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    Bow Shopping

    Does anyone have any suggestions on violin bows for around $2000? I am looking for a wood bow, not too light, focused sound... I would like to get a nice looking bow, a little unique, but that is not my primary concern. I have tried bows a couple of places on the internet... I wasn't really impressed, and the insurance gets a little spendy (are you supposed to insure them when you send them back?). So, if you know of any makers or dealers with bows for around this price I would appreciate what you have to say. Thanks, Ryan
  2. I am trying out a bow right now labled "D. Silveira," and I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with his bows. Also, if I want to try out bows from shops via the internet, are there any shops you can reccomend for bows in the $2000 range? Thanks, Ryan
  3. I am currently trying a violin bow made by V. Schaeffer of Brasil. I am curious as to what the value of his bows are, and what your opinions of them are if any of you have any. This one is 61g gold plated, and the price is $2000. Thank you, Ryan
  4. quote: Originally posted by: The Man I was sent 3 sets of Warchal strings and I've only had time to try the Brilliant Strings..... I might have to say that they are the best strings I've ever used. They respond to EVERYTHING and the dynamic capablilities are unbelievable. I dont even want to put on the other sets right now because i feel like nothing could compare.... (but i will eventually..haha) I really recommend these strings to everybody! Did you request the strings from them? If so, who did you write to?
  5. I recently purchased a violin made by Ming Jiang Zhu, and by teacher is now telling me I need to upgrade my bow to match the instrument. I am looking to go from the bow that I am currently playing on, a pernambuco bow, Klaus Becker bought from Shar, about $400... I am looking at spending around $1000 on the next one, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips for shopping around... Where would you order from? Are there any deals on pernambuco bows, anything that plays better than the price? Any feedback is appreciated... Thanks! Ryan
  6. Okay, thanks for all your feedback. I am not having problems with intonation at this point doing 1/2/4/8 bowings, so thats good. It does seem kind of strange that he would start giving me 4 octave scales, and at the same time have me learning Accolay, which hasn't been that much of a challenge yet.
  7. Could anyone enlighten me the correct way to bow a 4 octave scale?... My teacher sent me home with this scale, and didn't mention that the bowing is weird. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Ryan
  8. So how did you go about contacting Thomastik? Did you just send them a question about their strings and say, "oh, by the way, here's my adress."?
  9. I am currently a a junior in high school, and I have played fiddle music competitively for 8-9 years, doing pretty well. I have only been playing classical for about 4 years, but until the last 6 months, I really had no love for the music, no desire to practice. I have finally started to give more effort, but despite that, I just recently finished the Bach A Minor Concerto, and am now working on the Accolay Concerto. I feel a little sheepish for only being at this level at this age, but I really have a strong desire to push myself from here on out. So my question is this: what level of play can I realistically get up to in the next 2 years, and can I play in/at the college level? I would really, really like to hear your thoughts, and your feedback is something that will help me tremendously. Thanks, Ryan
  10. I was just wondering if there are any sites out there selling geared pegs. I'm not sure if any of the major suppliers sell them... Thanks, Ryan
  11. So, will the Vision Titaniums play classical okay? Are they just loud and louder? Thanks, Ryan
  12. Does anyone know how Vision Titaniums compare to Zyex?
  13. I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question that I have. I play both fiddle and classical styles on the violin (fiddling competitively), and I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on the best strings to play both styles. I am very partial to bright instrument sound, but I am becoming more and more appreciative of a rich, warm sounding violin. I can't lose too much firepower though, because I need that for contests. If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it! Ryan
  14. The shop owner asked Zhu if he could put a label in, to which Zhu asked "how much are you going to sell the instrument for?" The dealer said 5k, and Zhu said that he would prefer that he not out a label in it if he was going to sell it that "cheap." I may be mistaken, but I believe that as a general rule, Zhu does not put labels in his instruments.
  15. A second question... The owner of the shop said that he would put a label in the violin, even though Zhu doesn't usually approve of labels being put in his violins that are sold for that price... Curious for your opinions on this. Thank you for all the great feedback! Ryan
  16. Hello, I'm a new member to these discussion forums and I had a question for anyone who could help me. I am looking at buying a violin and a shop that I recently visited had a violin made by Ming Jiang Zhu. I like the instrument very much, (as I ought to for the 5k price)more than others in its same range, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the maker and his instruments. Thank you!
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