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  1. Would this violin be what the label says?... Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann. St.Petersburg, 1898 No.25 Thanks in advance for your comments! Vladimir
  2. I am sorry that I haven't been active for a long. To quickly answer some questions: No signs of disturbance on varnish/joints at the base of the neck. The flames of the back are original ( and they much with the flames inside the violin) Thank you so much to all members who wrote comments about the instrument!
  3. It looks like it has. The stick has reparation on the top and I was wondering why one should repair a german trade bow? Maybe because it is a great player. Thank you for the comments! Cheers, Vladimir
  4. Here is an interesting violin without label. A first instrument for many years of a very fine player. It sounds at least as nice as it looks. I will very much appreciate your opinions about origin, maker or anything helpful to identify the fiddle. Thanks in advance! Vladimir
  5. Thank you for sharing your knowledge guys! Martin, actually the adjuster doesn't fit perfectly to the stick but from the prospective of the pictures I took one can't really see it. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos. Blank face, I am adding one more picture of the adjuster. Looks like a pin mark to me. All metal parts look like silver.
  6. Hello all, What this bow could be? Your comments are highly appreciated. All the best, Vladimir
  7. Dear Sirs, A colleague of mine has an interesting viola and he believes that is Italian. I am uploading some pictures on his behalf and hope to gather some opinions about the instrument's origin from the Maestroneters. Your comments are highly appreciated! Thanks a lot in advance! Vladimir
  8. Richter is great but not in Mozart.
  9. Seems to be the same instrument: http://www.pietkoornhof.com/violin-for-sale.html
  10. Great topic! Quite a lot has been said about playing styles, strings types etc. I have a feeling that in many cases the people listen more with their eyes than with the ears or simply there is a lack of sensitivity in hearing.. In the next sample other great combination between violinist and instrument. An "unknown" artist (very recognizable). Vladimir intenseornot.mp3
  11. Thank you so much for your replies and sharing your knowledge!
  12. Hello all, This bow belongs to a colleague of mine. He believes it is french. I assumed that it could be a german bow and I thought the frog looks distinctive reminding bows by Hoyer family. The button doesn't have pins. No stamp, octagonal stick. Do you think it could be authentic Otto Hoyer with replaced button? Your comments are highly appreciated! Greetings, Vladimir
  13. Great video! What kind of paste he uses to clean the silver parts?
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