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  1. Honestly when I read this I was thinking Seven of Nine... But I digress. What do you make of this? https://slippedisc.com/2022/01/string-quartet-hires-its-sixth-first-violin/ Is this that unusual?
  2. Here's volume II: https://archive.org/details/manufacturevarn00mcingoog/page/n7/mode/2up
  3. Here's another source (this for vol III) that might work: https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.37072/mode/2up
  4. Try joerobson's varnishing course. Seriously. Not only do you get Joe's great lectures, but he has a bevy of talented associates who help with practical advice and suggestions. When I went, there was Todd Goldenberg and Marilyn Wallin, both of whom have been known to frequent this illustrious depraved decadent forum, and who were extra helpful to me. You will *never* look at varnish the same way again. Sorta like Scuba diving instructor courses - first lecture is, "Welcome to the last fun dive you will ever make." Same here - you will *never* look at varnish the same way again, without analyzing it, thinking of how to duplicate it, looking at the chatoyance, or birefrigance caused by the wood treatment, varnish, and grain lines, reflections and dichroism. It's only a week of intense study. Varnishing isn't hard, but lots of details, and Joe has spent a lifetime trying to sort it out, and crams much of that info into a week. Go!
  5. Does anyone know the reason why this was seized? https://slippedisc.com/2021/12/musicians-consider-a-ban-on-moldavia-over-violin-seizure/ Remind me to cross Moldavia off my bucket list when COVID is no longer a concern...
  6. I had heard of Marten Cornellisen (Northanpton) in my college days. Everyone in the 3 college (combined) orchestra in the Valley (Pioneer) wanted an instrument by him. I couldn't afford it until years and years later. Mine is from the 1980's: not super precise, but sounds good. I am so sad to hear of his passing.
  7. @Stephen Fine Jim Gaffigan, the comedian???
  8. I misread this, was wondering what MC Hammer had to do with violins? I mean, aside from the fact that he never touched a violin... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCpCn0l4Wo
  9. @PhilipKT 1) By the quality 2) By where the stamp is located.. AFAIK, he lived in New York (upstate), not Hong Kong. He had a large stash of wood, and lots of industrial wood working tools, which he was in the proces of selling. So on that, Wenberg is not up to date. When he was young, he was hit by James Cagney's chauffer, and badly injured; and went to HK, to recover. His family busines was textiles... Then he joined Salchow, and later left to do his own thing, IIUC. Bench copies weren't signed in a visible location and were sometimes unsigned; unscrupulous people later would add the stamp of the copied bow maker, and apparently in a few cases, fooled the experts. Many of the nominal stamped Liu bows are from his workshop, not directly his hand. He made many spectacular cellos; there are 2 Montagnana copies, that are for sale in LA currently. PM if interested.
  10. I don't think he left bow making completely, and certainly not thirty years ago; he was still teaching and making the occassional bow. Maybe you say that because he left Salchow? He went off on his own. About 2 years before, he had completed a cello that he brought out here (west coast) to sell. I met him quite a few times, and he was very active and still showing an acquaintance proper bow making technique. From what I know, he left a fairly complete workshop that he was in the process of selling off, so perhaps some bows came from there? Also, he had at least 3 different grade levels - one from his students, two, from his hand, but were not bench copies, and three, bench copies signed under the wrap only. My acquaintance had two unplayed pearl tip Lloyd Liu bowsthat are drop dead gorgeous. Fairly unusual design, but...Wow. I have a Voirin copy he made, about 15 years ago. Superb bow. Just a little worse for the wear; it had been heavily used.
  11. I like the Jargar E strings, and I intensely dislike Dominants, especially their E strings that come with Dominants. The Thomastik PI strings (and the Platinum or Tin E) are another story - I like those... Anyway, Shar has better pricing on the Goldbrokat: https://www.sharmusic.com/Strings/Violin-Stri ngs/Lenzner-Goldbrokat-Violin-E-String.axd IIRC, the most popular E strings that are recommended in many forums are : Goldbrokat, GoldLabel, and Jaragar, not in any particular order.
  12. Daniel passed away 2 days ago. So far, no notices that I have been able to find. A friend of the family told me...He was 96. Shindarov began his musical training in the USSR with professor Pyotr Stolarsky, who also taught Misha Elman, Nathan Milshtein and David Oistraich. He continued his musical training with Oistrach and received his master’s degree in violin from the Moscow Conservatory. Before leaving Russia in 1975 to move to the United States, Shindarov was concertmaster of the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra in Moscow. Since his arrival here, he has been concertmaster of the San Francisco Opera orchestra and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and has performed with the Master Symphony Orchestra, the Seattle Symphony and many other ensembles. In addition, he has contributed his talent to numerous film scores. I saaw him perform when he was 89, and ~ 92. At that age, if I am moving, I would be happy. He played better than many. He still had all the notes. And did all this whilst wearing the old style super starched white formal shirts. I can't play like that now, not even a scale... The following video is somehow restricted: https://youtu.be/vNUZ5jUx--A Copy this and paste: it's a retrospective of his life, while he plays Palpiti by Paganini. Also, apparently maestronet no longer allows embedding youtube links... Here's a good performance of Rondo Galante: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlPM99dFehk Saint-Saens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnud2FHiow4 At 93, he performs The Lark: https://youtu.be/QIrcdKPo4hY ...Missed a fewnotes, but...he's 93 here, and most of us can't even attempt that...
  13. Want! I like the fiddle like Stratocaster. Also, I think Epiphone had a guitar (hollow body) made in a violin like finish, some years ago. I saw it at a CES.... Did anyone catch the pick case that came with it? @PhilipKT: Yes, it does come with a bow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kbv1OpIpaA Philip, btw, how big is your bow? https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=949911269158932
  14. 24 Bucks, free shipping with prime! https://www.amazon.com/Viola-Making-Step-Use-Violin/dp/0962067393 And $25.00 from Strobel himself: https://www.henrystrobel.com/booklist.htm#viola
  15. @matesic I have rarely heard of contracts specifying what could be played as an encore; that's the musician's choice. Hendrix is pretty popular universally - apologies for the youtube links not showing up above- so @Bill Merkel this isn't "fake" racism - it certainly seems like they (classicfm) are being stuffy shirts. Most US classical audiences welcome music that pushes boundaries -esp. if it's a short piece - and is lyrical as well - most of the violin soloists I have seen throughout SoCal do this routinely. So what's with Royal Albert Hall? Are English audiences different? Why so quick to claim fake racism? I have a fair amount of arts production as a youth. The producer usually is familiar with the artists' personalities, and their rider usually provides explicit details. It's a matter of negotiation for the big stuff - i.e., The Four Seasons, but the small stuff - you have to let the artist be them, or if they show up, you get a subpar performance. And when you engage with an artists, you get stuff they do: Keith Jarrett and his vocalizations (and still people complained); George Winston (he pecks out his concert one key at a time late the night before, so hall has to be available); Mel Torme had the temperature set to mid 60's, so he didn't sweat; one of the rock n roll bands required M&Ms with certain colors removed (apparently as a way of discerning whether people were paying attention to the rider); Albert Collins had a 200' guitar cord, and would walk into the crowd high fiving with everyone, and woe if the stage hands weren't prepared; etc. This doesn't even cover the music artists chose to play. How much control is realistic? Some perhaps. Here, classicfm was being completely unreasonable, and completely stereotypical. As someone pointed out, Nigel is known for breaking staus quo, so...what really was classicfm trying to so? Wow, so many fuddy duddies...
  16. Maybe Cantiga A? Fairly low tension, likely won't t overpower the gut strings.
  17. So...Nigel Kennedy withdraws from a signed gig. In this case, I think he was completely correct. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/classical-news/nigel-kennedy-cancels-classic-fm-concert/ and https://www.thestrad.com/news/nigel-kennedy-pulls-out-of-royal-albert-hall-concert-citing-musical-segregation/13663.article Literally, classicfm said no we don't want you because you want to play a small, lyrical piece - likely an encore - that might not be "understood" by our target audience???? Even the orchestra acceded to his wishes for no conductor for his main piece. I don't get this at all. Full disclosure: I have become a jimi hendrix fan as I heard others play his work on different stringed instruments. I would love to see a Nigel cover of this... and and
  18. for a microsecond...I read Jezzupe stripper. @chiaroscuro_violins I have wondered about that too... I have seen a few violins that were extensively repaired - oodles of cracks on the top - would never consider buying, but they sounded great. A topic for another dicussion... Also, probably impossible to know with certainty what other "repairs" might have beeen done - regraduating, bassbar, etc. Controlled experiment - sets of 2 identical violins, as practically can be done; smash (lightly) and repair one; gauge results....Smash differently - once, sound board, small cracks; another, cracks the length of the top, etc. Repeat, with various parts of the instrument, then combine in defined patterns...Then we could have Andreas french polish and see if they sound or measure differently... Impractial, to say the least...
  19. Yes, @Davide Sora I knew it was the same referred article we have discussed before. I am impressed that there are so many articles in the popular press referencing it; this one seemed a little more balanced. @Don Noon slo-o-ow burn! Trenchant. Exactly, @chiaroscuro_violins. We know that not all of AS's violins were equally good - at the very least, there are different shapes - i.e. long pattern, and we have what is nearly universally recognized as his golden period, etc. I have also heard from way more than 1 dealer that not all Strads are equal, and as discussed before, someone trying to make their mark will not turn down a Strad if it is loaned to them, unless they are already famous. Of the 3 or 4 of Tony's creations I have been privileged to play, I can attest that even in my hands they are most definitely not equal, though all were set up by known luthiers, and in good condition (irrespective of past repairs). OTOH, @Strad O Various Jr., I also believe you are correct, our man Tony got many things correct, and wasn't afraid to experiemnt. That seems to have been his "secret," with lots of self promotion, an astute business sense, and the fortune to have had most of the world's best players on his violins. I recall many here pointing out that at one time, Stainer violins were more popular than Strads.
  20. Some denatured alcohol includes some proportion of methyl alcohol; the fumes can be poisonous. Common denatured alcohol in the US may include as little as 50% Ethanol, and can include up to 10% methyl alcohol. Stick to everclear.
  21. Sadly, there are many states where you can't buy everclear 190, including Nevada, so it's not just CA. I think everclear is preferable to denatured alcohol, as it doesn't have benzene added to form an azetrope to aid distillation. Or at least, that's the rumor. The benzene could be removed, but I have never been able to find if that's usually done. I wish there was a luthier or woodworking license one could obtain that would allow us to buy Everclear; it's not like we plan to drink it.
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