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  1. On the +side, continued acoustic research is getting us much closer to understanding stringed instrument 'design' principles [both pre- and post Cremonese design]. It's understood many people don't care about these things. And yet, Stradivari himself made violin design changes still copied today ~300 years later. Think about that a little bit. I wish you all well! Jim
  2. Oh no. That's a purpleized pic of Stradivari's Messiah. I call my icon "The Purple Messiah". Jim
  3. Don't worry, Anders. The original Italian genius didn't mess-up that much. Be assured, I haven't made anything shaped like a Rivinus fiddle. Jim
  4. "Functional Art", Oded. IF a violin's 'objective' is to project a certain blend of frequencies - and no one measures it - you're pretty much limited to finding only what you're looking for. We're NOT talking about determining which is the best violin per se. We're talking about objectively measuring 'how well' a violin performs its task. Incidentally, measuring for fifths is merely a suggested starting point. Jim
  5. The main thing that bothers me about Dunnwald parameters is they're based on 'subjective' data from a group of "good" fiddles - rather than based on pure acoustic string theory. Just sayin' ... Jim
  6. At least I'm sharing ideas about possible 'objective' testing methods. Jim
  7. Hey, C'MON!! Let's hear some glissandi or even long drawn-out notes to quickly identify acoustic weaknesses in that funky-shaped fiddle. Jim
  8. Thanks for your interest. At this time, I'm not going to show pics or release any recordings at least until details of an objective testing protocol get worked out. There are a LOT of 'copyists' out there, ya know! Jim
  9. Anders, You seem like a technically openminded person and perhaps one more interested in objective testing for comparing violin sound quality. Let's say you wanted to 'objectively' measure how well two violins generate and project frequencies in a perfect fifths ratio [3:2]. Where would you position the mic(s) and what other equipment would you use to narrow your measurement to fifths only? Also, would glissandi be a sufficient method to exercise each violin?? Thanks, Jim
  10. Oded, Sounding "good" is a pretty subjective term.
  11. You can do that. In reality though, ALL the curves act together to produce and project high quality sound. Jim
  12. "To see things in the seed, that is genius." ~ Lao Tzu

  13. Complexity is made of simple things.

    Violins are very complex.

    It's all so very very simple. :)

  14. The '3D set of curves' includes both arching & grads of course. Which acoustic test(s) would you consider adequate to "prove" a significant advance in violin sound projection? This is a very simple question. Jim
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