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  1. Thanks! Riccio di viola, "presto agitato, in tempo di pestilenza"
  2. Zukerman plays a composite Guarneri viola.
  3. I opened a thread about corona virus on the fingerboard. The 2008 crisis was bad, this one is going to be much worse due to the fact that most musicians are making no money at all.
  4. My workshop is at my home.... I will have to work.... starting a new viola amid this mess is difficult.
  5. Thank you all! The inside of the f holes, the inside of the pegbox and the neck root under the fingerboard are painted with varnish, terra di ombra pigment and some bianco di Spagna power (to make it mat).

    Ribs height

    Yep, that is it, there is "grammar" in violin maker, we have to have that in mind all the time and follow the grammar. I talk about that with young makers all the time.
  7. Everytime a player thinks about regraduating, revarnishing, etc., first ask to play an instrument made by the luthier who will do the work. If you see he can't make a good sounding instrument, he will not be able to improve yours by regraduating or revarnishing.
  8. Yes, move to another violin.
  9. When we see Italian doctors talking about it, when we see the hospitals, etc, it is very very real. The press is fueled by press releases from the big companies, they don't want us stopping buying things, traveling, etc.
  10. This article deals about the effects of coronavirus in the life of classical players, due to cancelling of concerts. It will affect makers too, I think.
  11. In Italy now all museums and concert rooms are closed now. No gigs, no concerts. This article talks about its impact in the life of musicians.