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  1. does a pretty good job of it.
  2. good to see you back, Grey. Hope you're recovering nicely & all the best with getting back into playing. What's new in violining since 1995? Well I'd definitely suggest that you check out Simon Fischer's books 'Basics' & 'Practice' ... he's about to publish a third one too. Maybe also get yourself signed up at .....lotsa useful stuff there. ps- check yer inbox
  3. I was going to say the same thing. isn't guitar, but I do love it.
  4. the print is less than ideal, but Paganini's op.2a and op.3 sonatas for violin & guitar are both available at IMSLP for free
  5. there's some Sevcik available at IMSLP. Start there.
  6. tc


    I read Violin Dreams a little while ago. I liked it but I think I prefer 'Indivisble by Four', which I intend to re-read soon. I also bought & have yet to read 2 of David Blum's other books: 'Quintet: Five Journeys Towards Musical Fulfillment' and 'The Art of Quartet Playing: The Guarneri Quartet' I also started the highly recommended Rostropovich biography by Elizabeth Wilson.. hope to get back to it one of these days... ... and just to clarify for folks who may not be aware, there are (at least) 2 books called 'Soloist' which involve cellists. The older one by Mark Salzman and the more recent one by Steve Lopez about the Juilliard trained musician who was schizophrenic & ended up on the streets. The Lopez book has just been made into a movie.
  7. yes, that's definitely him. He's looked like that for a while now.... as far as I know he's only suffered from fine-living rather than illness .
  8. Zach De Pue is one of the players featured in a documentary on Philly, mentioned in another thread here (by me).
  9. tc


    I was going to mention that too, and the 'interview' that I saw was part of the absoulutely fabulous documentary on the Philadelphia Orchestra, 'Music From the Inside Out'. I saw it at a film festival & then bought the DVD. It would make a fabulous holiday gift for classical music appreciators. Incidentally Zach De Pue- the violinist in 'Time for Three' mentioned in another thread- is also featured in this movie along with his brother.
  10. I'd agree with the Leclair & add that some of the Haydn & Bruni duets are also very nice
  11. Some teachers have a policy for this. The lesson is partially charged if it's cancelled with less than x hours notice, fully charged in the case of a no-show..
  12. Amanda mentioned it too, but the Rebecca Clarke viola sonata should definitely be added.
  13. would folks say that the solo viola part of Berlioz's Harold in Italy is substantial enough to be considered a concerto? The score does specify that the soloist is to stand in front of the orchestra
  14. I do love SMP for their prices, but their catalog info can be woefully incomplete.
  15. Recommendations don't amount to much unless they're coming from someone who's familiar with the instrument in question or at least the brand of string currently being used. One of my local shops has boxes of strings for people to try the different brands & figure out which works best on their instrument. If you're lucky enough to be located near a luthier, ask about that. Otherwise ask fellow violinists about string swapping. IUStrings definitely has very low prices, but the selection is very limited: Evah Pirazzi, Obligato & Vision for violin.