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  1. Where is the Chardon located? Is it somewhere it could be seen?
  2. Cool, thanks for the information! What do you think of the edgework beyond the corner? Does the ridge between the edge and purfling look right? Just looking at the picture I'm seeing some lumps that bug me, but maybe a little bit of that is right for the model? Again, what I'm going for is new, untiqued del Gesu (with the caveat of not being too funky to sell...).
  3. And how it sits on the rib. (Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos) Edited to say these are both of the upper treble side corner, if that makes any difference.
  4. Just re-reading this thread (got fun towards the end!) as I'm back in the same spot with a new fiddle as I was when I first posted. Spent some time with the information here, Mr Hargraves writings on the subject and pictures of the Chardon and the Joachim (which is the one I'm freaking out about the most right now), came up with something like this. Any thoughts? Am I in the ballpark? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info! This is just water, no sand. I've read about that but figured I'd try the simpler method first. Is that any more effective or faster? Will the Hargrave recipe work with art store refined oil? I bought colophony and mastic per the Hargrave recipe. I knew it was a fairly long cooking time, but good to have the temperature and a rough idea of how long it will take. I had been planning on calling Joe Thrift and picking his brain about it, his varnish is very similar to Roger's. Anyway, just glad I didn't screw up forty bucks worth of oil. Thanks!
  6. Hey folks- I'm just beginning to dip my toes into varnish making, and had a question about washing linseed oil. I bought a jug of Kremer's cold pressed stuff and put it in a big mason jar with some water as outlined in Mr Hargrave's bass article. The oil, which was a kind of golden/yellow and translucent in its own bottle now looks like orange juice and is totally opaque. Is this normal? I haven't siphoned off the first batch of water yet, and there's definitely some crud settling out. I got paranoid and thought maybe I had left a little dish soap residue in the jar when I washed it out, and that might have done something to the oil? Or it may just be that I need to run a couple more batches of water through it and let it clarify. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jack
  7. Hell, can I write him in for president and govenor of NC both? I'd donate a case of beer and become the Charles Koch of the Joe Thrift campaign!
  8. Also, I know it's a bit off the original topic, but I'm taken with Nathan Slobodkin and David Burgess's comments about cleanly varnishing textured, un or minimally scraped wood in a flattering way. Would love to hear more thoughts on this (also, Joe Robson, if you're reading this I'd love to hear your thoughts on this). Thanks!
  9. Thank you all so much for your input, this is exactly the kinda information I'm looking for! Ben Hebbert, I'm curious about your description of the edges as a "thin and flexible hinge." Could you elaborate on that? The photographs that have been shared are great. I was unaware of both the length of overhang at the corners, and how flat (some of) the C bout edges are. It's interesting how round and almost bulbous they can be in the upper and lower bouts but much thinner and flatter in the waist. Keep it coming, I'm loving reading all this!
  10. Thanks for all the information! The thing is definitely funky, but I've heated it up with a blow torch for a few fiddles worth of ribs, and the shape is great. Might be worth just continuing to do that. On a related topic- does anyone have any experience with the Caramillo iron? It has the most similar shape to anything I've seen commercially available, and seems much less likely to burn the shop down...
  11. Does anybody have any ideas on this? It seems to have slipped below the surface while I was being simple and struggling with the pictures. Thanks!
  12. Hey, sorry about that. I was posting from the shop on my phone and couldn't figure out how to get the pictures loaded. Here they are. Its kind of a funky old thing, with no label that I can see. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. Hey folks- a buddy gave me this bending iron a while back. I like the shape a lot but it needs a new heating element. Any thoughts? As you can see in the picture, the iron is hollow and has a post that runs up to the top. Presumably this is where the element gets attached? I've been looking at various cartridge elements and soldering iron parts, but wanted to check if anybody had a better sense of what would work. Thanks, JD
  14. I'm looking around for blocks of pear and poplar to take shaving from for purfling, and am having a hell of a time finding anything. Most places I'm finding either have stuff that's for model making or small carvings that's milled too small, or they require that you make an order that's much larger than what I need. Does anybody have a source they like, or a stash of purfling wood they'd be willing to sell me a few chunks from? thanks! Jack
  15. Got in touch last night, problem solved. Thanks!
  16. Hey Folks, I'm a longtime lurker and first time poster here on Maestronet. I'm writing because I'm having a really hard time getting in touch with Joe Robson at Violin Varnish Limited. Does anybody know if he's traveling, ill or otherwise unable to be contacted? I ordered some varnish from him a couple months ago, and when the package arrived, it contained the wrong type. No big deal, I'm just trying to get in touch with him to get it swapped out and having a hard time. I hope he's alright, if anybody has any insite it would be appreciated. Thanks, Jack Devereux