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  1. Bow Purchase Indecision/Regret

    It sounds like you liked the tone of the Tepho more but the Begin handled better...this is an age-old problem with bow selections, which is why may players have at least 2 great bows...and often many more. A tip heavy bow can seem great AT FIRST...but then can grow tiresome as you continue to use it. Not saying the Tepho is tip heavy, only you would know that, but it may be based on your description. Can you return the Tepho? If both bows came from the same dealer, then it might be very easy to swap them out. Personally, I would tend toward a bow that handles better...tone can be adjusted in other ways. And if somehow you can get them both, do that... In either case, good luck!!
  2. Tarisio Selling Commission Increase

    Wow, that for T2 as well?
  3. What are these strings???

    Infeld Reds most likely...
  4. Another Storioni

    It has a rich, but somewhat muted sound...a warm, chamber music kind of instrument, imho. I'm sure more can be gotten out of it. It also feels a little big and clumsy in the hand, to me... Still, a very compelling instrument!
  5. Paul Bailly on E Bay

    Around 4K...but is it real? Or an expensive chinese violin?

    Been using the PI strings on all 4, with the tin E currently. I wanna like the platinum, and agree it can jack up the G, but it's a bit brash sounding for my taste. Then again, I may give it another try. Has anyone tried the new(?) Dogal Capriccio or Vivaldi strings?
  7. I don't know who the best living violinist is, but the ones I'd want to see LIVE the most are Janine Jansen, Shlomo Mintz and this guy: Andrey Baranov
  8. Speaking of strings

    Martin, have you tried the PI strings - and if so what do you think about them?
  9. Selling an expensive violin

    Yes, I would take Jeffrey Holmes advice and also consider selling it, or showing it, to a reputable auction house, i.e. international auction will reach the entire world, and the sellers fee would most likely be negotiable (usually in the 10% area up to a certain point and then go down...;). Good luck, sounds like you have a treasure (not just a monetary one)!
  10. Selling an expensive violin

    I think you can find a very reputable shop that will charge 20% commission, which is very fair imho - It's not easy to sell an expensive violin! I don't think it would be giving too much information if you post who you believe the maker to be (you don't have to say anything else, i.e. who the famous player is who owned the violin) - I'm sure you'll get lots of good recommendations for some honest and reputable dealers...
  11. Amazing Hilary

    And with budget Dominants, no expensive PI strings for her! Or super projecting Evahs!
  12. Fake Roger Hargrave on Ebay

    This guy offers a 14 day money does he expect to scam people if they can return it? Very confusing...
  13. Tarisio New York October

    That's kinda disturbing...
  14. This guy seems to have had a voluminous internet presence to begin with, producing many videos about violin making, reading his auto-biography, seems he, perhaps in shock, was continuing his real or imagined relationship with his virtual audience. better communicate with us...can anyone translate some of the writing we see in the beginning of the video and at 0:24?
  15. Tortoiseshell Frogs

    Someone once told me they take the sweat from their upper lip and rub it onto their tortoiseshell frog to keep it moisturized... were they putting me on or is that a real, albeit disgusting, thing???