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  1. A viola I made in 2017 named "Ella Fitzgerald", 40.7 cm., here played by Julia Casañas Castellví, Penderecki "Cadenza", Royal Conservatory of the Hague, Netherlands.
  2. Get good, fresh prawns. Remove the heads and the shells. In a cast iron pan, put some garlic and olive oil, add the heads and shells of the prawns and keep mixing them with a wooden spoon. When they acquire a nice orange/red color, add some white wine, then some hot water, tarragon, thyme, black peppers and a bit of curry power. An onion can be added too. Let it cook for about half an hour, strain. Put the discarded heads and shells in the freezer till the day the of the garbage truck comes to your street, otherwise your neighbors will kill you. It is favored by many Italian makers
  3. Under the French influence, many "oversized" violins were also made in the Italian French speaking region in Northern Italy, the Piemonte (Torino).
  4. Nice photos of the Tenor David, thanks for it! Put some more!!! I like when the instrument looks golden yellow under the sun, a bit red under hot lights, and a bit brown under cold lights.
  5. Yes, use the plastic sleeve that comes with the string.
  6. Yes but, on the other hand, the "Messiah" looks quite new, the same for the "Alard" del Gesù, and others in mint condition.
  7. The Andrea Guarneri varnish colour is mesmerizing in that violin, "giallo oro intenso", Bruce Carlson sent me a very nice photo of it some years ago but I can't find it.
  8. I don't want Strad's varnsih... I want the ground and varnish Andrea Amati used in the "CARLO IX" 1566 violin in the Cremona Museum...
  9. I think it is time to quote Sir David Burgess.... I remember it very well, after Elizabeth II crowning, after having some bottles of Tattinger champagne, someone started talking about varnish, and Sir Burgess admonished the gent in a very phlegmatic way: "GENTLEMEN NEVER TALK ABOUT VARNISH". The Queen loved it and authorized Sir Burgess to write in his labels "BY APPOINTMENT TO HM THE QUEEN". I was there.... history was being made in front of my eyes!!!
  10. Easier to apply. It takes a lot of time rubbing the paste and removing the excess... but I can try it again in the future. The type of pumice used makes a huge difference too.
  11. I just changed to something I find better.
  12. In the past I used my Marcina oil varnish in a paste with pumice that I rubbed in the wood. It worked well. But I am not using this anymore.
  13. It will go to the Asian Continent!!!
  14. Instead of spending money in new fittings, save your money for a better instruments. It will come with good fittings.
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