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  1. Nice! How thick are the walls of the pegbox, in their front part? 5 mm? The last turn or "eye" of the scroll, in the Cremonese school, is a bit "back" the point you finished it, but that's ok.
  2. Very nice for #3. Work a bit more on the corners orientation and "grammar". I made a corner shaping tutorial, if you google you will find it. The f holes are a bit unorthodox but still can be worked in the upper and lower parts. Any photos of the scroll? Congrats!
  3. Ok, I use 25.5 for the lower bouts. Good luck! Bear in mind the problems of viola sound: weak C string, too narrow dynamic range (you change your bowing and almost nothing happens in terms of volume and sound colour), slow respons, lack of clarity (notes will mix in quick passages) and wolves.
  4. How wide are the bouts? And what is the length?
  5. I added 10 mm in the lower bouts and some mm in C bouts too. The poster is out of print.
  6. One single thing can't be used for attribution purposes. And these changes occurred in a long period of time, and in a different time depending on the region.
  7. Thanks jezzupe! Everything I make is rather intuitive, but I studied lutherie a lot. Thanks!
  8. Viola "Bewitched". I use rubber bands to keep the bridge in place for adjusting the neck position. Weight of the viola prior to varnish, 452 grams for a 16-inch viola.
  9. Thanks Nick! That is a nice knife by John Schmidt. Viola "Bewithced", 16 inches.
  10. Poggi made Poggi violins, not copies, and in general collectors will want to see the maker's personality on the violin. Poggi is a well stablished name, even when he was alive, and he continued famous after his death.
  11. You have to decide if you want to make an investment or if you want a tool for make music.
  12. If I were a professional musician I would get the one that is easier to play and sounds better, and I would include other makers (dead and alive) in the basket too. If I were a violin collector or dealer I would take the Poggi.