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  1. The line drawings do not correspond to the photos on the poster.
  2. Does anyone have a template for the 1741 Vieuxtemps del Gesu scroll? Would save me a bit of time if you are willing to share! I have the Strad poster, but as usual the line drawings are not to scale.
  3. have a look at Davide Sora's video
  4. I have used clear methylated spirit from Smith and Roger with Joe Robson's system (for initial wood preparation and diluting the balsom ground preparation #2) with no problems.
  5. have a look at Sora's video: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaxadm6POX7Hy2CxMIMU5wcOOBxxNsq5r
  6. @JerryP & @RogerH What I don't understand is, after spending time getting your post to fit exactly at one spot, at the right tension, you then start shifting it hither and thither to adjust the sound. Once you shift it from the spot where it fits exactly, it doesn't any more. So what is an acceptable shift?
  7. I've been off line for a bit, but thank you to all who have commented. @martin swan yes the frog does have pearl eyes
  8. Any knowledgeable person out there who knows what this engraving means on my Tubbs bow?
  9. Interestingly enough I have found that the oxidised BG3 is soluble in alcohol. Should I use it with alcohol?
  10. You are a gentleman. I will message you.
  11. OK so my Diamond G has arrived and I have used it with BG3. I think it is better than the turpentine that I have been using but it by no means dissolves all the BG3 in a 3:1 dilution. I am not sure whether I should expect it to, and would appreciate some feedback from Joe. I have done another coat, and am happy with the colour.
  12. Very nice! However I don't believe the wood is sealed until the application of balsam ground varnish (for the uninitiated Joe's ground system consists of BG 1-4 and then BG varnish.) Joe's website recommends applying aged wood dark brown (wood colour) after BG3. I will post a picture after I do mine. Joe's ground sets out to reproduce Cremonese ground's colour (pale gold) and amazing reflectivity, so is not intended to be as dark as your ground. Perhaps Joe can comment?
  13. Here's what the fiddle looks like after two coats of the BG3 with bad turps
  14. Thanks everyone. I bought the "genuine turpentine" in 2014 when I could not find a supplier here but obviously I can buy it here now. Have made an order.
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