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  1. Doesn't D'Addario also make octave strings?
  2. Go Practice, have you tried Rondo strings from Thomastik? They may be midway between Pi and Dominants; Pi being my luthier's preferred strings, so I haven't put on Rondo yet. I generally don't like Dominants- mellow and plebian, to my ears (except not true on a Strad I once tried, to reference another thread, and where the owner always uses Dominants).
  3. But is there a bow with it? Just in case some other reader might want this information...
  4. I saw a good scanner, probably around 5K, at CES 2 years ago. I will look for my old notebook for the name. They already had scanned some guitars, and several had spoken to that company re violins. Other scanners were too small, too slow, or didn't have good resolution (sub millimeter). Others were way more expensive. Here's an interesting site - there's also a link for pro scanners, and most there seem to be between 2 -8K. https://all3dp.com/1/best-3d-scanner-diy-handheld-app-software/ Or try a cheap one, like Revopoint. Lots of hacks for the cheaper ones...
  5. No I don't fill the space: just one small block that exerts enough presssure on the top to keep the soundpost in place. To remove, just squish the foam and slide out.
  6. I just put dense foam underneath the fingerboard. Easy to remove, and exerts enough pressure to keep soundpost in place.
  7. https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199617536&cpid=3812802560&filter_key= Only 3 Bids? No mention of it here on the threads re this current auction that I could find.... Has anyone tried it at the auction? How does it sound? (We know the workmanship is beyond reproach. )
  8. Yes; a friend's daughter who qualified for CalArts, but in the end didn't even apply, as Cal Arts is not only seemingly not SoCal, but so far away it is considered out in the sticks, way far (Valencia, CA). There is nothing of consequence around it, sadly. I heard Kim's first concerto (though not a World premier, it was a west of the rockies premier, he played it here with Santa Monica Symphony (free for all), then we all (orchestra and friends) went out drinking... :-) I have heard at least one of Marsallis's oeuvres, but don't quite remember where. Prob a PBS speccial or some such? I think Kim is also very innovative, especially when he does some rock n roll, but semi-classical style without abandoning rock roots (the Doors, Deep Purple, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ixLgdSD43Y With harmonics, bow, and other new and newish techniques, he gets the violin to sound like an electric guitar.... His intonation is spot on. I have heard him practice. He is a perfectionist, and practices incessantly. It drove everyone crazy in the house where he was staying...
  9. Mind blown. Fantastic 4 part harmonies/harmonics. Thumb stuff. Bow arm. I have seen him live several times, including at a private party. Nyahaha, go practice. :-) lulz Maybe move to Socal or Germany?
  10. This can only be considered a careless listing at best? At worst, mis-representation. Never mind maker and age...Even something as simple as accurate description... The first listing's fine tuners look old, and are inconsistent types (not even mentioning most would remove all but E tuner, and put a top mounted fine tuner on instead to leave a longer afterlength)... The seller specifically states that there are new Pirastro strings, but the pictures are with old, worn strings of different manufacturers...
  11. This had been reported elsewhere, but I saw it again here: https://slippedisc.com/2022/04/just-in-russians-destroy-tchaikovsky-house/ This war is not only a humanitarian and societal tragedy, but is also turning into a cultural abomination as well. Doesn't Russia claim Tchaikovsky as one of their own? Is P**** rejecting him because many think he was gay? Or did some off the sacked generals include the one responsible for the house destruction?
  12. Agree, hasn't changed as much as I thought it might have changed. Has anyone seeen this? Does it open in the States?
  13. From the trailer, a film by Ina Weisse - Das Vorspiel- here: https://slippedisc.com/2022/04/how-merciless-is-your-violin-teacher/ I have seen more than a few teachers like this.... Art imitating life? I would guess this behavior doesn't fly now, but we keep hearing stories on Mnet of "mercilesss" teachers (and worse)... Nevertheless, the trailer looks interesting. How many times did I miss the bus or carpool as a youth? A perfectly reasonable excuse, imho.
  14. The higher end and select models of "Scott Cao" are made in the good ol' USA. I have been to the workshop previously, and later, his attached workshop and saw fiddles being made in both places, as well as a number of assistants.
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