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    Physics of violins
    Finite element analysis for eigenmodes, stresses, whatnot

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Interest in many sciences. Motorcycles, music, all the rest. Started piano at 4, switched to violin at 7. Main instrument viola for about 30 years. Enjoy orchestra. Started making as a hobby at 16, 1960. Started full-time shop in 1972. Self-taught but had a pretty good teacher. Not too much interested in old instruments except as aesthetic objects. I think that the science lies elsewhere. MS degree in physics, graduate school left for greener pastures, 1988 Strong interest in varnishes, presently in emulsion application form. This is very versatile and I invite questions. jmluthier10@yahoo.com   Sometime a pain in the arse. Like to argue science points. Have background in physics and trying to refine my understanding acoustics from a math and physics point of view.

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