson said. The Bulgarian ones are a great deal.
  14. Progress has been painfully slow. I'm in the midst of a new home purchase/ move. Painting, moving, unpacking, new floors etc etc. I had hoped to have the v'da in the lightbox during all of this but, well, life. Here is some progress. I practiced carving some wee flowers that will probably go on the end of the scroll eyes. Now time to make some bone nuts. 4 in total. Edit. Ach! sorry for the huge (in dimension, it's actually short) video! I tried to remove it after posting but couldn't figure out how. IMG_5677.MOV
  15. I've had benches on the mind lately. Thanks for posting the mags. Keep up the good work.