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  1. Juzzepi, I think the music business, and creativity is doing just fine..... there are more singer songwriters to day than ever before.... they are self publishing, starting their own Labels, and of course "publishing/releasing digitally". I think this goes for all genres.... but especially in what we refer to over here as "Americana" music. The difference is that the Traditional Labels don't own everything anymore and the days of "factory writers" is fading.
  2. Steve played a D45... in fact Steve, David, Graham, and Neil all purchased 45's at the same time just before Woodstock. The 45 is basically a 28 [regular 2 piece back] With Abalone purling all round and large Abalone inlays on the Fretboard and Headstock. Prior to that He played a 28.... Neil continued to play a 28 as well and David had an 18 [ Mahogany back and sides] one of which he had converted to a 12 string.
  3. 1969 was the "last" year of Brazilian Rosewood on Martins standard line D28/D35 rosewood guitars, switching to East Indian by 1970/71. You are correct that supplies and cost of Brazilian were on the wane, and rising. The 35 used up a bunch of undersized hunks of Brazilian in the 3 piece backs.... some were all Brazilian [including the sides] but quickly moved to mostly Indian with just the center piece of the back in Braz and then very quickly to all Indian. D35 also had lighter/thinner bracing than the 28.... the only other difference was the 35 had a bound fingerboard. I ended up selling the 35 and buying an older 28 [before the prices went up] that I still have. In my experience the 28 is more focused and over the years I think sales records show the much more popular model.
  4. Hummmm??.... I bought a brand new Martin D35 in late 1969.... Purchase/Retail price was $535.00. Today worth maybe $3000.00 to $5000.00, but less than its more popular brother the D28 of the same vintage. I guess it really is all in the name....and in this case NOT the one that is on the headstock.
  5. If you don't mind? How long is the bow overall [back end of the adjuster to tip of the nose] ?
  6. Might want to check out Morgan Anderson and Peg Baumgartel..... excellent award winning bow makers... They're in Rosalia, not too far from you.
  7. I've used JustStrings.com for years, primarily for Guitar/Mandolin/Octave Mandolin strings, but have bought Dominants, Evahs and Obligatos there as well. I also order from Shar, especially when they are running a sale. Prices between the two are comparable and service as well. There are no "Local Shops" on the island where I live.
  8. I suppose it is indeed a sign of the times that even MN is devolving weekly into a political speed slapping fest.
  9. That really looks nice E. !!!
  10. One can only hope..... REALLY bad Sushi.
  11. JEFFERY!!!! Can we Please get back to FIDDLES and Antonio's secret ??!!!
  12. Nope.... just back to the Jr. High Locker Room.....
  13. Don, sorry but what is Pontianak .... other than a city in Indonesia???