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  1. ha ha. ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha Ha ha. HA ha ha. HA HA ha ha ha. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA... There you go Crystal.
  2. No, you don't want callouses that are thick and hard. However, having those slightly tough spots on the tips of the fingers can help. For me at least, they make harmonics much easier to accomplish and make the tone nicer. You don't want callouses to the point where you cannot feel the strings.
  3. Try some rubbing alcohol. It will sooth some pain, but it won't moisturize the fingers so as to stop the callouses from forming. Trust me, you want those callouses!
  4. Mr. Woof, you completely misunderstand me. I said that I don't care if I'm good enough for others to hear. It is all about my own satisfaction in my playing. Anyone else can go stick their heads in the sand as far I'm concerned because I don't play for others' satisfaction. I am weary with my own attempts and the feelings that I'm not good enough for ME. Don't you ever feel distressed by your own attempts? Yes, I love to play and I so stated that in my last post. I don't waste my time on things I am not passionate about. However, it is a challenge for me because I am so persistently dissatisfied with what I do. Perhaps it is for the best because it drives me on to prove myself wrong. If I were to lighten up, would I not try so hard?
  5. Funny, but any song with the word Christmas, having any association with Christmas, and any song having the slightest implication of the Yuletide season really rubs me the wrong way. I would much prefer to spend the entire holiday season abed, quarantined from such sounds, and related sights. Yes, I'm sure you'll think me a Scrooge type of personality. Alas, perhaps that observation could be somewhat correct as I wish the holiday season had remained pure and much less...marketable.
  6. I don't mean being good enough technically or musically. I meant good enough for myself, as in the satisfaction that I was good enough for myself to think "maybe I sound okay." As it is, I realize that I will never be happy with my attempts, my sound, my interpretations, etc. Technique can be almost mastered, and I know that it is able to be successfully accomplished. Successfully being happy with my playing is a different story. Even if I had learned all there was to know and was the greatest musician in the world, I would not be satisfied with what I did. It is truly strange, because on one hand I love to play, be creative, hear the instrument, manipulate the sounds. On the other hand, I have great turmoil that I can never and will never be HAPPY with my accomplishments. I am often sad and disheartened with my efforts. It has nothing to do with being good enough physically...and everything to do with being good enough for myself. Yet, I continue to pick up the instrument...
  7. I was taking a moment to think about my future playing, thinking of when I would be good enough to do certain things, to play the way I imagine in my mind. Suddenly I realized, because of my expectations, I will never be good enough. For others, maybe. But I will never be good enough for myself. I will never be content enough to stop perfecting, learning, improving...even if I play for the next 80 years. No matter how good I get, I will never be good enough. Does anyone think similarly, or am I just an incredibly critical and self-effacing over achiever?
  8. Musicians are people...and we all act the way we will whether we play or not. I think stereotypes are probably some of the worst forms of ignorance in this world.
  9. Ben: I didn't say it had to be certain musicians because of style, I just said classical and traditional because of my example of traditional artists. I didn't want classical and other styles to feel that I was only asking the traddies. Everyone's welcome!!!!
  10. Because you've been playing the violin for a good while, your guitar is suspect. Are you holding and playing it correctly when it comes to form?
  11. I know there are alot of good players out there, but who do you pu above the rest. For instance, sure, Natalie MacMaster is a good fiddle player, but I wouldn't say she was at all gifted or that she was at a level above what most people can do. However, Donnell Leahy just leaves my jaw on the floor because of not only his energy, but his talent and technique that is in the gifted category without a doubt. Who really stands out as gifted for you, above the rest? Classical and "traditional"?
  12. 1. Give it rest 2. Switch exercises...do something different with your wrist 3. Warm the wrist before any stressful activity (warm water) 4. Exercise your wrist before any playing 5. Do some strengthening with weights (but only when you're able!) Putting ice on your wrist is good, as well as the wrapping. Elevating your wrist will also keep swelling down if that's a problem for you. The key is being preventative since tendonitis is a chronic problem that flares up every once and a while to those who are prone. Question: How often and how long do you practice...and what instruments? Good luck
  13. ENERGY. The player has to have a good energy, more so that I think a pure technique. Take Ashley MacIsaac...his technique is primitive and his playing can border on scratchy, not to mention some questionable intonation...but he has tremendous energy that comes through in his playing. Fire, I guess is a good way of saying it.
  14. So, how do you do it? I can see that it's really kind of self explanatory as you pluck the string with the left hand fingers, but is there a real technique to it? Do you reach under the string and pull, pull the string sideways...pull it up? How do you get the clear sound of a left hand pizz? Thankyou a bunch if you can tell me how to do this!
  15. I store my loose music in binders, a different one for each type of music and a table of contents that shows the titles and the keys they are in...the holes on the side don't interfere with the music but photo copied music might be a problem if that is what you're using. It allows me to quickly find a specific piece, take it out, and then return it right back to where it was so I can find it again.
  16. Sean Connery...NOOOOO!!!! His manners/personality make him very unsexy, no matter how good he once looked. The funny thing is that those who may not be attractive physically can be very sexy and very attractive in their personalities and in their hearts. I would choose the compassionate person as sexy over a "Brad Pitt" any day.
  17. Yo Yo Ma? Sexy? Lovable in a sweet way maybe, but sexy? And please, don't anyone dare say Joshua Bell!
  18. I just read an article today about Donnell Leahy (amazing fiddler) and his experience with tendonitis. Now, I don't know if you already do this, but he said that to prevent tendonitis, he does hand exercises, shakes his hands out before playing, and starts with something simple and works his way up, never starting off with his usual crazy playing full steam. He lets his hands warm up. I'm sorry I can't give you any actual exercises, but hand stretches are relatively self explanatory. Maybe a hand grip device would help you.
  19. Ah, the page at Sheila's corner was great. It didn't seem too complicated to write down, and that's what I wanted the people here to help me with. Nevertheless, thankyou for your replies. I appreciate any help at all.
  20. Okay, so you won't help me with the particulars, but could I at least have some help with a list of the bowing techniques...no explanations necessary? Just knowing the names of the as many techniques as possible would give my research a place to start. Thanks if you want to help.
  21. As I said, those books aren't in the library, and I don't have the resources to purchase them. I guess no one here will help me...are there any other violin boards that would?
  22. Oh...well I just thought it would be a useful reference for everyone on the board if those who knew something could put a few down, or just one. It may take a little effort, but I think it would be good for a lot of people here. By the way, the nearest music college is over an hour and a half away by car (which I don't have), and I checked the library...no useful discovery there. That's why I hoped the people here would give a bit of time and add something. Usually this place is such a wealth of information and willing participants.
  23. I was wondering if the people of this board could help me with techniques of the bow. I would really love it if anyone would like to name some bowing techniques and how they are executed. I'm looking for all techniques, classical and traditional, if its not to much bother. Thankyou kindly to anyone who has the time to help.
  24. It sounds like a quick slur of grace notes down the string, somewhat like a roll but it doesn't go back up.
  25. Ahh, we have just witnessed the main difference between men and women!
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