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  1. I have an Epiphone Broadway Archtop guitar 1946 that spent 25+ years in an unheated, and dubiously roofed, barn here on the island. Only damage was some deteriorated celluloid binding. Hanging on the living room wall now played regularly.
  2. At a certain point in life the speed of time becomes pretty irrelevant..... either you're above ground today, or under it. Make the most of the moment.
  3. I have a "Nippon" fiddle, WWI Vintage, That was a rescue. As a fiddle it was loud and pretty harsh. I have two other fiddles of much better quality so the Nippon was not getting played at all. On a whim I ordered a set of Helicore Octave strings, adjusted the nut and bridge slots, and strung it up. Sounds pretty good and am getting some use out of it now. [ 358mm LOB, Ribs are 32mm at lower block to 30mm at neck block. Lower Bought 210mm, Cs 115mm, Upper 167mm] Observations on your questions: Can't imagine a Low C [Octave lower than Viola] that would work sonically or be playable on a violin platform. I do need to invest in a heavier viola bow for the octave fiddle than my violin bows.
  4. For a slightly different take try Robert Earl Kean's "Merry Christmas From the Family" https://youtu.be/oqN483jm6JE
  5. Amazing what someone can do with a hatchet and a pen knife and enough porch time.
  6. It was Baez's Martin in 64. Re: The 30th Anniversary Concert, I've had the CD and DVD of that concert for along time now... That cut and Eric's rendition of "Don't Think Twice" get a lot of play here, but the whole concert was brilliant.
  7. But a Filson Tin Cloth Coat....they come with a tin of Filson wax for refreshing. I have a drawer full of them. [Or you could just order a tin from them. Cheaper but not as satisfying on a rainy day woods walk.]
  8. I use "Transfer Paper" which, to my understanding is merely extremely thin carbon paper.
  9. So........ an engineer a philosopher, and a lumberjack walked in to a bar.......................
  10. I think I'd have a go at setting it up as built, maybe fudge the bridge and post a bit north and see what you have.... 3mm ain't a mile. Try what you have before doing anything drastic. Split the difference with bridge [ heck the feet are gonna be 4.5mm wide on their own] Finish it set it up and use some "wiggle room" experimentation. I've played fiddles with everything from 327mm to 332mm string length and you'd be surprised how well your ears and fingers together will compensate to make it sound right [intonation]. It's one of the real advantages to No Frets!
  11. Perhaps if you were to provide us with and actual name and C.V. we would be a bit more likely to take you seriously........ no...probably not... Might I suggest you get a new computer chair? one without the sharp broken spring protruding?