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  1. In sunny socal, it hit 72 F. here, and is now 57 F. Do we win an award? ;-o) Jacob, you are welcome here, any time, post COVID. We are still on lock down, with near 0% ICU capacity. :-(
  2. Already took your web site down?
  3. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/01/synchronized-violin-players-reveal-uniqueness-of-human-networks/ How do orchestras play, and sections adapt? I would have thouight this would be obvious to any string player, but apparently is not so obvious?
  4. Sadly, Ivry Gitlis, one of the nicest violinists, and a great teacher, passed away at age of 98, in Paris. https://theviolinchannel.com/violinist-ivry-gitlis-has-passed-away-died-obituary-aged-98/
  5. Alexander Reshetnichenko from Albany and Valdosta orchestras. https://slippedisc.com/2020/12/us-concertmaster-offers-5000-for-return-of-stolen-violin/
  6. So if the violin ever goes to an ethical dealer, who reports it, could the International Court of Justice go after the owner? Or maybe hire the yakuza to get it back.
  7. https://www.wsj.com/articles/only-1-in-stock-the-mystery-of-a-stolen-stradivarius-takes-a-new-twist-11608582516 Someone is keeping this and knows what it is. What is with the Japanese: I understand the no prosecution, but if something is stolen for 3 years, and can't be found, the new "owner" gets to keep it, if they claim they didn't know it was stolen?
  8. Or Basil the "Siberian Hamster" from Fawlty Towers. But he liked the ratatouille. lulz...
  9. What about Topo Gigio, from Italy? How could you leave this most Italian Mus musculus out?
  10. I received a notice today (10 Dec) that yesterday, an Amati was stolen in Los Feliz (part of LA) California. This notice came from Tarisio's. Apparently it was a client? They included pictures, attached. I assume this notice went out to all the area Violin stores, but in the past, have been surprised that when prominent violins were missing, some of the stores had not been sent a notice. And if anyone here sees something like this on fleabay or Craig's lust...let me know, I want to put a low ball bid in </kidding off>
  11. This has been said before...Please Mr. Duffer's Edge - in one thread, you have denigrated some of the most knowledgeable denizens of this fine, august forum, including the mysterious Blank face, a pedant, fer sure; the incredible Jacob Saunders, he who will return, and creator of the blockology theorem; the never serious, always good for a non-PC laugh, David B., and the wizard of merchandising word play, M. Swan. DE, forum discussions can be difficult compared to in person conversations, because the intent and fine points can't easily be dsicerned, especially when English isn't one's native language. Queen's English doesn't count, btw. lulz. (They call a trunk the boot, or an 18 wheeler is a lorry, for cripes' sake). This thread took a steep, wrong turn over literally nothing. Let's backtarck and continue HOPF family discussions? I would like to see these peeps around for a long time. Occassionally, they even stoop to answer my questions, with vim, vigor, and sometimes even veracity. So please, stop calling names, and stop engaging in ad hominem attacks. Or go insult Carl or Jeffrey, and see how far you get.
  12. https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/instruments/viola/earliest-joke-1714/ A demotion to the viola section for being out of control!
  13. He taught Martin Beaver... https://slippedisc.com/2020/11/violinists-mourn-famous-teacher-83/
  14. No conversation about VSA? Did anyone besides David attend? I didn't examine the comments carefully... What was your favorite lecture? Why?
  15. @maxrPlease go see an othopedic surgeon or physical medicine specialist who does mostly shoulders. They would likely schedule a MRI, depending on how long you have had it and how you might fare in PT.