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    Viola - wolf on the F, G string

    Some players can also "jail" the wolf.... player will be here today, let's see what happens.

    Viola - wolf on the F, G string

    Thanks Don! The current one is a very light one, side mounted.
  3. My violas in general are "wolfless", but I recently finished a 41.5 cms. (16.3") that has a wolf on the F note, G string. Since it is a bigger size than my regular 16" (40.7 cms.), perhaps the wolf is due to the bigger resonance of the sound box. No wolves on the upper positions of the C string. Any tips to deal with it? Thanks!

    In the white

    I used to do that many years ago. The idea was evaluating the sound. But sound will change a lot with varnish, so I don't do that anymore.

    article on detecting fakes in the art maket

    The new target of fakers are modern Italians, I think. Some of them are very clever. I remember of a fake Carlo Giuseppe Oddone violin, it was even featured in a full page catalog of a German auction house. It was probably the product of a German/Chinese team.

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Yep, I know that! Thanks again!

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Thanks for your input David!

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    Nice comments David! How do you deal with that problem in your own making, a flat top or a constant radius? For my violas I've been using a rather flat top, coupled with a strong bass bar, and my tops have been holding it, I think it favours basses.

    article on detecting fakes in the art maket

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing! It is hard to know when scientific methods will be used in violins. I remember Roger Hargrave saying that scientific analysis of labels's paper could be usefull, but no one was interested in that. Some books were published by a Swiss team many years ago, based in UV light fluorescence of varnishes, but it is a controversial issue.
  10. MANFIO

    Is theTertis model still used by makers?

    I think that the Rivinus' Pellegrina and Tertis violas are very different animals. I talked with Rivinus during a Viola Congress in Germany, if I am not wrong, I remember he saying that his viola model was designed to be used by players who had some kind of physical problem, his model would make playing the viola possible to these players. I think that the Tertis model had - and still has - an influence over many makers, mainly the idea of rather wide, flat, thin plates, with almost no scooping on the edges combined with deep ribs.
  11. Thanks!!! Second day of varnishing, viola "La Bohème", 41.5 cms.
  12. MANFIO

    Corner geometry question re Guadagnini, observations.

    If you google "MANFIO corner shaping tutorial" you will find a PDF with a tutorial I made many years ago. It is not scientific but good to create an organic look, perhaps.
  13. Ground on my 41.5 cm. (16.3") viola "La Bohème".
  14. Fascinating!!! Thanks for sharing Ed!
  15. MANFIO

    Tailpiece touching the sadle

    No, my personal experience. This has been part of my set up for years. But not all instruments will bear a long string after length, instruments with too thin plates will probably choke.