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  1. i flew delta last year with a violin and it was fine generally the case has to be less than 46 linear inches
  2. I once heard some modern piece that was all like that, i don't remember what it was called though
  3. Get the Lamberti, the first one. I have played them, in 4/4, and they sound very good for the price and i'm sure it would please your child and your teacher. Instruments from china have come a long way, and they are hard to beat for the price range you are looking in. I don't really think it matters if the violin is slightly older, shar does good work either way.
  4. shosty lenigrad symphony barber vc, hahn saint saens vc
  5. It kind of sounds like a late 20s or early 30s mozart symphony, but i could be way off, but I know its mozart
  6. yeah, he's on violinist.com, and I think i saw him on another forum as well
  7. lol, she was probably nervous. I think that i used to have a video of sarah playing in disney carmen fantasy, but he tape got ruined
  8. I love seeing sarah chang! did you get her autograph?
  9. nice piece, it almost sounds like movie music
  10. your daughters old strings were probably red labels max asst.
  11. how common if french polishing in the last 5 years. my violin was made in 2001 and looks like it has a layer of rather poorly done french polishing on it. karen gomyo's strad looks like zimmerman's too, shiny. how do you get bbc tv, i'm listening to zimmermans Szymanowski: Violin Concerto now just on the radio on the internet
  12. goose bane, i've heard that too, however they are different prices, so i wonder if thats true or not
  13. another great thing for $20 is a subscription to naxos, you can listen to tons of music, for only 20 bucks a year
  14. cool idea dan i still can't find an E for my evahs that i like
  15. this happened to me with a gut string, an oliv a i never figured out what caused it, but sometimes changing strings will help
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