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  1. There is about 8$ US off by pre-publish price. OTOH, shipping to US is almost $35.00! I wish there was another way...
  2. I think you have mixed up everything, including all your solecisms. Both you and Carl have espoused adversarial opinions, in what passes for trolling. So for either of you to complain is...ludicrous and hypocritical. It seems that you, by dint of pronouncements, seem to think you are contributing, when you are attacking people, not for their opinions, but to attack. Just because you think you are some sort of demi-musician does not mean your opinion is more or less valuable than any other person's opinion. You attacked a member becaue you disagree. How one plays is not the subject of this thread, or even relevant.
  3. So many violins that were M.'s?! An acquaintance of mine has/had? a Ruggeri that was owned by Mozart's father - there's a painting of Leopold with a violin that has distinctive scars that match exactly. It sounds like--one of the best violins I have ever heard, as well as being extremely easy to play on. The story is that the "waldie" was not what M. played on mostly, and M., later in life used the Ruggeri. The balance across strings and the overtones were magical, at least to my ears. Maatches some of the best Strads and del Gesus (imho), and better than any other Ruggeri, though i have only heard 2 others. Unfortunately, everyone involved wanted beaucoup dinero for it, because of the supposed history, never mind that Ruggeris are completely out of my range anyway....
  4. Don't put words that are untrue in my mouth. Don't presume to know how I think. Nor are all of us products of our times. Exactly. As well as the long term consequences of abuse, especially when hidden. I know of two well-known coaches who turned down what would have been the career move - to coach the US National Team - because US Gymnastics did not have its house in order, even after all that. One of them is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. So some still have integrity, and her offer to take the job if US National Team Board issued a public apology and sought to help all the injured parties was met with crickets.
  5. I never stated that I believe the sexualized covers exist because of the abuse. I only pointed out that it is common for abused patients to have aberrant sexual desires and behaviors. The covers could exist partly or fully for that reason. Or not. The point is, those who criticized her for the covers should cut her some slack. Healing from sexual abuse can take decades. A few heal more quickly. Some never acknowledge it, and never heal. We hope that Lara has fully recovered.
  6. Oh I would have. Hindsight bias exists, but some behaviors violate intrinsic norms. Sexual abuse would certainly have been seen as wrong at Curtis; that's why they denied it, and tried to ignore it.
  7. Not true. I have seen European anti-semitism first hand. My emphasis should have been that Bill's argument was falacious, that even if many believed as Wagner did, it was not OK, because of the "times."
  8. @PhilipKT "in the day. Wagner was literally no different from the normal person. The enlightened person who accepted the difference between a protestant and a Jew without problem was very much the exception to the rule. It is wrong to judge the past by the standards of today." NO. Never. He was quite different. 1) It was never OK; there may have been more people, or people more open about being anti-Semitic, but it was never OK, and never the majority back then. 2) When human beings are not treated correctly, the standards of whatever age do not matter. Tempted to make a straw man argument here masquerading as a Hobson's choice, butwon't. The concept of not applying standards of one age to another only matters for mores, not for gross mis-treatment. That is the argument that the BLM movement is (or should be) trying to make, not the voices of some "free radicals," pun intended. But I digress. For almost everyone else: Most of you have no idea of what sexual trauma can do to a person, especially when they are not believed, are helpless, and the trauma is persistent. A very close firend of mine has made a life long study of sexual trauma and treating its effects: what Laura did, and is going through, is more typical than not of past trauma. Who is to say she would or wouldn't have done that album cover had there been no abuse? And yet, hyper sexualization is a frequent byproduct of past trauma. What might get Laura either large sums or at least the recognition of a horrible past wrong to be corrected is that she had the eggs to complain, repeatedly, and not only did the institution not protect her, they denied there was a problem, proceeded to either cover it up, or at least ignore the problem, and again, did so repeatedly. So the instiutution was put on notice, but chose to ignore it. It has nothing to do with the fact that the perpetrator may not be around now.
  9. @PhilipKTUnlikely. The ax handle burned in the FRHS predecessor's fire, and the axe head was recovered, IIRC. There is supposedly a trace of blood on it. But the head (and skeleton in armor) melted or were heat damaged in the fire, so DNA analysis would be unhelpful. During the trial, and before, the axe was (mis) handled - pun intended - by many people. There was not only no chain of custody, but everyone's prints would be all over it. If one were to sample the axe head for DNA, exclusive of the blood, it would likely be all the school kids' DNA who were allowed to touch it before they put the head under glass. And if the blood were intact, it would at best only show that it was indeed the murder weapon, which does not solve the mystery at all, but raises the value of the artefact.
  10. Schoolyard doggerel? It was a song made to sell newspapers, but later used to skip rope: Lizzie Borden took an axeAnd gave her mother forty whacks.When she saw what she had done,She gave her father forty-one. Andrew Borden now is dead,Lizzie hit him on the head.Up in heaven he will sing,On the gallows she will swing.
  11. Of relevance: The Fall River Historical Society building was once a station on the Underground Railroad, and The Skeleton in Armor was exhibited at a predecessor of the FRHS for 6 months before fire consumed it. During that brief time, Longfellow saw it, and penned the poem. From their website: Fall River Historical Society is housed in an 1843/1871 French Second Empire structure, once a station on the Underground Railroad, that features magnificent period interiors, including the largest concentration of 19th century polychrome stenciling in Southeastern Massachusetts. The grounds surrounding the museum and its annex contain terraced gardens and parterres in the Victorian manner. The… Also from the FRHS website: Examples include: fragments of the brass ornamentation from the so-called Skeleton In Armor, discovered in Fall River in 1832, and celebrated on paper by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882) in his 1840 poem of the same name;...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Skeleton_in_Armor#:~:text=The Skeleton in Armor is,poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  12. What VdA said. :-) Also, this is Dave Wilson, who at one time (about 10 - 15 years ago?), was likely considered to have made the best loudspeakers. Most reviewers had/have a set of his speakers. Now, the audiophile field is much more competitive, and Dave Wilson passed in 2018. However, Wilson Audio is still going strong, and Wilson Audio still makes fine, if very expensive speakers. His speakers are still one of the most demo'd by dealers at audio shows, certainly amongst the top 3 brands. Thank you for posting this; I hadn't seen it.
  13. Tests say otherwise: Titebond II (maybe III also, more waterproof) have been demonstrated to be stronger and more water resistant than Gorilla glue. What about the baking soda + CA trick? Though it sets instantly, it has also been shown to make a stronger joint.