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  1. What about Del Gesùs 1744 "Terminator", with a beechwood back?
  2. Oh.... son we will have an art violin made by Damien Hirst!!! Such silly things should be made only by viola makers, and not by serious guys as violin makers!!!
  3. Thanks Rue! I finished this viola on November 2018 but made the photos just now, 16.3" (41.5 cms.) viola "ALLEMANDE".
  4. Thanks D`Amore! In the case of old instruments, the restorers' list would take pages....
  5. Thnak you all!! Yes, that was nice of the player doing that, but it is not rare, I remember about 3 CDs recorded with my violas that mention that.
  6. i hope so! I had the oportunity to listen to Zukerman's and Imai's Andrea Guarneri violas in recitals.
  7. Oh, it is a pity we will not be able to see it again in the Royal Academy of Music. Jason Price mentions that in the very interesting article he wrote about Andrea Guarneri violas.
  8. Is this the viola that was in exhibition in the Royal College of Music in London? Here a photo I took from it some years ago, the knots are in the same place.
  9. The long arch on the top shows a long "flat" area, that is what I expected to see, but the long arching in the back shows a flat area too. Interesting.
  10. Wise words Lawrance... as a matter of fact I make some very small changes from time to time. And I am always asking myself if I am doing the "right" thing. But I do have nice players here to give me a feed back. What I am sure is that I moved towards something easier to play, I am sure about that.
  11. Right now I am copying my own violas, and I've been successful doing that. I can reproduce the sound, playability and look of the original! That makes me happy!!!
  12. Jayyoon Kim is principal viola of the prestigious Korean Chamber Orchestra, he will give a viola recital in Seoul, he plays my 40.7 cms. viola "Rêverie". I wish I could be there!
  13. The original Marciana varnish is 2 parts oil, one part mastic, one part colophony, as the original recipe kept in the Marciana Library, Venice: "Togli per una misura: una libra d'olio di linseme, et quocilo come si fà in una pignatta invetriata netta, poi vi metti su mesa libbra di pece greca chiara et bella et polverizzata et mesta quando la metti, tanto che si incorpori bene a fuoco dolce, poi vi metti su mezza libra di mastice macinato, et quando lo metti perché ei rigonfia leverai però la pignata da fuoco et mettilo su a poco a poco mestando et incorporando bene, poi torna la pignata al fuoco et mesta tanto che si solva ogni cosa bene, poi mettivi quanto una noce di allume di roccha arso pesto et mesta che si solva et incorpori bene poi lievala dal fuoco et colala per peza lina vecchia et serbala, et per legname, et per ferro et per carta et corame et per ogni dipintura et lavoro farà un opera bellissima et per stare alla aqua, et quando ti pare soda stempera con olio di lino come si fa etc. ".