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  1. 2 hours ago, chungviolins said:

    How long is the board lengthwise?

    If it is 350mm, you can make a full size violin, about 353-4mm.

    Neck set cutout and saddle cut out can make up about 2 mm shortage on your wood.

    The board is about 34 cm long thus way too short even for a 4/4 violin...

  2. Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately even for a violin this piece is too small. The good side of this is that the instrument made from this wood is meant to be mine, not to be sold. Thus it is not actually about hiding the graft, it is mainly about acoustic and other characteristic of such plate.

    The wood is wide enough to split into 4 pieces which means that joining and matching the grain would not be a problem. I am although quite unsure about what would the string pressure do...

  3. Dear Maestronetters,

    I am having a fairly nice spruce stored in my workshop. Unfortunately this piece is not long enough to make a 38cm viola which was planned to be made from this wood. Some 4cm are missing.  I know it is quite common to extend wood widthwise but here I was thinking about extending the wood lenghtwise. How good idea could that be? To be honest, I am not sure about the wood's acoustic characteristics and mainly it's stability after this process. 

    Any ideas someone?

    Thanks in advance. 


  4. Hello all !  :)
    At first let me introduce myslef a little bit.My name is Dominik and I am 17 years old.I am from Czech Republic.I am completely new to this forum as well as in the violin making.I have just finished my first violin which is horribly looking but was a good experience to get used with tools etc...
    I am about to build a new one,very unusually shaped.So my question is-does anybody have any experiences with making violin as shown in the pictures ? Are the dimensions same as for standard violin (height,widht,...) ? How can I find out the f-holes position ? 
    Thank you for your help !