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  1. Minimum size plane for making centre joints

    I am with Muswell, I use an English RECORD no. 7. A no. 8 would not be a bad idea too.
  2. Large bassbar with thin top on cello

    If you are making the cello, I would go the orthodox way. Thin tops can lead to hollow sonority, many wolves, the basses will not be good, the the upper registers in the C and G strings will not sound good. I do make a strong bar in my violas, my bars will add from 8 to 10 grams to my top, but I use that with other things.
  3. string length and after length

    It will also depend on the player.
  4. Thanks Rue! Today in the workshop.
  5. Viola "Billie Holiday", scroll.
  6. string length and after length

    Here some old interesting threads about string length and stop:
  7. string length and after length

    For the string afterlength, if you move the tailpiece "South", the instrument will get more edgy, if you move it "North" you will calm it down. I don't use the proportion rule, I do prefer adjusting it according to how the instrument is sounding. Some viola players will use the G peg for the C string to increase the afterlength in the pegbox too. Here Heiftz Del Gesù, the tailpiece is very "South", giving a long string afterlength.
  8. Janito's bench

    Interesting Janito. I took this photo some years ago. Side view of Van Gogh`s "Wheat Field with Cypresses" showingn the thick layer of oil colours that gives texture to the paniting, making it almost tridimensional. I was surprised to see that there was no cracking in the thick paint (in some parts it may be 7 mm thick, or even more). Van Gogh`s painting style and technique may have caused a shock in his time, he sold just one of his paintins in his lifetime..
  9. Favorite small viola model?

    I think you are right about that Ben! One of my players, principal in Bremen, uses a 17-inch old Cremonese Cerutti for the orchestra and my 16-inch viola for solos and contemporary music. By the way, lute players may have many many lutes.
  10. Show stopper - the brick

    Guadagnini made violins with no purfling under the button, if I am not wrong. But in many instruments it was "corrected" later by restores.