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  1. Thank you fiddle Collector. after your comment I looked into Chanot and Warwick and they do look very similar however I am inexperienced in old violins. I know the Chanot Violins are of a high quality and are quite valuable. in your opinion would you say based on the photos that this is of similar quality? I wonder if the label is just a small independent manufacturer that may have like Warwick studied under Chanot and started there own business. ps I apologise if my writing is poor I am using my phone and predictive text is a nightmare.
  2. Hello i do not think it has Been electrified it actually looks like the Chin rest is heavy duty and has been attached this way OR it is an old repair. Does anyone have any thoughts on the Maker? or the overall Quality of the Violin? kind regards Steven
  3. Thank you Both i will Attach more photos and would love to know any other thoughts (sorry about the poor lighting in the photos) kind regards Steven
  4. Hello Everyone i recently came across this charming Students Violin dated 1898 with manufacturers "Elison & Jacomi" (or similar i may have miss read the handwriting on the label) the label also reads 232 Stretford Road Manchester 1898 No 3 ENF the violin is of good quality it has a single piece back and the border is inlaid rather than drawn on. i have checked the directories and general internet and cannot find anything about this manufacturer, could anyone please help with any info ? kind regards Steven
  5. Hello Everyone firstly i am new to this forum so i apologise if this is in the wrong place i recently came across these two antique Violin Bows, one is a Tourte branded one which i showed to some freinds and they thought it was of a very good quality. it measures 67.5cms long and it weighs 50grams including hair and grip which i understand is very light for a bow, it is also octagonal all the way down the shaft if anyone could help me ID this that would be great the other one is a round shaft non branded bow which measures approx 72cms long and weighs 56 grams Tou