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  1. Having played it, I would agree...
  2. No sales tax if you mail the violin out of state...hm...pay extra for the overnight plus insurance? Bridge down or up? Maybe it would be cheaper to buy a FedEx truck and drive it yourself...
  3. The back of 153 looked awful nice, aside from all the cracks and stuff...
  4. For what's it's worth, which is apparently is 66K , it was a pretty good sounding violin. And pretty to look at in person...
  5. If you're gonna roll the dice like this, I would at least ask a friend in the area to play them for you. If you don't have one, then offer to pay a student or teacher a few $100 to go there and test them out. But caveat, it's still a crap shoot to buy a violin unseen! And you might not care about how it sounds now, but you certainly will as your playing improves...
  6. I had a thread repair done on one of my fine French bows just to be safe, and it didn't seem to change the playing characteristics at all. I have no intention of selling it, so that went into the decision...
  7. Way over estimate...thoughts on this? https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199322624&cpid=3682844672&filter_key=
  8. If you can't get to a shop, then definitely try Martin Swan...just adding another voice to the chorus
  9. What ballpark do Zanolis normally retail? The highest auction price for a Zanoli is around 60K. Maybe it's a non-Zanoli?
  10. Very nice thing you're doing. Hope all the instruments sell!
  11. You may go to Tarisio looking for a modern instrument in your price range, and end up bidding on the best sounding instrument in your price range ;). But as others will tell you, it helps to know a fair bit about violins if you're going to buy at auction. Otherwise, I would recommend seeing what reputable dealers have to offer, many of whom share their considerable knowledge here on Maestronet, i.e Martin Swan et al.
  12. I've had good experience with Clarion...had a mishap and they took care of the repair no problem, and depreciation.
  13. I thought the 1920s and earlier Roths tended to be more valuable...depending on the "level" of build. I've seen a few made by him, supposedly, and they were gorgeous. But don't think this is one of them...
  14. In this latest T2 auction there seem to be a lot of violins described with a more specific "circa" than before...a slight sea change from previous auctions?
  15. And they're representing it as "A Violin, Mid-20th Century" which is coincidentally how one would describe "1948"...which is the year on the fake label. This doesn't reflect well on Tarisio, imho....
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