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  1. But it comes with a bow! (To go with the lovely tone). lulz
  2. You really have to ask some of the Texans and Coloradoans for some Calf Fries or Rocky Mountain Oysters when you visit the states.... lol
  3. I did the same: actually brought in my music stand and music, and we measured at the opthamologist's office. She thought that was a little unusual, but... unlike Andrew Victor, it was about 30-32". Readers or computer glasses didn't work, and even for computers, I found the "workplace" vision glasses a nightmare. Though I can barely see the conductor with readers, with the intermediate distance, I can see a less fuzzy conductor, and the notes are sharp. Bonus: over a few years, the prescription for intermediate distance hasn't changed much at all, and astigmatism is also corrected. Validation
  4. Was anyone else invited to try this Beta? I can't imagine the program is as accurate as, say, the pre-eminent Mr. Saunders... Some time ago, Tarisio announced plans to farm their own sheep to make gut strings, and we know how that turned out. So I w ould be interested in hearing about others' experiences with this new tool. :-D (I don't have any unidentified violins at the moment.) OK, maybe I am a little jealous that Philip KT offered to go to Austria and meet with Jacob to study, before I thought to publicly disclose my secret plan...
  5. Here: starting at about 1:46 and ff. It was crowded, over 600 people, though not a sell out. That sell out was a year or two before when we had Collins, James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Pinetop Perkins, Muddy Water's entire back line, Kim Wilson "Fabulous Thunderbirds"; Angela Strehli, and some others. In that concert, James Cotton was so drunk he couldn't stand straight, but till played harp, wailing so loud, even when they cut his mic to get him off stage, he kept wailing. We had to get him offstage so that we could get Collins on. Collins did his thing where he
  6. Yup, Willie grabbed the rights back to his songs under his Hoochie Coochie Music. Willie wrote over 600 songs, many are now standards: Hoochie Coochoe Man, I Just Want to Make Love to You, Wang Dang Doodle.... Over 100 were re-recorded as what are now classic rock 'n roll, by prominent artists - Stones ("Little Red Rooster"), Koko Taylor, Cream, Doors, Johnny Winter, Ten Years After, Jeff Beck, Canned Heat, FogHat, etc. That's just from memory... I'm sure there is much more. When I was a grad student at UCLA, I led the project from the Student Committee for the Arts, to give the Life Time Ac
  7. As several local Blues Station DJs here (SoCal area) would say: "The Blues had a baby, and that baby was Rock 'n Roll." Those acts you mentioned? All their key personnel grew up listening to the Blues (and trying to imitate the best players)...Particularly Delta musicians, and their migration to Chicago. Add in Frank Zappa, Elvis, Dylan, Beat-les (English pronounciation :-oD), etc. Led Zepp were successfully sued by Willie Dixon for appropriating his tunes and songs (2 in Zepp's "Whole Lotta Love"), way back before suing for even faint similarities became popular. Countless other stories li
  8. Funny. ? I assume you were kidding, or being ironic. Sort of. An acquaintance with usually good ears seems to think Fagnola's are way overpriced, lovely to look at, and most don't sound good. He prefers other equivalent Italians if one could be had at the same price. Is that what you were referring to? There's this, also: https://www.martinswanviolins.com/tonal-evaluation-violins/#f 3 yellows, and only 1 orange, if that's any indication, from a small sample size. Now if we could only get him to continue to evaluate violins, consistently, there's a chance we may try the same violin he did
  9. Any car mechanic I have ever visited in the last 15 years or so have signs stating "No customers in shop area" beause of "insurance regulations."
  10. Your "freedom" to infect people (or expose yourself to greater risk) should not impinge on event organizers' wishes to keep the majority of the attendees safe(r). As I am sure you know, your reductionist arguements are mere bagatelles. Rue was just giving a sort of Hobson's choice, which I am also sure you deliberately misconstrued. Legally, in the US, public health policy may dictate restrictions - even modifying within reason certain religious practices. Nevertheless, it is looking increasingly like the EU will ask for some sort of vaccine passport, to their credit.
  11. The book I was thinking of isn't Blues per se, though it does haave some Blues in it. It's Bluegrass Fidlle by Gene Lowinger, Oak Publications. https://www.amazon.com/Bluegrass-Fiddle-Gene-Lowinger/dp/0825601509 This seems to be a popular book: I went to the homes of two LA Phil violinists, and they both had this volume. Or maybe it was that generation when there were few alternative violin books around? There are also several books by Julie Lyonn Lieberman, who also has an improvisation book I am working through. Did you see this site? A way to start free: https://fiddlerman.com/tutor
  12. To go back to original post... Try this - Laurie has a list of books, at least one has some blues, and there's a comment with 2 recommendations. https://www.violinist.com/blog/laurie/201412/16454/ I have a book I like, but can't find it on Amazon; will post later.
  13. That's the Angeles violin shop I mentioned. True dat: I go to Muller for all my bow rehairs - fantastic job, and for LA, a very reasonable price. So reasonable, I usually leave him a tip, at Xmas. So many people came out of the shop at Weisshar... @joerobson Funny! I thought you might have meant Morey's - for an all around music store, they had some impressive "professional" violins, too, and an on-call luthier who is there a few days/week, IIRC. @PhilipKT Cauer is most certainly alive. When I ran into a problem, he was incredibly helpful to me - literally spent hours of time sugg