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  1. Just to throw a wrench (wench?) into the works....... I have an early Nippon fiddle rescued from the dump that sounds MUCH better strung with "Octave " strings than it did as a violin [coyote call].
  2. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do...... I appreciated it, except you beat me to it.
  3. As others have stated...... I don't think you are going to make any progress, in the direction you want, until you FIRST recut that bridge [or replace it with a properly proportioned and fitted one]. Check out some youtube videos on cutting/fitting bridges.
  4. That is VERY interesting looking top/belly wood on the guitars. What is it? How would you characterize the sound compared to commonly used spruce? Regardless Lovely Instruments.
  5. I have been listening regularly to YoYo's 2004 recording of Ennio's music with the Roma Sinfonietta, Ennio conducting.... there are many things that only the Italians can do, as the Italians do them. [ expecting the "YoYo is Italian?" snark to begin.......... now]
  6. Cuff buttons shirt/jacket, watch strap clasp/buckle? Or loose bow knocking around in case?
  7. Belly? Shirt or jacket cuff buttons while playing in higher positions?
  8. Hey....that's mine! Where did you find it?!
  9. I have several #6 shot pellets imbedded in my sinus cavity, from a "work place" incident [No I was not part of the GWB Whitehouse staff]... That have been there for almost forty years. So far I haven't gotten any stupider, I don't believe...? The most fun about this is watching the eyebrows/facial expressions of staff at a new dentist's office after the first panoramic X-ray.
  10. OP, draw us a diagram or post a photo of what you have and what you want to accomplish [saw off].
  11. Just got home from a first session of Deep Tissue Massage. I do believe if the CIA had employed that technique, they could have dispensed with the waterboarding and all the other barbarity..... received the info they wanted and put a much more palatable spin on the whole affair.
  12. I'm dealing right now with a "mild" Tennis Elbow on the left side and Rotator Cuff Impengment on the right.... Taking Tumeric and ginger capsules, but what I'm really looking for is the Les Schwab for humans.... believe I could use some new shocks and bushings.
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