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  1. Just for fun - violin ID

    Tried Benzine? [Zippo fluid]
  2. How did these cracks occur, and how should they be treated?

    End Result is a definite LIKE with 3 thumbs up~!
  3. Atypical construction violin

    Marty, Atypical??..... YES! "Junk??...... I am not at all convinced! Love to hear a sound clip..... and Kudos for imagination and exploration!
  4. Just for fun - violin ID

    I admire a man who has his priorities properly sorted!
  5. Any theories on what caused this damage?

    Quite probable that the "black" is simply dirt/grunge that has gotten onto/into the bare unsealed Spruce where the varnish was worn away by whatever was rubbing/knocking against the belly.
  6. How did these cracks occur, and how should they be treated?

    Sure wish we had ...... "LIKE", "LOVE", "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" buttons here on the forum. This one would fall somewhere between the first two.
  7. so ugly it's almost cool...

    Well Done! Is that a complete pegbox break repaired by screws?..... Still would be more than tempted to carefully set it up and get some "sounds" out of it. Please let us know if you are able to do any local [museum?] research and come up with some sort of origin/history.
  8. Christian Bayon´s bench

    Lovely.... congratulations! The "item" between the G and D string after length?
  9. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    Violin has a Wittner synthetic tailpiece [on it when I got it] with 4 integral fine tuners.... Is one of my "suspects" and may change that out for ebony, although I haven't bee able to find a "rattle" in it. For the strings it has had the issue through Helicore, Jager's and now Dominants but will explore when I hang the tailpiece.
  10. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    David, I am hobbled by my verbal descriptive vocabulary. The concern here is that the D string has an "unfocused" character that is noticeably different than the other strings. [My teacher describes it as a "Hiss" (her high frequency hearing may be better than mine)] It is apparent on the open string and also on stopped notes on the D string. [Which would seem to eliminate the nut?] D note on the G string does not produce the "Hiss", nor do the open or stopped G/A/E exhibit the "hiss". My old ears can hear the difference although my first impression would be to describe the sound as "unfocused with a fair bit of unwanted "reverb".... Sorry, doesn't help much, I know. The Violin is an old... possibly mid 19th... most likely trade fiddle. Represented as possibly French. Based solely on very "sharp", and flush with the back, C rim corners I'm guessing BOB. Belly has had significant repair over the years.... Replaced [well done] wood at both ff's. Several crack repairs that seem stable. Well done Sound post patches Belly and Back. Belly is noticeably asymmetrical now with the high point go the arching neared to the treble foot of the bridge than the centerline. { Assuming, again, an overly long soundest for decades} I am digitally challenged both in equipment and talent but will attempt to get some help with photo's and sound clips.... [Nice wood/ 1 piece back (352mm LOB) / Grafted scroll of no great beauty / nice neck wood / appears fully blocked (although I have not had the back off). I replaced a crumbled saddle [issue was there before and after] chasing the repaired cracks to see if there are any "loose areas the are buzzing" but the fact that it is a D string only issue has me puzzled. MY APOLOGies to Fox for an apparent complete Hijack.
  11. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    Thanks Don..... Don't have a lesson till after Thanksgiving [would rather the teacher play the scale and I record. Boomy is probably a poor description..... unfocused... the fundamental note weaker and unclear among the overtones as compared to the other strings. I'll send you a PM when I get something to "evaluate".
  12. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    I hope this is not a Hijack.... but Jackson mentions "Not Raspy, just loud?" I have exactly the raspy issue on a fiddle with extensive belly repairs [that look to have been done quite well and appear stable] The D string is raspy [ "Has a Hiss" according to my teacher,,, to my inexperienced ear I would describe it a unfocused and boomy compared to the other strings] The issue is on the open string and all notes on the D string. Have changed strings and types [ Jager, Heliocore, Dominants ] and the issue is the same with all. General thoughts/ideas/directions much appreciated Moderators please delete if this is an inappropriate wander/hijack.
  13. I took a photograph of a scroll - Life Changing

    Thanks!! That makes perfect sense to what I was observing.... I admit that I was unaware that "cutting-down" instruments, other than Cello, was a "regular?" practice.
  14. I took a photograph of a scroll - Life Changing

    Is that "chevron" above the ff's what it appears to be? upper bout wood is not book matched and, although close in places, doesn't match the grain in the mid body. Looks, from the photo like the belly has had some significant repair/replacement....... unless the original top billet was spliced before carving????
  15. Cedar top repair question

    With that color Western Red Cedar or, as Mr. Johnston says, Redwood [Sequoia].