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  1. The Strad/Del Gesù centrism is not new.... and it will continue. Perhaps some modern Italians with a strong personal style (that is, not the "copysts") will be more copied in the future, as Scarampella. But it is hard to know. If you want to innovate, move to viola or Bass making. I make my own viola model.
  2. I've been doing this for many years, with a 15 cms. neck, it worked for all my viola sizes.
  3. The Bennngs are operating in LA for generations. They were Jascha Heifetz's luthiers. They have two of my violas with them.
  4. I find 37C too hot too, and agree with David, I had similar problems in the past due to high temperatures.
  5. Thank you all! What yellow and orange I could use? I have here terra di siena naturale pigment (raw siena) and cinquasia brown gold...
  6. A pen written signature is still very very difficult to fake, I think. There are forensic specialists working in the legal field, there are such things as the pressure of the pen, point of "attack" and "fugue", with macro photos, they are very interesting.
  7. The situations are not the same.... paper currency forgery is a big business, you can get big printers, hire high profile professionals, etc. It is an organized crime realm. With violins, in general you have just one faker, he will not have the means paper currency fakers have.
  8. I do that in my certificates, and many makers in Italy are doing the same.
  9. In some certificates each photo is signed by the maker, sometimes the branding iron is used to make an imprint on the paper, these things are not all that easy to fake.
  10. A sticky varnish after two weeks of application is a problem too. And if it is water soluble, it may be sweat soluble too.
  11. I know the majority of the certificates issued will be lost by the players.... even so, what we see in the market is that some kind of paper issued by the maker that follows the instrument is important, as visit cards, letters exchanged, receipts (I saw a violin with Vuillaume's receipt). I also remember of a fantastic Ferdinando Garimberti cello, that was owned by an Italian priest here, he commissioned the cello from Garimberti and had the ecclesiastical papers authorizing him to get the cello, since he had made some kind of poverty vow. He sold his old classic Italian cello to get the
  12. Yes, I make certificates for the violas I make. In the past I wrote them in Italian, but dealers and players showed a clear preference for English, that's what I do now. Good photos in the proper angles and a description of the instrument. And, yes, it takes time, as everything in lutherie.
  13. My Hillbilly CNC carved this viola scroll in just three days! It takes ages to program... mainly to "teach" the machine to use scrapers that work better than those rotatory tools. It makes a mess, but my workshop is already very messy.
  14. I see a public relations professional at work.