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  1. The cover shows a crudely constructed and eccentric VSO with the pegs ground all the way in and coming out the other side and describes itself as a book for amateurs (presumably because it was written by an amateur). What could possibly go wrong?
  2. After tomorrow, I won't be speculating. It appears from your posts, however, that you have achieved certainty on the basis of no experience at all, so I believe I am entitled to speculate.
  3. I am pretty sure I would based on what I know post pressure does, but by coincidence I get to find out tomorrow.
  4. I would have a hard time having confidence in a so-called "adjuster" who told me he couldn't tell if a post were too tight or lose by the way an instrument sounds and feels!
  5. Was I talking about those templates? No, I am sure I was not! So why have you mentioned them?
  6. There is an entire museum in Cremona that gives lie to the common assertion that Stradivari didn't believe in templates. To assume that if an individual tool isn't in that museum now, he didn't ever have one of those tools is of course absurd.
  7. Buyer beware. I think I have seen more garbage tagged "Testore" than any other false attribution. Just because an instrument is hopelessly crude, it does not follow that it is a Testore. There has never been a shortage of terrible violin makers, nor a shortage of people looking to "upgrade" their trash.
  8. Based on my experience, recycled tin cans.
  9. I was referring to the shape, not the angle. For angle, I personally make the bevels twice the tool thickness..... around a 25 to 30 degree cutting angle.
  10. That's the Bein and Fushi shape for bridge foot fitting, and it works fantastic if you understand how it works.
  11. I will just stick with my opinion that it is not anything to do with Markneukirchen.
  12. Cremona is not the only place that made violins that are now worth more than a cheap German factory fiddle :-) It's not Italian.
  13. I am guessing that the OP has been contacted off list and is done here.
  14. I think you need a GOOD professional opinion, and I don't mean by just any local fiddle butcher or internet duffer. Where are you located?