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  1. Very nice thing you're doing. Hope all the instruments sell!
  2. You may go to Tarisio looking for a modern instrument in your price range, and end up bidding on the best sounding instrument in your price range ;). But as others will tell you, it helps to know a fair bit about violins if you're going to buy at auction. Otherwise, I would recommend seeing what reputable dealers have to offer, many of whom share their considerable knowledge here on Maestronet, i.e Martin Swan et al.
  3. I've had good experience with Clarion...had a mishap and they took care of the repair no problem, and depreciation.
  4. I thought the 1920s and earlier Roths tended to be more valuable...depending on the "level" of build. I've seen a few made by him, supposedly, and they were gorgeous. But don't think this is one of them...
  5. In this latest T2 auction there seem to be a lot of violins described with a more specific "circa" than before...a slight sea change from previous auctions?
  6. And they're representing it as "A Violin, Mid-20th Century" which is coincidentally how one would describe "1948"...which is the year on the fake label. This doesn't reflect well on Tarisio, imho....
  7. Not coming apart, I simply meant compare condition reports
  8. The sound of the violin will depend on how it's adjusted at any given moment...yes there are inherent qualities, but within that it can change depending on so many factors. As a player, I know this from painful experience
  9. You didn't do the Zyg any favors by placing it in a practice room. However, that main room at Tarisio would make a half size violin sound amazing. Having played all three of those instruments, I prefer 161, but 156 is a healthier instrument and better suited to a soloist.
  10. I tried both Poggi and Sam Z....didn't like the Poggi at all, but maybe it was asleep
  11. I can imagine Sam Z might put himself on his own waiting list so he can take advantage of the market value - maybe this violin is his! It sure does sound good...
  12. Just curious, is there a number by his signature? He usually signed and numbered his instruments...
  13. Forgive me for resurrecting this old thread, but I bought one of those inexpensive 'snake' endoscope cameras on eBay to try and take photos inside my violin without taking the top off...and I'm here to report, not surprisingly, that those things don't work too well. Impossible to position and/or get a long view so that things could be seen in context. I managed to cull together a few close up photos, but not sure if it'll reveal anything conclusory to the experts...
  14. Yes you're right, Televet, my post was ill conceived (and/or stupid). I guess I was responding to a first time poster and should have written (if anything) make sure you try before you buy! But of course, the scroll is here for opinions both during and after auctions. My bad!
  15. I suspect I'm not alone in feeling uneasy about extensive reviews of items at auction before the sale...I don't think it's against the rules of this forum, but there is the potential for all kinds of misdirection, well intended or not...imho.