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  1. Hi does anybody knows where to buy violin backs, with the outline ready for purfling ? It is to practice cutting the purfling groove, so : outline should be without too many bumps and a flat of about 1/2 inch all around ready to scribble on . it is for an old amateur who doesn't want to risk his good wood thanks in advance
  2. thank you Brad, thank you Jwillis I shall dive further into the Grünke then. I ordered the VSA book , it looks as though there is some info about Pfretzscher and Vuillaume shop which might be interesting. In the mean time I discovered yet another book by Darling Publication I may have a look into that too I find German bows quiet interesting .May not have the refined esthetic of the French ones but still..... there is still lots to discover thank you
  3. Hi If I wanted to strengthen my knowledge of German bows what books should I take as references ? obviously first comes the Grünke book which I have been studying for a while now but are the Babitt's books Markneukirchen Violins and Bows, a book by Bruce Babbitt . and VSA the German Bows an asset to have ? a must ? is the info reliable ? I am not being rude , so please forgive me if I ask quite so bluntly it is only a question because I hadn't heard of these books earlier is there a book on Pfretzchner bows other than t
  4. well thank you Jeff However I don't think that this idea uses all the features of the tool I see how a guitar repairer could get away with such a system , since guitars are fairly flat but don't think that would work on a curvy rib or top or bottom plate from a violin maker. thank you all the same
  5. Hello I remember seing a repertoire of the streets of London where violin makers had their shops in the 16th 17th century. It was written by Jill Firth, around 1975-1985, if I remember correctly . Has anybody an idea where I can find a copy ? thank you in advance
  6. I was thinking of this plane which seems to be an inbetween size cuttiing angle is low the problem is if the screw holds really well By the miniature plane version ist is not the case thank you Due to its blade width of 21.5 mm, this compact pocket plane is ideal for sophisticated work in model and instrument making. Combined feed and lateral adjustment lever. Non-adjustable mouth. Blade angle 15°, bevel a
  7. thank you for your reply it is my thumb plane that I lost but I thought may be I could use a 12 mm wide but may be you're right I do use two planes at the moment
  8. hello I lost one of my thumb plane or fingerplane. would a Veritas Compact Pocket Plane be a good choice as a replacement does the screw work better than on the miniature plane from veritas too ? I found that when I tighten the screw the cap of the plane skid I don't want an ibex, don't like the new herdim, the new one should have a flat sole the Veritas Compact Pocket Plane looks ok but a bit wide ( will mostly be use for working on bridges and fingerboards) thank you for alternative suggestion
  9. tartarane


    thank you don Noon yes , but the point is that the person I am looking it for does not use apps, so still wanting to find one PS I am not sure that the app would be as accurate as this machine anyway
  10. tartarane


    NO NO thank you for answering but it isn't that at all. I am looking for the old machine C Hutchins must have used , with which you can measure the modes of a violin plate, back or front. the guy who made these machines was in England in the 80-90 . Just noticed that I misspell the name of the machine is VIOMATE He made different models . Does that ring a bell ? thank you tartarane
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    Hello I was wondering if somebody heard about violmate ? it is a device to send frequencies to "tune" a table or a back. Can one order one somewhere ? what would be the price ? is there something better on the market today ? the machine I saw is about twenty years old thank you for your answers Tartarane
  12. well thank you Martin Swan for your input Now I think I should explain a bit more First as for the monetary value of the bow I will be quite happy to sell it as a German bow, silver mounted branded "Glass Leipzig" It is not going to make so much difference for me and I going to get away with it because at this point it is exactly what it is . Nice tool for a player, works well and I like it, but that is not another subject. Now I long time ago I bought a collection of German bows. Everybody was running after French bows so they were not really sought after, and I got them