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  1. l33tplaya

    Social media marketing

    Not so fast. Facebook can do live meetings, video clips, and function as a more modern web page. After that, there are Instagram, Snap, and YouTube. Next in sequence would be orange hair's fav, Twitter. Only then do you get to the fake news, DDoS attacks on competitors from the bot armies recruited from IoT devices, etc. Also noteworthy: ask any Gen Y or Z: fb is considered as old fashioned as a normal web page. To lure youngsters, most on this site would require a social media marketing consultant.
  2. l33tplaya

    Optical analysis of musical instruments - book

    This is definitely not the same book the OP mentioned. This book was mentioned in another thread on scientific analysis of violins, and someone mentioned that it was on google, for now.
  3. l33tplaya

    Best contemporary luthiers

    well, we could start and take a stab by listing some of the more "popular" maestronetters, some of whom are even on this thread. No one from Kazekhstan---:-oD - but includes, in no rank order, David Burgess, Davide Sora, Manfio (so good, we only know him by one name!!), Michael Darnton, Roger Hargrave. I may have even left off some. I have never experienced Viola d'Amore's retreads carefully reworked and improved masterpeieces, but I understand they are a bargain and sound great, though I am uncertain of resale value. I am told many think highly of them! Locally, there is G. Michael Fisher, and Mario Miralles, to name some that command a high price and a long waiting list ( at least for Miralles). Because I have never seen a hijacked thread on maestronet, let me ask a peripheral question. Why do so many good to great makers live where (it is normally) cold, even frigid? (Much of the US is in the middle of an unprecedented heat wave.I am blaming kompromat and the Russian collusions...)
  4. Has anyone used this? Sounds like something that can be reused, cleaned, indefinitely... https://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Tools_by_Job/Tools_for_Sanding/StewMac_Sharkskin_Abrasive.html?lac_guid=eeee7525-3289-e811-80de-ecb1d775572a&utm_campaign=M1952&utm_medium=email&utm_source=EPA&utm_content=M1952_B_20180718
  5. l33tplaya

    Alberti Peg Shavers

    How does this (Alberti) compare to the Wirberlschneider at http://wirbelschneider.entwicklungsbuero.de/index.php?id=modelle ?
  6. l33tplaya

    Bow porn

    Like! Great bow pr0n.
  7. l33tplaya

    Low end Markie?

    Ok, I'll bite. How the heck can you tell from those pictures about the fingerboard. I could barely see the fingerboard!
  8. l33tplaya

    Mentor - shop share - making friend - southside Chicago

    Joliet has that great charm school... So I'd stay away from Joliet.* I understand their "graduates" work for Lincoln Park Pirates, going all the way to Wilmette and Gary? Seriously, there's that great violin school in Skokie...Some graduates hang around; perhaps some students and other n00b graduates have a meet up? You will have to spend some time movin' on up to the North side, though. Otherwise, with those great violin shops and music stores downtown, I would think there must be some great meet ups, somewhere w/i walking distance of the "El?" * Steve Goodman and Jethro Burns, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dE5HtTxxJRM
  9. l33tplaya

    Violin ID Quiz

    A Nestor Audinot? Very pretty, but how does it sound? The french violins I have tried looked great, but in the end, most just break your heart.
  10. l33tplaya

    Not Chinese Fake!

    You did. Several.
  11. l33tplaya

    Hargrave website down.

    Some newspapers chose to not comply with GDPR - too onerous, so they merely blocked all foreign communications. If you use a VPN to get around that "block," as the VPN would disguise your address to not be from the EU, then the site would have prima facie evidence that you skirted "reasonable measures" to secure the site from having to comply with GDPR. As I understand it, the problem is mostly the pre-existing customers, as many sites/companies have no idea what data is stored where, so they can't comply with providing the data to inquiring customers, never mind the obnoxious "right to be forgotten." I excerpt an article below...Note that my hometown LAT is one of those sites. Dmitri, I'd ask for my $$ back. Or, at least make sure they give you a credit and suspend your access until such time as they fix it. I would also ask for extra time for the inconvenience. LAT is pretty good at granting that if you are insistent. ASk for at least an extra month. For not informing you, ask for two! :-) What has changed for users? Individuals in the European Union have a right to know what data are collected about them and why, how long it will be stored and how it will be processed. Users also have a right to have their personal data deleted in certain circumstances. They also need to have the option to be able to appeal to the human decision-makers behind algorithms. Organizations need to obtain active consent from individuals before collecting data in many circumstances and are obligated to report data security breaches to authorities within 72 hours. Why do U.S. companies have to comply with those rules? Governments can fine organizations up to 4% of their global revenue for noncompliance, including for failure to process data lawfully, for not having a data protection officer and for security breaches. Is anyone already risking legal consequences? Yes. Vienna-based privacy watchdog None of Your Business filed complaints Friday against Google, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The group believes that those four social networks or messaging services essentially force their users to agree to their privacy standards or not use the services at all, rather than modifying their standards to ensure more online privacy and data protection. What are the downsides for consumers? Some companies have chosen to go blank in Europe instead of having to comply with the expansive privacy regulations, including websites such as Unroll.me and Klout. More widely accessed U.S. media outlets — including news outlets belonging to Tronc Inc., such as the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune — similarly blocked some of their European users starting Friday. It is uncertain when or if those websites will become accessible again. Before the law took effect Friday, consumers also complained about a number of bureaucratic challenges, such as an influx of consent-seeking emails from companies trying to distribute their newsletters, or doctors making their patients sign pages-long forms about how to store their data. If it's all so complicated, why did Europe bother to introduce the rules? European Union regulators have always been much tougher on the tech companies than their U.S. counterparts have; for instance, the EU forced the companies to give users more control, imposing fines for noncompliance and requiring platforms to spot and delete illegal content. Depending on the EU country, there is generally also more public backing there than in the United States for the sort of expansive regulations that took effect Friday.
  12. l33tplaya

    Very basic intro to varnishing needed

    No, this is the method we learned in the workshop two years ago. Darnton did a live demo; it works well. In your description, you left out a few steps - for example, you protect the neck so force is only applied where the kerfs are cut; and there are "braces" or heavy padding applied to the scroll, and perhaps body. I agree with Preuss; from asking around, this method is fairly common. OTOH, if you make an error in the cuts, like not far enough in or deep enough, or if they didn't use hide glue...
  13. l33tplaya

    Stefano Scarampella Fake quality

    Nathan, If I understand Mr. Ratcliffe correctly, the answer is yes, it depends. If The match is good, that is the pattern correspond precisely to a known good standard, then the match is accurate. The presumptive date - modern or old, isn't so much a question or problem. But Modern/contemporary dating ability might not be as good, because there are fewer known samples, perhaps. You'll note that they - the dendrochronologists - usually give % or likelihoods for more than 1 match, depending on pattern match which could be different years. That along with a chronosynplastic infidibulum, and you should be good to go with a new or corroborated date.
  14. l33tplaya

    Tool sharpening

    I get why you don't like the diameter - this one is almost 10", vs preferred 6"; and 220 is too fine, though I think my teacher uses 60 or 80, not 40 - but the description says variable speed, so presumably it could do 1500 rpm or slower? Or did I miss something by using google translate? Though I am partial to non-electric (hand crank) wheels.
  15. l33tplaya

    Tool sharpening