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  1. I use Everclear...... [ without OJ or any other "mixer"]
  2. Thanks Evan, Sounds like this is the way to go and certainly Sounds like an easier fix. I trust experience.
  3. Thanks Brad. I had planned on using fresh hot hide glue for the break, hadn't considered CA. My concern would be that it would not "wick" to the entire surface of the break, only for some undetermined distance in from the edges, considering the direction of the grain? Sorry for the misspelling it is indeed a Schroetter.
  4. I have been repairing instruments for our small island school orchestra program. Most of this consists of set ups, new bridges, tailpieces, peg fitting/dopeing etc.. The"simple" stuff. The instruments are owned by the school and are a mixture of old and more current student grade instruments, mostly donated as there is a very small budget. The director brought me a 1/2 size Mittenwald [Scheroffer] that was donated. It should be noted that the program is for 5th graders and up so the need for a 1/2 size is limited. The fingerboard [good quality ebony] is broken, in a scarf like clean break, from around the first position [index f] to about halfway up the neck where it has cleanly lifted at the glue joint for the balance of the neck. Original glue was obviously Hide. The lower portion is still firmly glued to the neck, and the break is about 60mm in length so a fairly shallow "scarf" [maybe 35% to 40%]. Clean without any real gaps or missing splinters. My inclination is to glue and clamp it back together and "smooth" any slight irregularities, before going the route of a new fingerboard. The instrument is unlikely to be played much in the program [student age] but if it were would be probably mostly confined to beginner first position. Question for the group?: any one had much luck with this type of repair vs replacement? It looks to be a pretty nice little fiddle. FWIW: I do this on a volunteer basis for the school at no cost to them. I'm retired and have plenty of time on my hands [I Hope!]
  5. Just to throw a wrench (wench?) into the works....... I have an early Nippon fiddle rescued from the dump that sounds MUCH better strung with "Octave " strings than it did as a violin [coyote call].
  6. Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do...... I appreciated it, except you beat me to it.
  7. As others have stated...... I don't think you are going to make any progress, in the direction you want, until you FIRST recut that bridge [or replace it with a properly proportioned and fitted one]. Check out some youtube videos on cutting/fitting bridges.
  8. That is VERY interesting looking top/belly wood on the guitars. What is it? How would you characterize the sound compared to commonly used spruce? Regardless Lovely Instruments.
  9. I have been listening regularly to YoYo's 2004 recording of Ennio's music with the Roma Sinfonietta, Ennio conducting.... there are many things that only the Italians can do, as the Italians do them. [ expecting the "YoYo is Italian?" snark to begin.......... now]
  10. Cuff buttons shirt/jacket, watch strap clasp/buckle? Or loose bow knocking around in case?
  11. Belly? Shirt or jacket cuff buttons while playing in higher positions?
  12. Hey....that's mine! Where did you find it?!
  13. I have several #6 shot pellets imbedded in my sinus cavity, from a "work place" incident [No I was not part of the GWB Whitehouse staff]... That have been there for almost forty years. So far I haven't gotten any stupider, I don't believe...? The most fun about this is watching the eyebrows/facial expressions of staff at a new dentist's office after the first panoramic X-ray.
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