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  1. Hi i haven't posted in a while but... I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice as to what to play at this REPUBLICAN dinner that my boss is running. The star spangled banner is on the list definitely, i can't think of anything else...
  2. Well, my friends and i are covering the song Ants Marching by Dave Matthews. I was wondering if anyone here has figured out the violin solo to the song? I tried by ear, and i can do the recorded version from the cd. But, i'm trying to play the live version from woodstock '99 and it's pretty hard... there are lots of double stops and stuff. The other thing is i usually play classical music, so it's especially hard for me to switch.
  3. I recently received a postcard from tarisio auctions saying that they were coming to California. Today, a friend of mine informed me that they were coming to San Francisco, where i live. I'm wondering if anybody can confirm this, and maybe even give me a date of when they're coming. I've always wanted to check it out, but they've only had viewings in Boston and New York in the past.
  4. Hi, I'm going to be in France, around the Paris area this June. I want to take advantage of this and start searching for bows, but i'm wondering if anybody knows of any good violin shops in the area. I'm also wondering if modern bows will be cheaper if i buy them direct from the country of origin (in this case france) instead of from a shop like Ifshins, for example?
  5. hmmm i didn't know alliance's were that bad. I thought they were expensive for a reason, oh well. I guess i'll try the obligatos or evah pirazzi's. I've also noticed that my oliv a unwinds pretty frequently too.
  6. I'm trying to decide if i should get pirastro obligatos or corelli alliances... I know this has been discussed to death, but i'm looking for insights from people that have tried both. I'm using Eudoxas on my D and G and an Oliv for my A right now. The Eudoxas are great, but i want a non-gut A string... tuning every 5 minutes isn't fun anymore.
  7. I am getting ready for seating auditions again. This time, we're playing Mahler's fifth symphony. I have to play from 7 to 11, in the first movement. Also, the last page (fast part) of the scherzo. anyone have any tips, on style, etc?
  8. What a coincidence?!?! I have the exact same setup on my violin! A,D,G Eudoxas, and an Oliv gold E Yeah i like the setup, but-- I 'forgot' to practice for a couple weeks. I've been starting up again recently, but i noticed that the A is really buzzing on me. It's sort of like whistling. I dunno, it's probably cause i can't play right now.
  9. Yes, i know that a chinrest is not the same as a shoulder rest! I've never been hardcore enough to take off the chinrest though. Do you think you could play a full concert, audition etc without a chinrest?
  10. IS the cesar frank sonata hard? it sounds so awesome... I'm considering asking my teacher if i can play it.
  11. Doesn't it hurt?!?!?!? I've tried playing without a shoulder rest. That HURTS after an hour or two, on my collarbone.
  12. Well i'm playing the first movement of bruch for my audition, and also the presto from bachs sonata no.1. There are a couple pieces i want to do after my auditions though. For a concerto i'm thinking about Glazunov, or some saint saens, or maybe the chausson poeme. I started messing around with the bazzini round of the goblins. It's actually not that hard, only the 4 string octaves are really really difficult. Oh, and i've been downloaded some other cool pieces and trying them out- Gershwin, Sarasate, etc.
  13. The tapes aren't cheap already- 30 bucks each, and there are two volumes. I've been thinking about getting em. Does heifetz actually teach in the tapes?
  14. Does anyone know any good, free violin sheet music sites? I'm looking for one just to browse pieces i'm thinking of playing.
  15. Did you bid on the bow? Does anyone know wha the price range for Hoyers is? I know there are some really cheap ones, but how much are the more expensive ones? My teacher just lent me a great Hoyer. It's light, responsive, and stiff enough. It also bounces easily.
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