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  1. Perry Sultana...

    Check out... dukeofpearl.com or rescuepearl.com.
  2. Perry Sultana...

    E., The green could be Abalone, but could be color graded MOP as well.
  3. What's the Name of Your Violin?

    "Worm"....... and a much older one referred to sometimes as "Quasimodo". A third "Nippon" fiddle about half way between the ages of the first two somewhat appropriately referred to as the "Predator Call".
  4. Perry Sultana...

    Don't think this next week is going to feel very "springlike" in our neck of the woods E.
  5. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    Thanks Roger, that helps quite a bit.
  6. Off-The-Shelf Tool for Removing Top?

    "Spark Plug Gauge"? Are y'all referring to standard the blades from a set of "Feeler Gauges"? Most of the gauges specifically for Spark Plugs are wire gauges bent at 90 degrees.
  7. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    Thanks Fox.... whoa thunk it Wikipedia.... and here I was at MN.
  8. This post has not been deleted

    Originally....but not for many decades... And one does NOT barbecue one's friends....... Although in the fog of youth one may forget a friend in the pocket of his Levis......
  9. Question for the Set Up Guru's. Understanding that each instrument is an "individual" and All Things are never equal.... Is there a "general Rule" regarding the effect on tone/timbre regarding the placement/adjustment of a sound post? North/South/East/West relative to the treble foot..... re: darker/brighter?
  10. This post has not been deleted

    If you grew up in west Texas in the 40's and 50's they absolutely were "Horny Toads"....... "Proper" ????? "P**s Off"!!!!
  11. This post has not been deleted

    When did "Horny Toads" become endangered!!!??? If they indeed have...... Oh the guilt to suffer for all of them that made it into the washing machine in the pockets of my jeans that mom refused to search knowing there was no cash and not knowing what might be in there. No statute of limitations to worry about though.... I was definitely below the rebuttable age of criminal culpability.
  12. This post has been deleted

    Have a pleasant supper Jacob!
  13. Perry Sultana...

    ^^^^^^ Like ^^^^^^
  14. Don Noon's bench

    Always welcome E.
  15. Don Noon's bench

    So... The "Worm" has indeed landed in its new home. In hand it is even better looking than Don's excellent photography. Very comfortable to play and a great setup. My only concern is that it doesn't sound "quite" the same as it does when Anelle plays it........ Wonder what's up with that? I have a lot of very pleasant work/practice ahead of me....... Which was a large part of the plan all along. Thanks Don!!!!!!!!!! [ also nice to have it in hand as an aspirational example as I venture into building for my own entertainment as well] I will reiterate ........ "Who knew Dibs would work"