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  1. You were asked by the moderator to post in English, the forum lnaguage, and that would be useful for those of us who don't speak Spanish. Easier for you to translate than having many readers translate . Yet now you continue to not post in English.
  2. I think that's a guy. I see 88 beat me to the comment.
  3. Good analysis, VdA; even the time periods align - violin construction and label.popularity.
  4. I have called makers before when I see their stuff at auction. To the best of my knowledge, they did not bid on it. If they did, it wasn't much. To a one, they were extremely helpful: telling me, variously: a) it was an early model, my new stuff is much better; b) it's pretty good, sounds like a bargain; c) fantastic deal, I know where it came from, it's a customer of mine who bought something better, or a customer of mine who is retiring, etc.
  5. Why not write and ask him if this viola is his? http://directories.thestrad.com/servicescourses/stringservices/pawlikowski-jan-zaklad-lutniczy/
  6. B.S. Where would you obtain multiple wood chips with original varnish from good Cremonese era instruments? Not every useful experiment relies on statistics and numerous samples, as any student of science realizes.
  7. No, I agree "everything (?)" now is edited. What I meant was that the definition and room acoustics are largely heard in (e.g., Heifitz) older recordings versus newer recordings. Much more diffuse sound - I was thinking it's more recording technique, for the most part and not the medium (higher definition here means better S/N). It's not the microphones so much, as current darlings include some older tube based mics possibly as old as 60's, certainly 70's - Neumann U87, (U47 was for vocals), Coles, etc.
  8. I heard Stern in concert in the mid-late 1980's. Considering his age, I was impressed, but definitely a few notes out of tune and some bow slips. My recordings of Heifitz sound really good, but definitely the recordings aren't up to current "close mike" standards.
  9. Not pseudoscience at all. You may argue that he is measuring the wrong thing, or that what he is measuring is not related to sound or quality or any number of other qualities, but he is proceeding in a far more rigorous fashion than most discussions here - to state the obvious.
  10. Here's another story - I am guessing David needs something for retirement...https://apnews.com/6348e9ad4e2340238b280618a4dad46c Maybe we Yanks can write our congressperson to suggest that this purchase be prioritized by LoC?
  11. Aaron Rosand was one of my teachers' teacher. Rosand would regularly call him, ask how he was; my teacher was his student a very long time ago, may have been one of the first. From all accounts, not only a fantastic player - a really great clip in the Strad tribute - but a very nice guy, and an incredible teacher. May his memory be a blessing.
  12. My sentiments also, except no bare ground. I create enough non-purposeful nicks and scratches with out any help, thank you. :-D
  13. This performance by Kim was from a while ago, before he started using a fretted violin and his prism glasses. Remarkable rendition; he's an amazing violinist.
  14. How does it sound? Any nasal characteristics?
  15. Really easy to filter that list...maybe we should offer to do that for Jeffrey?