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  1. Perhaps, it is one of the less wanted Strads in the market...
  2. That's why great food and music is the universal language. Let us eat, drink and listen to great music.
  3. http://www.thestrad.com/cpt-latests/swiss-youth-orchestra-denied-access-singapore-airlines-flight-instruments/ Another one... this time for teenager with already two extra seats booked for the Cello... Maybe people in the Hong Kong just angry at anything now...
  4. I attend concert in Toronto quite often (the only few places that has very good orchestra in Canada). The concertmaster is about 6ft4 ... My friend and I just keep a smile on every time when a shorter guest soloist or conductor come (e.g Hilary Khan or even their director, Peter Oundjian ), as they would be at the same height, one sitting and one standing... Anyways, I think he is playing a violin by Samuel Zygmuntowicz right now, he used to have a del Gesù as loaner. Not sure if he has asked to make it slightly bigger or not (although I doubt he would).
  5. http://www.thestrad.com/cpt-latests/us-airways-refuses-carry-double-bass-says-time-three-musician/ So, they don't even allow stuff checked in now...
  6. Was the varnish more "red-ish" before?
  7. If someone use a smaller viola case, no one would able to identify...
  8. Talk about Russia. I wonder who would be the head figure of Russian-made violin in the history?
  9. Some good tip/idea from the Strad http://www.thestrad.com/latest/editorschoice/ten-things-you-need-to-know-about-vibrato
  10. Oh, just don't get those "big" trade brand violin... Oh... Roth command quite a high price for "trade" violin nowadays... The future is uncertain... If it sound good and be patient, you should able to find suitor in the future.
  11. For some reason, I was at Berlin watching the final with the German. It was great fun... And, I found one thing probably only occur on the German... They actually rushed back home to prepare for work the next morning... Of course, there are people not employed... Now, the workshop I visit, have no more "reason" to delay my reparation
  12. Or, find something to play the tonic note constantly, and match your G major scale with it. It helps to develop your ear and playing.
  13. I remember there is a Gil Shaham and Isaac Stern version. Anyone recalled it? Cannot find it on the YouTube somehow...
  14. Perhaps, take a short trip to Book2 and book 1 again? Review the pieces with your teacher.
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