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  1. I am a teacher. I have several Gambas that my students are playing. They play traditional music for the most part. We live in a rural area of the Appalachian Mountains, and I have had a lot of trouble trying to find out ... EXACTLY... where to place the bridges, as they have un-notched C holes, and not Notched F holes. Even on line dealers have been able to give me NO information. We have gambas from 15.5 to 22 3/4 in. Will anyone help us? There must be a formula as there is with Dulcimers..on the body size or the string length, in determining where to place the Bridge. THANK you for you kind help. cjm
  2. Hi All, I'm new here and excited to talk to fiddle folks! ( instead of the wall!) I am an artist and live in the Mountains, ( Alppalachia USA. ) I am a self taught picker & have a handfu of violas, Gambas, tenor vielle, and cello. I can play them all at medium 'Jam'..or easy classical level. I read and play by ear. Every so often I have to take one of my 'babies' to a repair luthier. Sadly I have had results which range from doubtful to scary. I DONT WANT TO DO that anymore! I am a skilled silversmith, fune needle worker, desighner, and award winning copper plate etching artist, as well as wood cuts and have tooled soom saddles. I can andle MOST exacting crafts. I am READY to take on basic set up and light repairs for fiddles. I am searching for sources...both INFO, and GOOD quality materials, and tools. I am on Soc Sec. NOT wealthy...but KNOW the value of good tools! PLEASE... send me any advice or leads you can. I have 4 instruments that need attention...and playing the only one that is ' working'. THANK YOU for your help and encouragement! Miss Billie, ( Blue Ridge Girl )