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  1. Michael Jennings

    Don Noon's bench

    Noon: is like; Tune, Loon, Boon, Soon.......... The other one is too easy to need explanation
  2. Michael Jennings

    Ignore function

    Point taken.
  3. Michael Jennings

    Ergonomic Viola Idea

    Geeze Quali.....what the heck are we going to do with all these damned wheels that are rolling around the place when you make the next interest shift???? [ BTW.... have you ever attended a live symphony performance?]
  4. Michael Jennings

    Wood with two visible grains?

    ^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^
  5. Michael Jennings

    Bridge position: What's most important?

    Is it a full sized [4/4] fiddle? My understanding is that string length "standard" on modern 4/4 violins is 330mm. [with a couple of mm "wiggle room"]. Your measurement of 325mm would be the sum of "standard" neck length (130) + stop length (195) for a 4/4 but I don't believe that translates to the string/scale length of 330mm for a 4/4 violin. Could you be dealing with a 3/4 or 7/8 fiddle.
  6. Michael Jennings

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    Encouraging! Stay on that road for a while.
  7. Michael Jennings

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    It's like you're posting "investigative" opinions on the Lindberg kidnapping based on the FaceBook posts of a 16 year old shoplifter from Newark.
  8. Michael Jennings


  9. Michael Jennings

    Ergonomic Viola Idea

    I just want to make sure I"m understanding...... You don't play, you don't collect/deal, you don't build? You do apparently browse the internet.... And you're going to "Quibble" with Manifo about viola building?...... rich.
  10. Michael Jennings

    Violin finds / treasure hunting

    Seems there should be a fairly Bright Line between fantasy and delusion.........
  11. Michael Jennings

    The Blazing and Amazing...Mark O' Connor

    Ahhh, but Stephane... now THERE was a fiddle player!!!!
  12. Michael Jennings

    pumice as pore filler?

    I still use that method on the guitars I build..... labor intensive but satisfying in the end.
  13. Michael Jennings

    1759 Gagliano Pawned for $50

    Most pawn shops in WA enter pawned items into a data base that law enforcement can check against stolen property reports.... the data base includes the info on the person who pawned.
  14. Michael Jennings

    Violin ID

    Thank you..... I suspect that when one sees an "inlet saddle" where the saddle is a separate piece [ "regular" only the thickness of the belly edge], the piece inlayed in to the rib is a remnant of the original where the saddle itself has been replaced? Or......? a "deceptive antiquing practice"?
  15. Michael Jennings

    Violin ID

    Question for you Jacob..... Is the inlay of a rectangular piece of ebony in the rib below the saddle [above the endpin] indicative of any region, school, period? { also a longer saddle than "usual"? }