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  1. Option1, Oops, I'm sorry...that proves I'm a real rookie. I've edited all open posts to that effect. Peace
  2. I'm sorry that the discussion of this topic has gone a bit heated up. The reason why I first posted was simply out of 'ignorance' - as I don't find ZSM's name on the list under Amati Foundation. However, my ignorance would have been completely enlightened if anyone happen to have a copy of the "original" listing under which ZSM appear on ie, the "ZSM + 28 Masters" list. In short, I'm not questioning whether ZSM is fiticious or doubtful as to his product quality, I just can't find him on the list and that's why I thought I might have mistakened and trying to seek clarification. Peace
  3. Very true, esp for old violin which may have its case changed a few times. Perhaps the question should become "can we tell the age or rather the period about when the violin case is made by looking at its shape"? Eg, for the 2 samples of old looking coffin type of case, about when were they possibly made? Peace
  4. Assuming that the violin is in its original case, is it possible to tell the age or even the origin of a violin by its case? Eg. the following coffin type looks old: http://cgi.ebay.com/German-Violin-antiqu...1QQcmdZViewItem This one is also coffin type but looks even older with the handle on top rather than side http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...N%3AIT&rd=1 Both are coffin type cases that looks interesting; probably made of wood. Any chance to tell their ages just by looking at the case? Peace
  5. Based on Andrew's remark, we can only take it that there is a Mr. ZSM who's 70+ of age and a master maker in Beijing. However, the question still remain is - why in the first place reference was made to Amati Foundation where Mr. ZSM was not one of the 33 master makers? Or, was he once was and was subsequently taken out and why? Still puzzle with linking Mr. ZSM to Amati Foundation... Peace
  6. I tend to agree with Gleen but: 1. if ZSM is just a trade name, then the ebay seller probably has to change his description because the way he describes undoubtedly leads all reader to believe that ZSM is a "PERSON" rather than a "WORKSHOP LABEL". 2. Everyone had better drop making reference to Amarti Foundation re ZSM because it is very easy to creat an impression that someone is tryin to confuse Zheng and Zhang? To me, Charles Bronson definelty doesn't equate George Benson. Or again, is there something else I've overlooked or mistaken? Peace
  7. Hi Hanxiao, If you're talking about Mr. Zheng Quan, you could do a search under Yahoo.com and you could realised that his violins are represented by Cremona Inc in Texas. But if you're talking about violins by Mr. Zhang Shu Mei, I'm afraid you have to refer to Ebay. Peace.
  8. It seems that things are getting more confusing with the introuduction of one more luthier Mr. Zhu Jian Ming into this thread. Seems like: 1. the maker under Illuminatus' cliping is clearly Mr. Zheng (full name Zheng Quan). Though Cremona Inc in Texas may be the exclusive dealer of Mr. Zheng's violins, Mr. Zheng's himself is in Beijing? 2. Still, Mr. Zheng Quan doesn't appear to be the same person as Mr. Zhang Shu Mei. It appears that all bio introuducing Mr.Zheng Quan is under Mr. Zheng's own name. So, up to this point, there doesn't appear to be any tracable reference for Mr. Zhang beyond the fact that violin from Mr. Zhang's workshop, (in Beijing?), is being sold in Ebay. 3. It is definite that Mr. Zhu Jiang Ming is neither Mr. Zhang nor Mr. Zheng as the latter are in Beijing(?), northern part of China, while Mr. Zhu is in Guangzhou, South-most part of China. Thousand miles away... Apparently, my confusion as to why Mr. Zhang has been on so many occasions been recongnised as one of the 33 maker under Amarti foundation still appears unclear. Pls understand that I'm simply confused and wish to seek clarification if possible. There's no other intention or anything against any person or claim. Peace to everyone.
  9. Hi, I'm new to this forum but I've read with interest on quite some threads which are very enlightening. However, there are some threads on a Chinese violin maker called "Zhang Shu Mei" that really interests me. Apparently there are quite a lot of reference made to the Amarti Foundation web-site citing "Zhang Shu Mei" as one of the 33 luthiers chosen for the project: http://www.amatifoundation.org/pages/4/index.htm I've seen these reference not just here but on other forums and website. But when I surfed that website, I don't find "Zhang Shu Mei" appearing as one of the 33 luthiers. The only luthier that comes from China is called "Zheng Quan". I don't think "Zhang Shu Mei" is the same person as "Zheng Quan" because: 1. The name is totally different. One is Mr. Zhang, the other is Mr. Zheng. The letter a and e dictates a completely different Chinese character surname. 2. Mr. Zheng Quan is apparently the luthier for Cremonia Inc, a shop based in Texas; while Mr. Zhang is supposedly in Beijing. I'm really confused. Or have I mistakened? Greetings and peace to everyone. Rookie
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