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  1. Andreas, I am unable to provide any educated reply to your question..... due to inexperience/ignorance... However... I do have a violin, of uncertain European origin, probably early 19th century. It has asymmetrical arching exactly as you describe, with the apex [high-point] of the arch shifted to the treble foot of the bridge. The arching is noticeably asymmetrical along the whole length of the belly [ not just a SP deformity ].... I have always thought this a defect but now I wonder. It is a well made and nice sounding fiddle.... not particularly loud, with clear/warm trebles and nice lower end as well. It does make for an interesting looking bridge shape when fitted well for appropriate string height. I'll continue to follow the thread with interest if not total comprehension.
  2. Michael Jennings

    We need a "Like" button on Mn.

    I think I prefer spitting coffee..or scotch..through my nose when a comment or post really amuses me, helps keep the desk clean [eventually]..... also requires time to reflect when something confuses me or I disagree..... I can be too quick with snide comments as it is... Leave the "buttons" for other sites.
  3. Michael Jennings


    @Bill, Not to mention a serving or two of Humble Pie.
  4. Michael Jennings


    Theile, Sarah Watkins, Sara Jaroz, Aoife O'Donovan, Brittany Haas, Chris Ethridge, and many others of their generation really are the hope and promise of contemporary Americana music..... Individually and in their many collaborative iterations a real pleasure.
  5. Michael Jennings

    Who do retouch thicknesses from outside ?

  6. Michael Jennings

    Who do retouch thicknesses from outside ?

    Ahhhh....but what is the "Ideal" circumference, wall thickness, species of the perfect hollow log?
  7. Michael Jennings

    Perry Sultana...

    That is really spectacular Ernie! The "wee dram" definitely deserved and appropriate.
  8. Michael Jennings

    Pernambuco Sound Post

    Identical in concept to many of the Larson Brothers [Prairie State / Mauer] Guitars from the 20's and 30's although they used metal tubing back then.
  9. Michael Jennings

    How tight should a sound post be

  10. Michael Jennings

    How tight should a sound post be

    David, could you expound a bit on "re-arching", or direct to information[link] to how this is done? I have a fiddle of unconfirmed origin but appears to be early 19th century. Very extensive, well done repairs, including replaced wood around both ff's and crack repair, SP patches belly and back. The belly arch is "distorted" so that the high point is under the treble foot of the bridge. I suspect that the distortion is partly due to a "long" SP that has been in there for decades. Play well and sounds sweet and probably not worth a lot more attention...... but I am curious .
  11. Michael Jennings

    Perry Sultana...

    I LIKE IT! Really looking forward to seeing the final product and more importantly.... a video with sound! [ I see a similar project in my future]
  12. Michael Jennings

    How Do the Best Violins Compare?

    The Guitars, Mandolins and Octave Mandolin that hang on my "music room" walls resonate fairly strongly when I SNEEZE...... Though I have not noticed a lot of free resonating when I am playing an instrument or even music on the stereo ??? Perhaps I just don't hear it over the music that I am playing...... my sneezes do tend to be forte and quite pizzicato.
  13. Michael Jennings

    The Strad

    I was hoping the "Poster Included" was/is going to be a regular thing again..... In the last 6 months I believe I've received 1 [maybe two] posters, An "Accessory" advertising supplement, and the "2018 Strad Directory". March's issue arrived this last Saturday all by itself...no extras.
  14. Michael Jennings

    Case ID - as the case may be

    My copy just showed up today...so hang in there.... Great work Glenn.
  15. Michael Jennings

    Purfling channel below button

    ^^^^^ And there you have it, ^^^^^ No.... you are not weird Ken.