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  1. If only it were really like this...

    Hummingbirds around my feeder this summer, but not this one. It's a hummingbird moth --- any around where you are? Photo thanks to Phil Voice, Landscape Juice Network. It amazes me.
  3. Whose face is this?

    Profile on the posted scroll looks like Bach.
  4. Ground - Why Not Laundry Starch?

    Starch is also used in paper-making, possibly to seal the pores between the fibers. I don't know if this improves, or worsens, the ability of the paper to take ink. Treating the starch with acid tends to form smaller crystals --- David's list of other ingredients in laundry starch would seem to make the mixture alkaline, maybe to prevent smaller crystals from forming which might not be good in laundry starch, but perhaps better for filling pores in wood. Just a guess.
  5. Ground - Why Not Laundry Starch?

    I don't know if starch makes a "nice surface for varnishing", but I do know it is not "chemically like wood". Pure starch is a single chemical compound, but wood is a composite with three major chemical compounds -- lignin, cellulose, and hemicelluloses.
  6. connecting to Mn

    I have a desktop and a laptop, both PCs. The desktop is wired into my cable in one room, the laptop is wireless in another room of the same house. I have not had trouble with the desktop going in and out of the web, but I have had trouble with my laptop. In which case I just use the desktop, and save the laptop for traveling. I have not taken the trouble to find out if the problem is the wired versus unwired, or a hardware problem. I am watching this thread to see if I can learn from postings to your problem. Good luck!
  7. connecting to Mn

    ...except for using one's digits to play them.

    No gender-ism in this, I guess, just a violin to look at.
  9. Wittner Finetune 4/4, set of 4 - 2 sets available

    You didn't want to bush the holes?
  10. Pseudonyms

    Hey, David, don't be sorry, you had nothing to do with it. I was a child in World War II, in a country under enemy occupation, so I didn't go to school and so didn't get the socialization of most girls, so I didn't know there was anything I couldn't do. Except for one incident in a U.S. army camp when I was 10, I did not meet gender discrimination until I became a university professor here and was told that was what I was facing. I ignored it then, and have ignored it ever since, and kept doing what I wanted to do. That's probably what your mom did, too. But when one joins a group with people in it, such as this site, a little anonymity can make it easier to deal with the problems at hand, i.e., violin-making and repair, without murky-ing everything up with attitude.
  11. Pseudonyms

    I am puzzled, really. I don't see how giving my age and gender has anything to do with "political correctness", it has to do with fact.
  12. Pseudonyms

    Mike, if I used my real name it would have no more credibility than my pseudonym, as I am one of the many unknown in the violin world.
  13. Interesting Design on EBay

    And some of us have not seen all there is to see.
  14. Pseudonyms

    Good-natured kidding I don't mind, David, but I'd had enough condescension in my previous life and didn't want to find it again in my new group of colleagues on this site. "Advanced age" is only good in the violin business if one has 30 years of violin-making behind that gray hair. I haven't, but thank goodness I don't have a lot of mirrors around so I can't see that my hair is gray --- so every day it is exciting to walk into my shop and smell the smell.
  15. Pseudonyms

    Yes, I do, and violas, but takes me a long while, as most of my time goes to repairing instruments for the local school district. I don't accept full size cellos for repair anymore --- too heavy.