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  1. I have only tried one which belongs to an orchestral colleague. It had a good, even sound across the strings but wasn't over loud. The varnish is an attractive dark red and in better shape than some that you see. I have a viola with a bridge made by Richardson, but I doubt he made the instrument itself.
  2. Thanks for the research, Brad - but yes, highly unlikely! I'll see what the Luthier has to say when he has a chance to look at it.
  3. The numbers look very deliberately placed to echo the the angle of the bout. The number is 3482.
  4. Sadly, I have no equipment good enough to take pictures that wouldn't earn me a telling off in this forum. The fiddle is off to a Luthier in the New Year. It sounds from Brad Dorsey's reply as if this placement of numbers is not unusual so won't be a clue about this instrument's past life. No worries - I've just not seen it before. Happy New Year everyone
  5. I have recently acquired an interesting (to me) violin that has no label. I think it may be German or English c1900. It has a small four digit number stamped inside on the back, directly on the wood, up near the lining and visible through the treble f hole. It is possible that it was stamped through the f-hole. Are there any dealers that did this? I've seen stamps on the fingerboard, back, neck, etc but not inside like this one. Thanks in advance
  6. A couple of horrors from my archive!
  7. You'll need a new plate on the tip which will increase the price...but if you like it it will be worth it. My favourite bow came with a violin I bought at auction. It's nothing special but I keep coming back to it
  8. The use of the term Aspergers has fallen out of favour because Dr. Asperger, after whom the syndrome was named, had ties to the Nazis and their child euthanization programme
  9. Am I missing something? Wasn't the sale in 2019 before the pandemic started
  10. Hello again - thanks for your help. I am very nervous about damaging the finish so I will proceed with caution. Maybe the glue marks will just have to be part of the fiddle's "story" along with the rubbed corners, dings and unexpected scroll graft.
  11. Hello Maestronet hive mind - I need some help. I have just received a violin I bought at auction (unseen due to the the 'Rona) and it is unexpectedly good. Although rather battered the sound is terrific but...at some point in its life it looks like someone has put a sticker on the varnish and it has left a horrible residue. I have tried to remove it with a cloth and my magic spit, but no dice. The violin is 130 years old so I need to be really careful. Any ideas?
  12. I found a genuine Strad at an auction in UK, but unfortunately it was stolen property so my first call was to the insurers of the missing instrument.
  13. It interests me too so I'll volunteer proofreading (unpaid amateur) for your thesis!
  14. Thanks for your input everyone. I will keep the instrument and carry on using it, I expect, because it is an absolute size match (coincidentally) for my usual instrument, which is slightly undersized. With a matching set up by the same Luther I can switch between the two easily. I just wish it sounded a bit better!
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