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  1. Esse tradutor funciona bem! O português falado no Brasil é bem diferente daquele falado em Portugal....
  2. I listen to music all the time... classical FM station, or CDs, or Italian classic radios. Sometimes also on the interner, now I am a big fan of the NETHERLANDS BACH SOCIETY, they have tons of things on their youtube channel, with no ads.
  3. You are tall enough to play a 16-inch viola, even a 16.5 perhaps. So the problem is not related to the viola size, I think.
  4. Yes, Michael Tree was not all that tall, but had very long arms... But height is an starting point. As a viola maker, I ask about height, arms, fingers of players when they write me. it is rather strange.
  5. Sweat can vary a lot. In general my varnish will bear it, but I had to revarnish a rib sometime ago, the player's sweat was very corrosive. It may be your case, since you mentioned your strings are getting rusty.
  6. I remember reading that small celli were made in Venice to be used by soloists.
  7. Some testimonials by players are poignant.... it is incredible how players suffer to find a good viola. "Julius Adams SSuepmtemcarbedr o26 at 3s:ft4t7 iPhddMd · As some of you may know, I’ve struggled with not having my own professional viola for several years due to the financial burden of buying a high quality instrument along with finding one that fits my large stature without being overly strenuous to play. I’ve lost many nights sleep worrying about how I would navigate the professional music world without having my own instrument. I was fortunate enough to be loaned instruments from the University of Illinois for 4 years of undergrad, by a fantastic local Cincinnati maker Damon Gray, my teacher, and other members of my studio throughout my Master’s at CCM. There have been several transitional periods in which I would have to give back instruments, scramble to find another, and try to figure out how to play a completely different viola usually a few days before an important audition or competition. This led me to often injure my wrist, lose motivation, and even depression from feeling that I didn’t have my own personal voice and tone that I wanted to present to audiences. This summer, I was presented an opportunity by a very close friend to look at violas in Los Angeles, California. I was recommended Benning Violins by an incredible violist and old friend, Johanna Nowik . I tried 30+ violas from different shops that day, but immediately fell in love with this viola by an extraordinarily talented Brazilian viola maker, Luis Claudio Manfio. This 16.3” viola named “Allemande” has a rich and powerful tone, is the most comfortable viola I’ve ever played on, and is absolutely gorgeous! I can't describe how much I love this viola and how grateful I am to officially own a Manfio Viola! Cheers to a lifelong companion!" https://www.facebook.com/100000494052921/videos/pcb.5011780542181698/541578816914361
  8. I had the "Mahler" viola in my hands many times... it is played by Antoine Tamestit. I think that, due to the discoloration on the sides, this may be a piece of wood difficult to find...
  9. Dwight, I wish we had more players burning with viola fever!
  10. One of my violas in Tampa needs some work, including a neck reset, do you have any recommendations of shops or makers there or nearby? Thanks!
  11. http://collections.nmmusd.org/Violas/Guarneri3354/3354GuarneriViolaBackLowerTrebleCornerLG.jpg
  12. Here again, as a result of the making technique used, the cut lines left by a "grafietto tagliente" to mark the limits of the channel over the purfling, Andrea Guarneri tenor viola "ex Bisiach": http://collections.nmmusd.org/Violas/Guarneri3354/3354GuarneriViolaBackUpperBassCornerLG.jpg
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