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  1. It looks like the damage doesn't extend past the narrowest part of the C-bout. You could lop off that portion of the back and glue a wing on.
  2. Sciatic pain is terrible. I hope you can find a way to keep it at bay. During my last major episode of lower back pain and sciatica, I got a lot of relief from wearing a hip wrap that had a microwaveable gel pack in it. I tried chiropractics, massage, physical therapy, NSAIDs, ice baths, exotic stretching, osteopathy, and probably some other things I'm forgetting. The heat wrap was the most effective for me. The heat was very relaxing and helped me go about my work. I think the advice to spend more time standing is right. I don't have a proper chair in my workshop. When you've recovered, I think the advice to strengthen your body is good. I've placed a lot of emphasis on strengthening my glutes and lower back which I think has helped.
  3. Do you own a lawn mower?
  4. Well partner, I do apologize. Color me embarassed.
  5. Possibly an unpopular opinion, but gasoline is a superb brush cleaner for oil varnish and it's much cheaper than your other typical solvents.
  6. That looks like a satisfying and very functional repair. I've reinforced that area on school and rental instruments with an inlaid cross grain spline under the nut. You may not need it in this case, but they're easy enough to do.
  7. I'd graft it to a maple neck.
  8. True, a spray lacquer could also include retardants. Do we agree a lacquer could exist that's solved with only fast drying solvents?
  9. Just some food for thought. Deft is a brushing lacquer. As such, it's solved with retardants to slow dry time. Wouldn't a spray lacquer with a faster evaporation rate work better?
  10. I think it's useful to have a variety of work surfaces at different heights. Assuming you have the space
  11. I made a Mahogany bass recently. I think it's a great tonewood, but I don't know how well a violin made with it would sound. It presents some varnish difficulties because of the texture and color, but it looks great when handled well.
  12. Sloane tuners aren't terribly expensive at Metropolitan music and they work okay.
  13. I've wondered this as well. There's a real difference between a highly sanded and burnished surface and a surface fresh off the scraper.
  14. I would suggest soaking your spruce with regular water before applying the stain. Since you've already done it on this instrument, I'd give it a few days of tanning before trying anything else.