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  1. Please explain ITFOT. How do we get in touch with him? Re one beautiful, probably comfortable finger plane.
  2. Are you OK? Please, file assault charges. See a lawyer; you should be able to obtain full medical costs covered, plus legal fees, plus time away from work. Also get a restraining order.
  3. I use a Zoom H6. Zoom vastly upped their game from the H2n and H4 days with the H6 and H4n Pro.
  4. I see it: the bow holders and the thermometer don't line up: either the thermometer and relative humidity gauge aren't lined up properly (and the case model placard), or the upper bow holders should be brought down about ---a mm? :-oD In the States, we used to have an advertisement for a brand of cigarettes, and it was "...just a silly millimeter longer...101" Chesterfield, I think:
  5. If it doesn't say bush hog ozone, it jus won't cut it. I had to bing bush hog. That must be a Canadien prarie thing. How big is your patio? If this mold is in the wood, then you need something strong - UV-C and/or ozone, to kill the spores, so that when humidity rises, there's no new mold. If it's a viola, though, I would suggest autoclaving: 3X 20 minutes at 15 lbs pressure gauge (actually, double atmospheric pressure), Can't be too careful with the violas, they are so precious. lulz.
  6. I have never seen a violin case lock that was any good, that would resist a simple lockpicker tool, never mind a set. These are not Abloy or BiLock locks. This would be the preferred attack, versus prying, which would leave obvious signs. In and out in ~ 10s.
  7. Like. Seriously, a UV-C wand that could fit inside the f holes would likely work. I would guess the moldy smell would not come from outside, and I would not want to use UV-C on the outside unless Iwanted to lighten the varnish. Alternatively, how about an ozone (gas) generator? Shouldn't need more than a few hours, once the inside was cleaned out of any mold. (via rice, maybe baking soda?, but you'd likely have to vacuum that out)
  8. "But how does it sound?"
  9. Could you please explain this term, Martin? Is it a technical term? Is it in common usage, a luthier term? Please elucidate. lulz.
  10. Very fine funny. Like! For those of our colleagues, A.K.'s, millenials, and denizens overseas, like Martin "Juzek" Swan: This is Larry "Fine" Feinberg, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Three_Stooges, one of the 3 Stooges, a slapstick and physical farce comdey group in the US, 1920's to 1970. Larry was actually a serious violinist. I believe he has the DA's hairpiece on the end of his bow, from Disorder in The Court. For some strange reason, most men of a certain age seem to find them hilarious - so stupid it's funny type, like Mr. Bean, an otherwise childish, anti-highbrow, brainworm foisted on us by the Brits - and women generally hate them.
  11. To get this thread back on track..... I started this thread because I was really concerned about "life" in Cremona and environs. At the time, Italy was hardest hit, and especially their medical system overwhelmed. Obviously at the very least, luthiers will be hard hit by lack of business, but Ihoped that most would escape because they work in small or single person shops. Becaue repaairs and construction could continue, perhaps the income would only be deferred, and not lost. @jezzupe, please don't prattle on about these alt-right conspiracy theories that have been shown time and again to be outright lies. This paper shows that the origin of SARS-CoV-2 was bats, and not a lab construct: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0820-9 and somewhat less accurately - an earlier paper - https://academic.oup.com/nsr/advance-article/doi/10.1093/nsr/nwaa036/5775463. As previously stated, with 95-6% homology to a previously sequenced bat virus (2015), it makes no sense to propose that this was not a naturally evolving variant. The scary part is that there were a few other viruses from Coronaviridae (Beta type, like SARS-CoV-2)found around the same time period, around 20 IIRC. Reports in the NYT https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/08/science/new-york-coronavirus-cases-europe-genomes.html suggest that the virus may not have originated in that Wuhan market, but may have been circulating outside the market, and went into that market, to be widely disseminated. Not locking down Wuhan before the New Year celebration didn't help. Thus Italy and Europe became epicenters, and most of NY was infected not from China directly, but from Europe. We shut down contact from the wrong area, and too late. https://www.mountsinai.org/about/newsroom/2020/mount-sinai-study-finds-first-cases-of-covid-19-in-new-york-city-are-primarily-from-european-and-us-sources-pr The sequence data doesn't lie. Sure, China underreported cases; in the US, we had inadequate testing, so the number of infected people is undererported. That doesn't change the overall conclusions. @Davide Sora - glad you are good; thank you for replying. I hope that most of the luthiers throughout the world are able to continue working from home or from a 1 person workshop.
  12. Since my Chitown days, I have been a huge fan. Saw him on several stages, including Taste of Chicawgo. My first Prine concert on the west coast was strange: Half biker types and half hipsters. They seemed to get along really well with each other, at least for the Prine concert. Really remarkable. My favorite was already mentioned - "Hello In There" with Bonnie Raitt, but another good one, besides Sabu Visits the Twin Cities Alone, and Dear Abby, the song he sang written by Steve Goodman, about Dads: Signed, Noisemaker In pace requiescant.