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  1. So any idea about a bow with the "GERMANY" stamped exactly as you describe.... but no other markings? [round stick, leather wrapping, nickel mounted frog]
  2. Found it.... impressive. I'm a "short fella" as well and....that a lotta viola!
  3. Sorry... Given the context it's "God Save the King/Queen"....same tune but we stole it from the Brits. Sam stole the tune of their National Anthem and added new lyrics.
  4. Thirty years of hand scrubbed laundry interspersed with cleaning out the ash bin?? In between store your kindling in. OR: you can send me a new one and I'll send you mine...... all the above already accomplished.
  5. Looks to be "God Save The King/Queen"
  6. Like most folks [dangerously assuming], I'm hopelessly enamored of the shape, look, finish, etc. of the classical/ traditional violin/viola........ But damn Marty, it is impossible not to appreciate the design and craftsmanship of your fiddles! Perhaps I've missed them in previous threads but are there any links to sound samples of your instruments...anywhere?
  7. Edi tells the truth and exposes undercover dumpster diving. In my case pretty close to the truth, first two were recovered from the "take it or leave it" at our local dump.
  8. Guessing cataract surgery..... Since they only do one eye at a time [ two week wait for the other eye] I was able to clearly see the difference. My old natural lenses where like looking through mildly tinted brown sunglasses.... New artificial lenses clear and true colors. The hitch is..... now I have to wear actual sunglasses when it's really bright outside. Like, who knew snow was actually that white?!? And Bright!
  9. Step 1: Open the lid of the dumpster. ..................
  10. ^^^^^ Don't wast the syrup..... flapjacks can be finger food.
  11. What was their definition of "part" ? weight/volume? As far as protecting back regarding precision...... pyramids, parthenon, anything Leonardo played his hands/mind to????.......
  12. Is that a "left-handed" fiddle?? If the photo is through the end-pin those look to be on the wrong side of centerline?
  13. And... you end up with an ASO [automobile shaped object]..... say it slow with a slight "speech impediment"